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Review: Google Stadia dates, prices, game catalog and specifications

Google Stadia

Google Stadia, a video game streaming service that Google intends to launch by November 2019, will use the cloud’s ability to revolutionize the user’s gaming and entertainment experience.

You may be more familiar with the project stream, the code name, for which it was identified during the previous years. There has been a lot of turmoil among the PC game and console users’ community because it promises to offer a high-end PC gaming experience transferred to any device, whether smartphone or TV.

Whether it is a tablet or a mobile of the next generation, or a TV from which you connect chromecast, going from one device or screen to another, it is possible to play 4K image quality, ensuring the continuation of your game.

In fact, this is not a new concept because we have already kept PlayStation Now for years, as well as on Nvidia’s GeForce Now, which provides a Google-like gaming experience that is for Stadia.

What is changed on this occasion, of course, because of being behind the giant technology like Google, we can hope for the great quality of this service. Below, we reveal all the latest ones that Google has shared with us about our arrival, price plans, videogame catalogs as well as how to play.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is Google’s vision for the future of games, a service based on the cloud offered by the cloud, is not so dependent on the hardware of the device, something that is currently available to users with new and new steps Forcing modern tools to get. .

In this way, Google Stadia is a data transmission service that will communicate with scattered data centers around the world, so whenever you have an internet connection with low latency, in theory you can play your favorite games from there. Where you find it

It’s more than just a transmission service. Stadia has been programmed as a proprietary platform, in which there are high-end specifications which can provide 8K gaming experience at 120 fps according to Google.

What is different is that Phil Harrison’s unveiled was done months ago as a presentation, wherever it is, whether it is a smart TV, a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a TV In which chromecast device is connected.

You can continue your device immediately (for example on your mobile) that interesting game that you had already left on your smart TV.

Despite that promise, during the launch, Stadia will only work with Chromecast and the official Stadia driver (which Google has called the version of the installer), but later with the promise that it can run on virtually any device.

By 2020, it should work on any computer that has the Google Chrome browser installed, along with the Pixel phones and tablets, and a few devices will be added to the network connection.

The system promises to eliminate the obstacles we have encountered in other videogame platforms so far, such as reliance on using specific hardware so that everything works normally.

Another fact is, according to Google, Stadia will load the game in less than five seconds, which allows you to select a digital title and play it immediately, and not later than hours.

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What games will be included in Stadia?

Of course, the list of games will change over time, but at the time of release, according to the latest disclosures from Google, more than 30 titles will be available. Of course, without making it clear that who will be involved in Pro Subscription.

Here is the complete list of games that will arrive with Stadia:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Borderlands 3
  • The Crew 2
  • Darksiders Genesis
  • Destiny 2
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  • Doom 2016
  • Doom Eternal
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Farming Simulator 19
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Football Manager
  • Get Packed
  • GRID
  • Gylt
  • Just Dance
  • Exodus Metro
  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • NBA 2K
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Rage 2
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  • Trials Rising
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood

When will Google Stadia be launched?

Google has confirmed that Google Stadia will be available in 14 countries, including Spain, until November 2019 in addition to the US. United States, United Kingdom and Canada It has not been confirmed yet when the other geographical areas will be added to the list, but it is clear that its purpose is to happen sooner or later.

Stadia and compatible controls

Although we have already indicated that there will not be a stadia console, hence there will be an official controller or controller in it. Pressing a button to start the game, with Netflix or YouTube, is the idea of ​​reaching Stadia. Best possible experience

The key is that the stadia connects directly to the stadia service via a remote Wi-Fi connection, not through the device on which you are playing, which allows a smooth transition between devices without unnecessary delays or delays gives.

For control, it looks like a cross between the controls of Xbox One and DualShock 4, which has a common function (including USB-C charging), and two new features.

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On the one hand, the Share button that will allow you to transmit games and share them with others. On the other, the voice command button that allows you to interact with the Google assistant. You can say things like “I want to play Destiny 2 with Alan and Luna” to set up a team with specific players.

The good news is that the Stadia driver is not a requirement for most devices; You can use any USB-enabled controller (Xbox One, DualShock 4, etc.) along with the keyboard and mouse to play Google Stadia games on a PC or other platform through the use of third-party controls

The only time the Stadia driver will be required is when Stadia is accessed through Chromecast on a TV, so it will be a requirement at the time of launch, when Chromecast is the only way to access the service.  

How much will Google Stadia cost?

In front of so many promises, the value factor determines the determinant. So, how much will the Google Stadia service cost? You should know that it will be available in November for all those people who now book, which Google has called the founder version of Stadia.

This is a secondary package that includes wireless control in chromecast ultra and night blue color. All this will cost € 129.99. This package of hardware devices will have the option to choose Stadia Pro with a personal pass of three months membership, another pass for three months to invite another person and choose the nickname on the platform.

Google insists that, to be able to play with family or other friends, it will be possible to buy more control than individual. The price of these units has been fixed at € 70 per unit, however it is always possible to use compatible brand models.

Google Stadia requirements

Although the complete list of specifications has not yet been announced, Google has confirmed the following requirements that a PC or computer must support Stadia:

  • CPU: x86 CPU at 2.7GHz
  • GPU: AMD GPU with HBM2 memory and 56 computing units, capable of going to 10.7 teraflops
  • RAM: 16 GB of RAM
  • Cloud Storage SSD
  • Connection with minimum 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload
  • 35 Mbps downloads for a 4K transmission which is optimal

How much will the subscription to Stadia cost?

The subscription to Google Stadia will have a price very similar to the one presented by other streaming video or audio services such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify, among others. Your monthly price will be € 9.99 per month, with access to a full selection of free and other paid games.

In the case of more exclusive games or recent releases, you must buy them with the guarantees of keeping them even if you let your subscription to Stadia Pro expire. The Stadia Pro mode is the only one that guarantees transmission in 4K @ 60 fps with 5.1 surround sound.

In 2020, Google also prepares the launch of a free mode that will be called Stadia Basic. It will not include free games from other plans, so you will have to buy separately any titles you want to play, with a quality limit set at 1080p, instead of 4K.

Alternatives to Google Stadia

The services of streaming games are booming, providing players with various platforms like PC, Mac, console and mobile devices, a great opportunity to reach a wide range of video games.

What does Stadia offer against competitive services?

Shadow is another cloud-based streaming service that provides a complete Windows 10 experience on a wide variety of devices, from PCs to laptops and mobile devices.

It focuses on games with access to the equivalent of a GTX 1080 graphics along with 12 GB of RAM, and depending on your internet connection, you can have up to 4K at 60 fps of playback. It’s a slightly different approach to Stadia, since Microsoft’s Shadow offer runs in a cloud-based Windows desktop environment.

For € 29.99 per month, it’s not cheap, but it’s certainly better than paying for a high-end PC to run games with specifications similar to those offered by Shadow. The platform of Stadia is cheaper, but we will have to see the type of game titles that we will have access to, and those that are left out for which we will have to pay.

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