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PS4 vs Xbox One? Do not miss our comparison of the two consoles

ps4 vs xbox one

ps4 vs xbox one No other generation of consoles have ever seen two rivals as similar in terms of hardware , specs, software, and services, making it surprisingly difficult to choose between the two.

However, we will try to explain everything you need to know so that you can make the right decision.

The PS4 is generally viewed as the choice of the most professional player. Its hardware is slightly more powerful than that of the Xbox One, and Sony was smarter at centering the PS4’s software and interface on games than a vision of the console as an entertainment hub.

That was Microsoft’s mistake at launch, where the Xbox One seemed too focused on television, movies, and voice-controlled entertainment, and not enough on gaming.

On the other hand, while Sony struggled to make its console more affordable, Microsoft saddled it with an expensive motion-control peripheral that nobody really wanted: the second-generation Kinect.

Right now, the situation is different. Kinect no longer exists and the price of the Xbox One has dropped accordingly. More importantly, Microsoft seems to have gotten the message that people primarily buy game consoles, and a plethora of software updates has vastly improved the company’s offering.

ps4 vs xbox one: price

While the Xbox One was the most expensive offering at launch, both consoles are now available at more or less similar prices.

The redesigned PS4 (aka PS4 Slim) is available from Amazon Spain for € 325 with a 500GB hard drive. It is also available in bundles with games that often represent better value for money.

We recommend you visit Amazon through this link so that you can consult different package offers with games for the PS4.

The Xbox One S (also a redesign of the original Xbox One) is slightly cheaper, available for € 199. In this case you can choose different packages, all of them available on Amazon Spain through this link.

The comparison is further complicated with the addition of the more powerful versions of each console. Sony’s PS4 Pro with a 1TB hard drive offers higher performance and near 4K video output, further widening the specification gap between consoles.

With both consoles there is a hidden cost: the annual fee for the subscription service required to play online. An Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $ 59.99 a year , the same as for the PlayStation Plus, $ 59.99 a year , although you can currently get it for 47.99 on Black Friday.

Both services include exclusive trial games, discounts and free games to sweeten the payment.

Connections and ports

For simplicity, from now on we will focus on comparing the main Xbox One and PS4 consoles, including the updated Xbox One S and PS4 Slim. We will leave the Pro and X models out of this article.

The PS4 is the smaller and sleeker of the two consoles, featuring an angular design in glossy and matte black plastic. Its operation is reasonably quiet, although noise levels increase when you play, and so far it has been shown to be as reliable as previous PlayStation consoles.

There are two USB ports on the front along with the well hidden power and disc eject buttons. On the back are the power outlet, HDMI and Ethernet ports, an optical digital audio output, and an additional USB port for the PlayStation camera accessory.

The Xbox One is bigger and more robust than the PS4, but it still fits perfectly into the average home entertainment setup. If anything, it’s a bit quieter than the PS4, and Microsoft seems to have fixed the reliability issues that plagued the first Xbox 360 consoles.

Around the back you’ll find a bewildering array of ports, with two USB, Ethernet, one optical output, and one Kinect-specific port, plus two HDMI jacks. One of them is an output for your television, but the other is designed to receive a signal from your Freeview / Freesat PVR or your Virgin / Sky decoder.

The Xbox One S is pretty much the same, but drop the dedicated Kinect port – if you want to connect Kinect, just use one of the standard USB ports.

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Hardware and Specifications

It is internally where key differences are appreciated. Both consoles are based on the same AMD Jaguar processor technology as the Temash and Kabini APUs. Both have eight CPU cores, with the Xbox One running at 1.75Ghz and 1.6GHz from the PS4.

The two also have AMD GPUs, but in this case things differ. While the Xbox One’s GPU, derived from the Radeon HD 7790’s Bonaire architecture, has 12 GCN compute units to play with, the Pitcairn-based PS4’s GPU has 18.

Even when you consider that the Xbox One’s GPU runs at 853 MHz (or 914 MHz on the Xbox One S) and the PS4 runs at 800 MHz, this still gives the PS4 a tangible edge on the graphics front.

To make things more difficult for Microsoft, the PS4 hits 8GB of 5500Mhz GDDR5 RAM, giving it much more memory bandwidth than the 2133MHz DDR3 that the Xbox One relies on.

Microsoft makes up for it by using a 32MB ESRAM cache to keep the data flow smooth, but the PS4 hardware is a bit more powerful after all.

To what extent does this matter? Well on the one hand, we’re looking at key cross-platform games that run at full HD resolution on PS4 but at slightly lower resolution on Xbox One, or just run more smoothly with more visual effects on PS4.

