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How to restores a damaged Excel file

restores a damaged Excel file

(restores a damaged Excel file)It is difficult to imagine that an excel file stored in the cloud may be damaged. But that can happen. Anything other than cloud storage can cause a possible cause of damage to excel files. This file is an incomplete list of possible reasons for corruption:

  • incorrect operation of Microsoft Excel
  • Incorrect closing of the Excel file
  • wrong file synchronization with cloud storage
  • incorrect operation of version control programs
  • hardware errors (power supply interruptions, RAM errors, etc.)

You try to open an Excel file from different devices and similar error messages are displayed:


Fig. 1.1. Error opening on a Windows device

err android 01

Fig. 1.2. Error opening an .xlsx file on an Android device

err android 02

Fig. 1.3. Error opening a file with the .xls extension on an Android device

err ios 01

Fig. 1.5. Error opening a file with the .xls extension on an iOS device

The file may be corrupted and the data lost forever. But it is worth trying to repair the file. There are several options to solve the problem of a damaged Excel document using:

  1. the built-in Microsoft Excel function
  2. the integrated OpenOffice function
  3. special online services
  4. special programs

Try all the options and you may get it.

> Integrated Microsoft Excel function

While trying to open a damaged document stored in the cloud, Microsoft Excel will suggest you to restore it. The following dialog box will be displayed:

01 6

You must click on the ‘Yes‘ button to start the recovery process.

Sometimes, Microsoft Excel immediately reports that the file format is incorrect and does not offer the option or n to repair errors when trying to open it:

01 7

Recovery functionality or n is to be available in all recent versions of Microsoft Office from Office 2007. This character í stica is to available in the menu ú principal:

  1.   Select ” File ” in the menu ú principal.
  2.   Select ” Open ” .
  3.   Locate the document gives ñ ado cloud and selection or nelo.
  4.   In the bot or ‘ Open ‘ , select the menu dropdown to the right.
  5.   Click on the ” Open and restore ” sub-element .


In order to regain the C sheet for the calculation, the functionality of the integrated Microsoft Office gives an advertisement in 10-20 %% of the actual cases. If you are not able to recover C leaves to compute with integrated functionality or meaningless data, instead of your need, you have to try other options.

> Integrated OpenOffice function

Data collection formats of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are compatible according to the 2007 version of Microsoft Office. This compatibility allows you to use OpenOffice to improve Microsoft Office documents. Download and install a copy of OpenOffice from After this, use the built-in OpenOffice function to retrieve Excel documents with the .xls or .xlsx extensions.

If the OpenOffice Excel can not restore the file, then go to the next option.

> Online spreadsheet recovery services in Excel

Actually, there are not a large number of online spreadsheet recovery services in Excels:


All are paid (between $ 5 and $ 40 or more), but all operating systems (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows) and all types of devices (desktop or laptop, tablet and even phones) work on Are. You have to upload the file to the service, have to click a few clicks and review the recovery results of each service. If the online service can repair the file and display lost information from the spreadsheet, then make a payment and download the restored document.

About the price, the cheapest and easy-to-use service can be offered by OnlineFile Repair. The recovery value of the document is only $ 5. The service interface is available in Spanish. The service is easy and easy to use for any user.


It is easy to use all the online services in general, but the third party has the risks associated with the transfer of confidential information. In addition, you will have to pay differently for each document. For this reason, you can use other methods of retrieving documents.

> Excel spreadsheet recovery special tools

There are many special tools designed to restore Excels documents. Virtually all such programs are compatible with Windows. But they are in the market for 15 to 20 years and their integrated recovery algorithms are much better than those used in Microsoft Office.

The demo version of the tool allows you to check that you can recover an Excel file that does not work. Then, the user can choose the program to recover the largest amount of information and purchase his license. Licensed version allows you to save recovered information from a corrupted Excel / XLSX file in a new Excel document.

During the tests, we used more than a dozen Excel spreadsheets that we had intentionally damaged. Recovery Toolbox for Excel worked better than the rest of the programs:


It can only be called information, which is capable of restoring the Moto to information or for calculation, a tuples that is used for n testing in the set of leaves. Perhaps the recovery toolbox for Excel ALG ún offers a completely different result in another Excels file. To avoid mistakes in this regard, try the demo version of any tool you are purchasing.

> Useful tips about Microsoft Excel

Be sure to enable the automatic save function in Microsoft Ex. In case of an error, if the automatic saving function is enabled, you can have a copy of the file 10 or 15 minutes old. You can configure it with just a couple of clicks as shown in the image:


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