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Review: Nebula Mars II projector,watch cinema in your own home

anker nebula mars ii review 3 thumb800

 Anker Nebula Mars II: is it worth your purchase?

The latest Anchor Mars II portable projector has a lot to amaze with you: with excellent battery life and seamless control, integrated Android operating system, sound quality and autofocus.

The quality of the HD screen (up to 150 inches) is also excellent. It’s probably necessary to control the size of the screen without transferring the device, and the inclusion of Google Play will make its operations more useful.

It’s expensive ($499), but if you have money and you want to buy a quality device, then we can say that the Mars II projector is worth it.

 Retail price (PVP)

Buy in $499

 Review: Nebula Mars II projector: watch cinema in your own home

Mars II is the second generation of nebula (anchor) projector. This renewal has come with a better battery life and a second autofocus. If you are looking for a domestic cinema effect, then this nebula projector is definitely capable of offering you that experience.

It is not cheap if we compare it with other Android DLP portable projectors, but it comes from a brand we know and trust because anchor always managed to please us with the quality of our products is.

The design of Mars II is elegant, alert and very portable (which adds points). The price is very useful for its incredible battery life, good sound quality (immersed in films) and autofocus.

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 New tools in the Mars II projector

Anchor has made some adjustments behind the scenes for its latest projector and for the most part, these changes are for better.

However, we have seen that it is difficult to see projection well if it is not in a dark room, and this is because the brightness of 500 to 300 lumen has decreased. However, it has allowed the projector to improve in other aspects so that its price does not increase further and, finally, the projector can be seen in low light.

The positive side of this deficiency is that it increases the useful life of the battery by three to four hours.

We have seen that many portable projectors are not capable of a film, but in this case, Mars II gives us mental peace because it has been shown that it is capable of offering enough batteries to watch the whole movie, Without doing For the light.

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Obviously, this is keeping only video playback in mind, if you use it for audio, then as a Bluetooth speaker, Mars II can continue working 30 hours prior to the need for recharging.

You can control how much energy remaining by inspecting four LEDs at the top of the unit. To charge it, you have to connect it to the cable coming into the box of a power outlet and wait three hours for it to fully charge.

Built-in 12,500mAh battery makes this projector a portable device, although it can still be a bit bigger and heavier than some other available projectors.

There is a lantern size and a leather belt attached to it, which will allow you to easily move it from one room to another. The rest cover is black plastic.

Another innovation to highlight is one-second autofocus attribute, which means that wherever you place Mars II, it will automatically reconfigure the image so that you get a clear view.

This autofocus function is not something that is usually given in this type of portable projector, with which you have to read the focus every time you move the device slightly.

Automatically also included with parallel correction, the image is flat and square, therefore, in general, you do not have to worry about directly aligning the projector.

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JBL speakers have been replaced by anchors (do not forget that the brand also creates audio devices), now with two 10W controllers and bass radiators.

Sound quality and volumes are effective for portable units, with loud loudspeaker grill on both sides of the device, as well as noise from the back fan is hardly noticeable.

 How does the Mars II Nebula work?

The installation of this portable projector is very simple: just support it on a flat surface and lower the lens cap, which acts as a power button. It will automatically focus, and to make the image larger or smaller, you will simply have to increase or shorten the distance between the projector and the viewing area.


This is good and bad at the same time. Good because it is easy to adjust, but bad because it dictates where you can and where you can not place the projector and sometimes this is not practical. A hole for the tripod on the bottom can be useful for placement. However, we would prefer to be able to adjust the size of the screen within the software, although it is almost certain that this would increase the cost.

As a general guide, you’ll get a 100-inch screen from a distance of 10.1 feet, and from 40 inches to 3.8 feet, with a maximum of 150 inches. This projector can transmit video at an HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels, resulting in an aspect ratio of 16: 9 – a slight deviation from the 16:10 1280×800 pixels of the original Mars projector. The quality is quite optimal.

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You can connect the projector to the Wi-Fi network and download the streaming app from a pre-installed app store or you can stream content from a secondary device.

Mars II has USB2.0 and HDMI 1.4 ports, making it easy to connect another streaming device, while compatibility with Miracast and AirPlay allows you to easily stream content from phones, tablets or laptops.

However, keep in mind that Bluetooth support is reserved for speaker mode, which means that you can only broadcast audio when the projection stops.

Mars II works with Android 7.1, but it does not include Google Play Store. Some apps you might want to install, such as YouTube and Netflix, can be found in the Anchor App Store.

anker nebula mars ii review

However, for any other app you have to install a browser and then download the APK, or it must be loaded separately via USB port. This is a simple process, but it should be assumed that this can be a somewhat heavy process for less technical users.

It is very easy to control Mars II, you have three options: First of all, use the hardware button at the top of the unit, which is useful until you mount it on the ceiling; Second, through the included remote control, in which there is an intuitive way to point and click with the mouse (with anger, it works with the CR2032 battery instead of AAA, but some of them supplied in the box ); And third, use the free App Nebula Connect for iPhone or Android.


  • 0.3 inch DLP projector
  • Image 1280×720, ratio 16: 9
  • 300 lumens ansi
  • 2 10 W speakers
  • Lamp life of 30,000 hours
  • 100in to 10.1ft, 80in to 8ft, 60in to 7ft, 40in to 38ft
  • autofocus setting
  • Front, rear and roof projection modes
  • Automatic keystone correction (+/- 40 degrees)
  • quad-core chipset for A7 smartphones
  • Adreno 304 Graphics
  • 1 GB OF DDR3 RAM
  • 8 GB of storage
  • 802.11a / b / g / n Wi-Fi dual band
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Fan of <32dB
  • HDMI 1.4
  • 1x USB 2.0
  • infrared remote control included
  • control of mobile applications (Nebula Connect)
  • 19V / 3A DC power
  • 12,500mAh battery (charge in 3 hours)

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