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Review Doom Eternal : release date, gameplay, platforms

Bethesda took the stage in E3 2018 and revealed many games from Fallout 76 to Mad Max-Eskay Rage 2, but we can say that the most exciting advertisement in 2016 was related to Doom, which was known during the Atom infinity. E3 Last year in 2018, silence ruled, because we had only participated in a small trailer.

It was in the year 2019 when Bethesda had finally unveiled the hopes of everyone, deciding the official release date for this year, the new version of Doom Infinite.

Therefore, we inform you of everything about the end of the Doom Infinite, from the date of its release to the details of the game, to the facilities of the game, supported platforms and the official video developer made public.

 When will Doom Eternal go on sale?

As Bethesda has confirmed herself in its presentation of the 2019 E3, Doom Infinity will be launched worldwide on November 22, 2019. In fact, the Bethesda Game Studios team presented two huge free updates and a week’s test for the game.

 What should we expect from the Doom Eternal game?

Doom Eternal is a sequel that gives continuity to the Doom version of 2016, and although there is not a lot about the complexities of history, we know that it is on the earth invaded by Hell’s army.

We can also confirm that the players will spend some time in space on Mars’s innermost moon phobos. What kinds of inferior creatures live in this world? The armies of hell have seized the earth and their demons have spread throughout the planet. Here is the main argument.

In the context of versatility, Doom Eternen is played as its predecessor, which is full of book, violent and bloody battles with monstrous monsters of all sizes and shapes. In fact, there is only one way to stop the chaos: to destroy and tear every demon that is placed before you, until no one is left.

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Bethesda has confirmed a few nuances: In the form of the first title, monsters will be two times as two varieties, and on the basis of the official images and videos of the game, we can confirm that Cacodemon, Baron Of Hell, Pain Pain, Arch-Viles, Arctotron, Imps and Reventant are ready to return.

There will be a large selection of available weapons with many new weapons. The weapons that return, they are modified and updated with some new tasks, while others get a new look.

The most important new invasion of Doom Infinity is the launch of an Invasion Mode in which online players can go on stage to face the Demon whose purpose is to chase and kill you. You can do it alone, or you can have fun with friends and you can hunt a poor unwanted player who wanders around you.

Interestingly, Doom series fans can play Doom Eternal before Doom series is released in 2019. Although earlier it was a special event that was only displayed in EE. UU., It is confirmed that now there will be free entrance programs in Europe (between July 26 and July 27, 2019), to verify the ability to play this new title in the first person.

What platforms will Doom Eternal support?

Doom Eternal will not only support PC, but will also be launched for Xbox One, PS4 users, as well as for Nintendo Switch. While it may seem a questionable game for the familiar profile of the users of the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda has decided to include the platform when getting positive feedback from when Doom (2016) arrived at the handheld console in 2017.  

 Doom Eternal trailers and gameplay videos

When Bethesda announced Doom Eternal at E3 in 2018, only a small trailer was shown. You can see this below:


During his speech in 2019, Bethesda has invited fans to see a new Doom eternal trailer, which is showing more details of the graphics advances. Further,

Dome Ethernale has iTech 7 technology and is a completely new soundtrack created by Mick Gordon, which will undoubtedly accelerate your pulse.

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