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Review: Motorola One Zoom with design, specifications

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Motorola One Zoom: is it worth your purchase?

Motorola One Zoom is a good mid-range phone for which you do not have to pay more than 500 Euros. In return, you get a mid-range Snapdragon 675 processor, a good screen and great cameras.

Its design may not assure everyone, but if it reassures you and you’re looking for a powerful mobile with a good value-for-money camera, the One Zoom may be the terminal you’re looking for.

Retail price (PVP)


Review: Motorola One Zoom with design, specifications

Motorola introduced two new phone models at the IFA event to be held this September. The former, a medium-low range with very decent specifications, and an even better price.

(it is the name of the low-end model) for its battery durability, its performance and its good value for money.

The second of the phones introduced by Motorola (and which we’ll talk about in this article) is the Motorola One Zoom, a new member of the One family, known for integrating the Android One operating system, which is One Action and One Is with the vision. Model.

The One Zoom, as you may recognize from its name, draws attention to the quadruple configuration of its cameras, one of which is dedicated to telephoto lenses.

Motorola wants to enter the premium mid-range market with this new phone, and the truth is that it is not wrong. If you really deserve it, we are able to spend a lot of time with Motorolo Zoom to let you know.

Here we talk more about their cameras, their design, specifications and performance, so you can get to know the new Motorola One Zoom as well.

Price and availability

The Motorola One Zoom can be purchased on the official website of Motorola Spain for € 429. In Mexico it can also be purchased on the company’s website for 10,999 Mexican pesos.

It is available with a single number of gigabytes: 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage memory. Yes you can choose the finish in three different colors: boreal purple, bronze or technical gray.

If you decide to buy the Motorola One Zoom on Amazon, it will come with factory-dedicated Alexa applications.

Design and build quality

The truth is that the Motorola One Zoom has some risky design: you like it or you don’t like it, there are no middle terms. This is different from the trend that we have seen in this year’s smartphones with gradients with pear finish that have fingerprints marked.

Instead, we find a glass finish, but with a matte coating (the marks are not marked!). The configuration of the four cameras located in the upper middle section in an excellent rectangular structure is striking.

If you are among those who use the telephone on a smooth surface (for example the office table), then you should know that the structure of the cameras is very wide so that the telephone is flat on the table.

However, when you try it with the transparent case that comes with the purchase of the Motorola One zoom, the back cover of the phone is quite smooth, if it is something that really matters to you.

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Under the cameras we see the Motorola logo which is actually an LED that turns on to announce notifications. We have found it very practical when we have a mobile phone, but we want to continue receiving notifications. If they call you, the LED will warn you of the call.

The edges are curved, which is quite characteristic of the Motorola phone and, in our opinion, gives a fairly elegant touch to this mid-range terminal.

To write this article we used the Techno Gray model, which is actually quite dark gray almost black. The other two colors, which we could see at the IFA launch event, also seem quite original and elegant at the same time.

Only the buttons that stand in the zoom are found on the right. We refer to the power button (with a rough texture) and the volume up and down buttons.

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This is at the bottom, where on almost all phones, we find charging input, in this case USB-C, and another 3.5mm headphone jack that we’re pleased to see.

Finally, the upper edge is the one that holds the tray for two SIM cards (or micro SD cards) in addition to the speaker.

Features and specifications

About the performance we can say that we expected something else. We find a Snapdragon 675 processor, a chip that was launched a year ago and has many new and more powerful options.

However, we remember that we are facing a mid-range, so we can consider the Snapdragon 675 option as legitimate, a chip that has always worked well.

We have noted when using it that it heats up very quickly, although we are not using very demanding applications. This is something that has been improved a lot thanks to the new processor, and also something that increases our frustration with the 675.

The same thing happens to us with the capabilities of One Zoom; 4 GB RAM is considered to be somewhat old, now we find phones with 6 and 8 GB RAM. We think one of the 4 zooms may be outdated soon.

Nevertheless, 4 GB, along with Android One operating system (which we will talk about later), is a good combination that will give enough power to the phone, at least as of today.

We have subjected One Zoom to performance tests and the results have not deteriorated. It is above Nokia 7.2, a mid-range phone (€ 299) with a somewhat lower processor, but is also highly recommended.

