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Release Date Apple AirPower: price, specs and rumors



It was in the month of September of 2017, when the company announced the development of a new device in collaboration with the availability of the iPhone X, which will work as a wireless charging base for their iPhones and AirPods headphones.

At this time, Apple mentioned that the project will see the light in 2018 next year. But after the year, everyone was awaiting what the company could announce in the beginning of 2019.

It’s a matter of days when Apple has confirmed the cancellation of the AirPower project, although the same spokesman believes that there is a wireless at the point of being committed to promoting future wireless experience.

In a statement, Dan Richeso, Vice President of Hardware Engineering, said that “After many efforts, it has been concluded that the AirPower will not meet the high standards required by the brand, which is why, we decided to cancel the project.”

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AirPower: canceled

One and a half years after Phil Schiller announced the development of the product, Apple canceled the project which we all know as AirPower. During these years, there have been many signs and rumors that we will explain in detail.

When Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in September of 2017, the Cupertino company also revealed that it was developing its own AirPower Wireless Charger, which would be possible to charge all three Apple devices: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

But where does Apple have plans for AirPower?

In this article, we collect all the information that was generated before the cancellation, about its release date, price and specifications which Apple managed.

AirPower: Release date

When Phil announced his AirPower Wireless Charging Base on September 12, 2017, the company said that AirPower will not be on sale until 2018. “You can buy AirPower Charger next year,” said Phil Schiller. Something that has not been completed

AirPower was mentioned in the new model to go with the contents of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, which can suggest its ready availability. However, the new AirPod 2 has been introduced with its wireless charging case, and still we still can not buy AirPower.

AirPower: Price

The official price of AirPower has never been exceeded by Apple, which does not mean that we can make a well-established guess based on other cases and similar products marketed by other brands, which is the price May be.

Everyone knows that Apple usually does not sell cheap products. There is a complete argument behind the inherent costs of research and development of new products that guarantee high standards of Apple. From this we feel that we can expect only a small premium price.

In the market, currently there are some wireless charging cradle solutions compatible with Apple products. This is a case of product being marketed by Polish company X-Com, which costs up to $ 294.

At the beginning of November 2017, ThinkBeal Blog indicated that this type of wireless charging base compatible with Apple products would be $ 199.

Without a doubt, we have high value used to pay for the Android smartphone’s wireless smartphone charger. In August last, the Chinese company Chongdintou said that according to its sources, the price of AirPower will be around 1,000 Chinese Yuan, which is equivalent to the price of € 129.

Finally there is a report from Apple Toolbox in which it has been mentioned that AirPower’s price may not exceed € 99.

Why was AirPower delayed again?

Apparently, Apple had planned its launch for the month of June, but according to Bloomberg, there were some technical constraints and challenges related to the supply chain.

AppleToolBox sources also reported in April 2018 that AirPower was due to concerns about the production of delay product and concerns about the support of AirPods and Apple Watch.

Apple has always talked about Qi type charging, but the changes introduced in the design of Series 3 Apple Watch have made most chargers incompatible, which are not companies.

Another problem told by AppleToolBox suggests that AirPods require an additional purchase of a case-case, which costs $ 69. Obviously, Apple has disagreement over whether people will be able to pay extra briefcase which will be able to charge their airpods in a charger such as AirPower, which will also have a high cost in itself.

In this way, if we combine different reports, then we all think that due to technical problems in standardization, the airplane is delayed, which includes being able to ensure that many devices load at the same time When the charger is not overheated, the charger is not overheated.

Another issue described in these reports is related to the placement of sensors in the pad. AirPower will be the first wireless charger on the ready market to charge three different types of devices at the same time. Apple had to ensure that each generation of their devices is compatible with optimal load times for each case.

Apple AirPower 1000 0001

Depending on the load, the random placement plate of each device causes the need for multiple load sensors with strategic delivery. For each type of device, charging components of various sizes and powers are required, which provide reasonably charged charging time.

AirPower case is not unique. Apple also delayed other products such as HomePod or AirPods 2, which are eventually available. In the case of AirPods from the presentation in March.

Many would think that it was wrong to announce Apple so soon. However, these are areas where it is necessary to get approval from agents like the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), some of which tell from some sources, such as Reddit that Airpower has not yet received approval.

AirPower: Design and construction

In terms of design, Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger was not very different from the wireless charging base, which are already in the market. Based on the video presentation issued at that time, AirPower had a base in the form of a white carpet on the large surface, to accommodate three devices (iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods).

Wireless charger is required to connect to the network, as it does not have an internal battery that can be used anywhere with electric current. It is something that can be clear for some, but it should be clarified.

AirPower: Features and specifications

AirPower Qi was based on wireless charging standard during its conception, though it is confirmed by Apple whether AirPower was compatible with other wireless charging devices in the market.

Apple filed a patent for a wireless charging device which can give us some other features that may include it. The patent shows that it can transmit wireless power signals to an electronic device to get wireless power.

Apple’s product will be the first to provide a wireless charge to three different types of devices, always keeping in mind that they belong to the company that created them. Even if the device is located, your batteries will get the charge.

Bloomberg’s report states that AirPower will include a custom Apple chip that will allow the iOS operating system to manage and power the devices.

Tim Cook said on the forum that there will be a big interface in the system so that the device can manage the load through an efficient system. It’s something that is not possible with current standards, but Apple CEO said that his team knew how to do it.

AirPower mat 1

This means that all the devices that were loaded with the AirPower would communicate with each other to decide how much energy each of them requires in order to optimize the load times.

This means that all the devices loaded with AirPower will communicate with each other so that it can be determined how much energy is needed for each of them to optimize the load time.

AirPower: Compatibilities

From the beginning, we knew that unless you had iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X or later models, you could not charge your iPhone with AirPower due to compatibility issues.

Similar AirPods also happen, though Apple has shown wireless charging in the original AirPods. From the current affairs it seems that they are not able to Qi. In this way, it is necessary to get a new compatible box. This may also be the reason that Apple did not introduce the new AirPods 2 until the beginning of this year.

One of the reports we have mentioned in the past has been revealed that the AirPower detected the apple watch series 3 using special radiofrequency waves. Only then will it be possible to charge a Smart Watch battery.

Wireless charging is used on the basis of Qi standard in old clocks, but MFI-based authentication is required. As many are aware, there are alternative ways to load the iPhone from previous generations without integrating this functionality. For this, it is enough to apply third party goods to allow it to be loaded with wireless charging base.

AirPower: Availability

At the beginning of the year, a Chinese company used the name of AirPower to sell its product, while copying the packaging, Apple creates its products. A YouTube video also showed how it was possible to load both the Apple Clock and the iPhone X. In return, it cost only $ 15.

fake airpower

With the cancellation of Apple now, opportunistic companies are emerging that leverage the situation. It is clear that Apple will not be very satisfied with the use of its AirPower Wireless Charging Base as its name.

Canceled the project, of course, would be looking for opportunities to get a position in the sale of third party brand units.

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