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Review: New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR with the largest Retina display

The star of Apple’s WWDC developer event is undoubtedly the new Mac Pro, a workstation that reminds us of the classic towers of Windows computers, as well as eye-catching professional-range monitors, Pro display XDR.

The new Apple computer comes with its own processor, Xeon, which is part of a workstation that can reach up to 28 cores. Its capacity is 1.5 TB, it has eight PCI expansion slots, and we wonder what Apple has referred to as “the most powerful graphics card in the world”.

In return, the revolutionary apple monitor has been introduced, the so-called Pro display XDR, 32-inch retina 6K screen, color range with 10 bits, brightness up to 1,600 nits, angles of 1,000,000: 1 contrast and super wide range.

Apple has said that, together, the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are the most powerful tools the company has kept in the hands of professional customers.

The machine is designed for users who need advanced performance, so the CPU’s monstrous power, the aforementioned processor (with 64-lane PCI Express) and the huge bandwidth.

Graphic card versions are perfect for animation or design professionals. They can compose 3K views and designs in 3K thanks to the excellent graphics performance of Apple’s promise.

Afterburner accelerator comes with a programmable AIC capable of decoding up to 6,300 million pixels per second. This means that the video publisher can now directly use the camera’s original formats and can decode three RAW PrRes 8K video sequence and 12 RAW ProRes 4K video streams in real time.

 A design that breaks Apple’s style

Undoubtedly, which initially attracts the attention of this mighty monster, it is its design. We are faced with a stainless steel frame that contains an aluminum housing that can be removed and the device’s interior can be kept to more easily access.

The handle at the top will allow you to move the device to your room or work as needed.

It also exposes the size of the housing grid according to the apple, to optimize cooling and reduce the noise. We can still ask for the device to be able to test whether it is really easy to move from one side to the other computer, because at first glance, it looks quite thick and heavy.

What will make many and many Apple fans happy is the Pro display XDR monitor, with its super-functional and versatile design. The monitor is connected to the base through a hand, which will allow you to tilt the screen, increase it, reduce it or even make it vertical.

The largest retina screen to date

With resolution of 6.016 x 3.384 and less than 32 inches of retina with more than 20 million pixels and nothing else. This screen which can give a visual experience is promising.

According to Apple, its high dynamic range has been taken to the “Extreme” level. This means that it is reflected with total realism that the color and nuances that human eye believes in the real world.

It also uses a direct backlight system with several LEDs, which produces 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1,600 nits of maximum brightness. If you do not have very clear figures, then this amount is much higher than any other monitors offer.


Price and availability of Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

The new Mac Pro can not be booked until fall of this year, it will go on sale in the United States for a minimum price of $ 5,999.

The Pro Display XDR monitor can be purchased for $ 4,999, and Pro Stand support can be purchased separately for $ 999. The VESA Mount Adapter mounting adapter will cost $ 199, also separately.

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