It also closely matches the Motorola One Action (€ 279), the same device belonging to the Motorola One family. This model was an attempt by Mortola to integrate the action camera into a smartphone.

On the other hand, we would like to compare it with the Xiaomi Mi 9T (€ 329) in terms of performance, as it offers much more powerful performance, despite costing around 100 euros less.

As a conclusion regarding performance, we can say that it performs well and that the results obtained in our tests are more than acceptable for a mid-range such as the Motorola One Zoom. 


If we start with the negative parts of the screen, we can say that Motorola still has work on the bezels, they still look very thick, especially the chin and upper frame.

This attracts even more attention when we know that we are facing an AMOLED panel, which is known to be more flexible than LCD, which gives manufacturers the possibility to fix the bevel.

The drop-shaped notch screen is located in the central part of the upper part of the housing, with a selfie camera we’ll talk about later.

Although we know that this screen prevents the screen from becoming infinite for many and many users, especially when watching videos, it has become easier for us to use for its existence.

motorolaone zoom review 3

Viewing angles can also be improved, although this is something you will only experience when more than two people want to see a One Zoom screen from two different angles at the same time (obviously this one Cannot be exactly from the same angle).

And the maximum brightness in the exterior is also something in which many smartphones usually fail, in which case according to our tests indoors, the One Zoom reaches a brightness of 441.05 nits.

When we test it with natural light we are able to see the screen correctly, although it is worth noting that we were in London at the time of testing (the city is known for a few days of sunshine).

Let’s talk about all its positive points, mentioning the weakest points on the screen. Stay with the feeling that the One Zoom has a very good screen, as it still costs to see AMOLED Full HD + (108×2340) in mid-range phones.

Another point in favor of the One Zoom screen is the use of 84.6%, which is a very good figure. The AMOLED Full HD + screen is 6.39 inches, the same 19: 9 format that we see in almost all phones.

At the same time, we encounter a nice contrast with detailed colors and a correct calibration. Android One operating system gives some options (quite basic) to check the screen in your internal settings according to your preferences.

01 ejemplo pantalla calibracion

The last thing we want to highlight on the One Zoom screen is how fast it responds to touch, that is, its optimal latency. When we have used the application to write, we are able to check its speed, something that will also be very useful for playing games whose control is tactile.


Let’s start with the basics, namely, specifications on paper. If we look at the rear quad configuration, we get four different lenses:

  • The 48MP main sensor is capable of taking 12MP photos with Pixel Binning.
  • An 8MP telephoto lens with three magnifications and with OIS (stabilization)
  • 16 MP wide angle
  • 5MP depth sensor (to get the Bokeh effect)

Before we show you our tests with the camera, it should be noted that the processor is quite good at One Zoom images and HDR, although it is not as accurate as we would like it to be, it is able to perform its function well, As you can see in the photo gallery below.

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When opening the camera app we find a variety of modalities within each mode. For example, in ‘Portrait Mode’, you can choose the degree of background blur and the type of filter you want (in which case you want).

Although sometimes the separation of the subject from the background may seem somewhat artificial, we can say that the results are good when separating the subject from the background to be a mid-range smartphone.

As you can see in the example, when we move the blur to the maximum (remember that you can regulate it as you wish), the effect is quite artificial.

Standard Mode: 

modo estandar

We remind you that the telephoto lens is with OIS technology which, as you probably know, causes the camera sensor to freeze and not move the image in the opposite direction of your hand, it is very useful with zoom. Is because the more you zoom, the more you will see your hands shaking.




angulo panoramico

As you can see, in the last three cases, the photos show many details, the image looks sharp and outlined with many contrasts and shadows.

On the other hand, although it does not have a dedicated macro lens, it manages to take good photos from close up, as an example you can see and take sharpness.

foto detalle 1

foto detalle 2

The interface of the camera app is quite simple, although all the modes are mentioned in it. You have to go to the icon that appears next to the camera-shaped icon to access different modes, while at the top we get options for ‘HDR‘, ‘Flash‘, ‘Timer‘, etc.

The selfie camera or front camera is made up of a 25MP lens with f / 2.0 aperture and quad pixel technology, a function that allows the camera to capture more light in low light conditions at night or on cloudy days.