On the other hand, the differences aren’t always as noticeable when you’re playing games as opposed to analyzing them frame by frame, and the best Xbox One games are still pretty surprising. The extra power is a key point in favor of the PS4, but it is not a decisive blow against the Xbox One.

Interface and features

Both consoles have very simple user interfaces. The PS4 is simpler and better to take you directly to the features you use the most when you play.

The Xbox One software uses Windows 10 as the base, has a simple design and integrates searches, friends, messages and notifications with much faster access.

It also has a universal store, which means that you will see some applications and games available for Windows 10 on the Xbox.

Both consoles stand out with respect to some of their pieces. The PS4 has a brilliant Remote Play function, in which you can stream games from your PS4 to a PS Vita portable device, a smartphone , a Sony Xperia tablet , a PC or a Mac, and continue playing while someone else takes over the TV.

It also has some game-sharing features, where you can virtually hand over your controller to another PS4 owner and let them stream a game from your console over the web.

More recently , Sony introduced (or should we say reintroduced ?) The ability to stream music through a USB drive while playing the PS4, along with the ability to appear offline in your friends list at times when you feel a little unsociable.

The Xbox One, however, can give you a split-screen view to run two apps or one game and one app at a time. Both PS4 and Xbox One have an “instant digest” that lets you put your console into standby mode, turn it on again, and keep playing exactly where you left off.


The Xbox One’s second-generation Kinect camera is a huge improvement over the first, with more accurate motion tracking that works better in a wide range of lighting conditions, and can also track your body in more detail, even down to the finger joints.

Unfortunately, this tool has been little used so far, with only a handful of games using it and very little indication that there will be more in the future.

The PS4’s PlayStation camera is cheaper, it works with the same PS Move controls that Sony first released for the PS3. Again, it has hardly been used until now, so we think it shouldn’t be considered a must-have feature, unless you want to try Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality (VR)

This makes a big difference: if you want to try virtual reality games on a console, you definitely need the PlayStation 4. It is compatible with Sony’s exclusive PlayStation VR platform, allowing you to play a wide variety of VR experiences and games .

Although it is a bit expensive, since in addition to headphones you will also have to buy the Move controls and compatible cameras, but still it is quite “affordable” if you compare it with other brands such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

In comparison, Microsoft has yet to announce any VR plans for the Xbox One. So for now, at least, PS4 is the ideal platform for console VR gaming.

Backward compatibility

At first, neither of the two consoles was backward compatible, so there wasn’t much to compare between them in this regard. However, each now offers some form of backward compatibility, in very different ways.

The Xbox One is the only console that offers true compatibility with previous versions, since there are currently more than 300 Xbox 360 games that you can play on the new model, thus being able to enjoy a total library of more than a thousand games. .

Sony has handled old games very differently. PlayStation Now enables streaming of a wide range of PS3 games. However, you will have to pay for a subscription to streaming games (even if you already have them purchased), so it will not do you any good to have a wide variety of physical PS3 games.


The best reason to buy a specific console is to play its exclusive games, and this is one area where the PS4 has a huge advantage.

Xbox One has some fantastic racing games in the Forza series, Halo 5, Sea of ​​Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Gears of War 4.

PS4 has a remastered version of PS3’s brilliant post-apocalyptic epic, The Last of Us, The Order: 1886, the grim RPG Bloodborne, the space exploration game No Man’s Sky, Uncharted 4, the famous The Last Guardian and action- RPG NieR: Automata.

Apart from this, some of the best games on any of the consoles have been manufactured by third parties, such as Far Cry 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, and a Grand Theft Auto V improved.

Most of these third-party games look or run a little better on PS4, but there isn’t much difference.

Entertainment Features

Microsoft originally sold the Xbox One as the latest all-in-one entertainment system, supporting its idea of ​​how voice controls and integrated television turned your living room into a most immersive audiovisual experience.  

It still has arguably the best set of entertainment features, with apps for all major TV services, plus all major streaming services , including Amazon Instant Video, YouTube Netflix, Blinkbox, and Now TV.

The Xbox One also has a Blu-ray drive and a playback app, and DLNA streaming via both the console’s media player and a Plex app.

Add to this Microsoft’s own music and video services and its TV functions, and thus become the best console for those who want to do more with their console than to play.

The PS4 has tried to catch up on this, without even having YouTube to start with, but now it has apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Now TV.

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Although there is not much difference between the two consoles, if we have to choose a winner we are left with the PS4. Not only does it take advantage of the Xbox One in terms of graphics power, it also has virtual reality support and a better library of current and future exclusive titles.

The Xbox One is slightly cheaper, and has better entertainment features, but unless you’re a fan of Halo or Gears of Wars games, the PS4 is a better bet right now.

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