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Minecraft Earth : beta version, launch, platforms and gameplay

Gamers can not be excited about the announcement of iOS 13 and Catalina MacOS in the previous WWDC. However, Apple was astonished: the presentation of Minecraft Earth, the game of augmented reality.

Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: In the style of Wizards Unite, Minecraft Earth will make its players go out and explore the real world, where they have to collect Minecraft items which they will see on their screen due to thanks to the Enhanced Technology .

We have no doubt that Minecraft Earth will also become a global phenomenon at the beginning of this summer. Continue reading to know the date of release and which platform can be played.

Launch: when will Minecraft Earth be released?

Microsoft has already indicated that it will launch a beta version of Minecraft in five cities this summer. Four of them are in the United States, while the fourth is likely to be in New Zealand if we rely on the previous release.

Later it will be a global launch, in which everything indicates that Spain will also be there. In the meantime, you can already register on the Minecraft website, one of the first people to explore the world through Minecraft Earth.

It is also remarkable that the Minecraft Earth Game can be completely downloaded free. Neither will have to pay to get rid of the new levels and the reward box will also be discarded.

Platforms: in what operating systems can Minecraft Earth be played?

Although you still have to wait a few months, the good news is that, once Minecraft Earth is released, it can be played both in iOS (10 or later) and Android (7 or later). The versions of both systems will come out at the same time.

Minecraft Earth trailer

For now we have to settle for a single available trailer. Minecraft fans can get an idea of ​​the variety of activities you can do in this real world with touches of augmented reality.


Minecraft Earth Gameplay: what to expect from the new videogame

It is still able to expand how the new game’s gameplay will be. So far the in-game content trailer has not been published. Fortunately, Microsoft has already given some details of how it will be.

Being an RA game, it was expected that Minecraft Earth would have to get its players out of the couch and go out and find out their city. This will happen when you meet the tapespeople, who will allow you to collect items to build your RA creations.

The most fun is that the augmented reality will also be shown in real size. You can go to the nearby park and look at the skeletons with feathered trees, or you can move on diamonds while searching for a mine while going down the road.

As you find these creations, you will gain experience and you will gradually increase the level. We still do not really know what you can unlock with each new level, but progress is always a good thing.

On the other hand, while you are searching, you will find groups of people who you can gather and later use to populate your buildings. The best part is that you can show these creations to other players.

It is clear that, with Minecraft Earth, the social experience has been focused on. According to Microsoft, the game is also optimized for multiplayer. In this sense, anyone with an app installed can join your game.

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