This is a technique that also integrates the front main lens, and is certainly the reason why photos in ‘normal mode’ and in low light conditions produce such good results.

Connectivity and audio

In terms of connectivity, it is worth mentioning the 3.5mm headphone jack, something that you probably know is slowly disappearing from the latest smartphone models.

However, we are pleased that you are likely to be able to connect your headphones to the jack input if you wish. Another function that is disappearing, but is that the low-mid-range maintenance is the FM radio function (we already love it).

Unlike most smartphones, the One Zoom speaker is located on top of the device. Once again we are surprised, this time when we use One Zoom to play music. it sounds great!

motorolaone zoom review 7


In terms of battery, the Motorola One Zoom is very well discontinued. On paper you know that it has a 4000 mAh battery which will allow you to use the phone all day without charging it.

It can also happen that if you do not use it too much, that is, if you are not playing video games continuously or playing videos with maximum brightness, the battery will last more than a day.

We have accumulated One Zoom for our battery tests and have managed to endure 12 hours and 58 minutes on screen, which means it will last even longer in your day. This result puts the One Zoom as one of the best in our rankings, ranked ahead of the Vivo NEX3 by two minutes and the Asus ROG Phone 2 in two minutes.

The charging speed is also very good: 48W which will allow you to charge the phone very quickly. In our case, One Zoom charged 23% in 15 minutes, 60% in 45 minutes and was fully charged in 1 hour and 45 minutes.


The Motorola One Zoom Android comes with a layer optimized Android 9.0 Pie operating system that we personally loved. It provides a simple and very intuitive interface (practically similar to Google Pixel).

Motorola introduces small changes to the interface and to the phone’s settings such as custom icons and a bloatware that includes all the necessary applications: ‘Google’, ‘Photo’, ‘Settings’, etc.

motorolaone zoom review 7

The truth is that Android 9 provides a virtually flawless interface and, in our opinion, Motorola has managed to add its own personal touch without making everything good that Android 9 offers invisibly.

On the other hand, Motorola has included an app called ‘Moto’, which explains many functions and devices introduced by the operating system. The functions included in ‘Moto Acts’ relate to gestures that will allow you to operate the phone.

For example, you can open the camera by quickly turning on the phone twice, turn on the flashlight from top to bottom twice to touch the screen with three fingers to touch the screen (the latter seems particularly practical. Used to be).

motorolaone zoom review 6

The works of ‘attentive screen’ and ‘interactive screen’ are perhaps the ones that have attracted our attention the most. If you activate the ‘interactive screen’, you can interact with notifications without unlocking the screen, and if you activate the ‘attentive screen’, you will be able to keep the screen active if it is a Is looking at the face.

Finally, you should know that if you buy One Zoom on Amazon, you can enjoy the Alexa features already installed in the factory.

Technical specifications

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 octa core with Adreno 608
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage memory: 128 GB
  • Rear camera: 48MP Quad Pixel Technology f / 1.7, OIS, PDAF / 16MP wide angle 117º FOV, 8MP telephoto with 3x zoom OIS / 8MP telephoto with 3x zoom OIS / 5MP depth sensor, dual LED flash
  • Front camera: 25MP, f / 2.0 Quad Pixel Technology
  • Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie (Motorola One)
  • Battery: 4,000 mAh fast charging TurboPower
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / Bluetooth 5.0, GPS A-GPS
  • USB Type C
  • NFC
  • FM Radio
  • 3.5 mm jack
  • Fingerprint reader on screen
  • Alexa (Amazon version)
  • Dual SIM
  • Dimensions: 75x158x8.8 mm
  • Weight: 190 grams


The Motorola One Zoom is a good mid-range phone, with many points in its favor. We liked your quad camera (considering its price), which highlights the telephoto lens OIS.

We are also happy to see that it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack without fast charging with fast charging.

On the other hand, the Android One we love, with all the details provided by Motorola and the ‘motorcycle action’ operating system, has been the most practical during our time with the One Zoom.

However, Motorola has a difficult time in a market in which the mid-range is overstretched each time, and in this case, it has failed with the Snapdragon 675 processor. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t expect a 7XX processor.

Nevertheless, after testing the Motorola One Zoom our final verdict is very positive. A good terminal, in which the cameras, display, screen and equipment are much more than decent.

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