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Excellent Review: Android 10 latest version of the operating system

Android 10 latest version

Android 10: is it worth your purchase?

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Another year, the release of a latest version of Android presents us with a meaningful update. You can better control your privacy and security in a more attractive interface with better modes and better gesture control.

For now, it is only Google Pixel users who can benefit from these improvements. It remains a mystery as to what other Android models will be compatible, although it is likely that they will be supported by smartphones that will go on sale soon.

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Excellent Review: Android 10 latest version of the operating system 

Android has just launched the 17th version of its operating system: Android 10. For now, however, it is currently only available on Google Pixel phones. The biggest question of the moment is when will it come and when will other manufacturers have it.

Other doubts that come to mind are: Is this the best update in the history of Android? Will gesture control work well in the end? Is Dark Mode really worth it? We will try to solve all this in this article.


The design of the Android 10 interface has been markedly improved. It is possible for a small change in the font used in the main menu title. Certainly, the character robot always used by Google is still used for the most part.

The screens are presented with more boxes and partition lines, and this makes everything better organized and a better. If the version of Android you’re currently using is Oreo, you’ll see the change in particular.

Android 10 latest version

Dark mode

Google has taken over but has finally brought Dark Mode to Android. This mode works in practically all Google apps, although not all of them, nor in external developer apps.

Not only is there an aesthetic function in the dark mode. Apart from helping you relax the eyes, it will also help you to save battery. The deeper the screen, the less OLED screen will have to illuminate the pixel like a pixel phone.

Android 10 latest version

Gesture control

The gesture control system is one of the aspects that undergoes the most changes in the various beta versions of Android 10. They have finally come to terms with the results they had in mind, although that means it is very similar to the iPhone X.

In these gestures, for example, swiping from any screen to the home screen; To change the app, swipe and hold for a few seconds to open the menu; Or swipe back from this screen to go to the apps menu.

The result is effective but not as elegant with iPhones, at least as far as animations are concerned. Of course, we have no doubt that you will get used to operating it easily.

The major drawback of this system is that it does not take into account that many apps also have functions that activate when slipping. In some aspects it is won and in others it is lost, although most likely you will not miss the start button.

Android 10 latest version

Notifications and Digital Wellness

Setting your notifications on Android 10 is very easy. You will find it very practical to decide which alerts to receive and which are not of specific application. It will leave you with your mouth, can open dozens of different notifications that can be in an app like Facebook.

You can also take advantage of a new function called Focus Mode that allows you to select apps that distract you from not receiving their notifications when this mode is activated. This is the best way to take control of your phone.

Certainly, it is a lot more efficient than trying to control your mobile usage with a digital wellness app. It does not present much news, but it will scare you by unlocking your phone several times a day.

Android 10 latest version

Privacy and accessibility

Google has introduced a new privacy section in the Settings menu, for some of Android 10.’s most notable novelties. In it you can determine that your application has access to your information.

Although applications encourage you to understand that they need access to other apps and information on your phone, with Android 10 you clearly see that this is not the case. Android 10 also works on its own and automatically restricts access to applications such as the camera.

For accessibility features, they are still available in this version of Android. A new feature called Live Caption is not yet available, but it must show subtitles on the screen of any audio or video with or without an Internet connection.

Android 10 latest version


The major problem with Android 10 is that it is currently only available for Pixel devices and they are still a minority. It would be of little use to Google to bring great improvements to its operating system if most could not enjoy them.

The funny thing is that even the most expensive phones may not be compatible with all functions when Android 10 is finally available to other manufacturers. Needless to say, this version cannot be installed on most cheap phones.

Pixel phones are meaningful quality devices, especially if you prefer that they can enjoy updates that Google does once a year. Of course, this is in exchange for a price, and they are not cheap terminals.

In short, the version of Android 10 that we tested on the Pixel works fine. However, there are other smartphones from other brands that are very worthwhile, and it is a pity that they cannot use the latest Android update for now.

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