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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 is actually an 865 ++

Qualcomm has unveiled a new flagship phone chipset, the Snapdragon 870, based on the architecture of the 2019 Snapdragon 865 flagship range.

The Snapdragon 870, like the 865+ before it, is essentially an overclocked version of the 865. This increases the main clock speed of the Kryo 585 CPU to 3.2 GHz, a big step up from 2.84. 865 GHz original. 

But in reality, it’s just a more modest improvement over the 3.1 GHz Snapdragon 865+ that was released in July of last year. 

The rest of the components, specifications and functions remain identical, so do not expect that the phones that include the Snapdragon 870, when they come true, will offer much more advanced functions compared to the current models with the 865.

Snapdragon 870

So what is its purpose? Well probably, that mobile manufacturers demand a new Snapdragon chip with the company’s premium range and 8 series, but that is more affordable compared to the final price of the Snapdragon 888 .

Thus it becomes the true flagship successor to the 865, presented last December, which we have already seen in high-end phones, including the Xiaomi Mi 11 and the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series .

The 870 is likely to appear in mobile gaming-oriented phones, in the same way that the Snapdragon 765G dominated the upper-mid-range market in 2020, and even appeared in certain flagship models, including the Pixel 5 and LG Velvet. . 

While the arrival of the first smartphones with this chip takes place, you can take a look at our ranking of the best mobiles of the year .

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