Oppo Reno renders with three rear cameras

Oppo finally presents its Reno mobile in Beijing

Oppo Reno renders with three rear cameras


In a program organized in Beijing, Oppo has officially introduced its new smartphone: Renault Mobile phones, of course, will not be available outside China until April 24, on the day of its global launch in Zurich.

The premium version of Reno Oppo will have a 6.4 inch touch screen, with 2340 x 1080, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 8 GB RAM. In addition, it will use a 3.765 mAh battery and Android 9.0 pi.

It seems that Renault will overtake X than in terms of software and normally for its operation, although we have to prove it to get concrete conclusions. In any case, it will be available in blue, black, gold and purple.

Specifications of Oppo Reno

What is most out of Reno in the case of your camera is the use of X10 optical zoom technology which uses three cameras to operate: a high-resolution main sensor of 48 MPs, an ultra-wide angle lens and 160 mm Another telephoto lens of

Keep in mind that this configuration of cameras will be found only in the premium version of the new phone, because the standard version will have only two rear cameras and snapdragon 710 processors, however, at a lower cost.

The AMOLED screen will have 93% screen to body ratio, with 1.59mm bezel. There is no noch in front of the new Reno, which means that the camera is hidden in a sliding system which is hidden inside the screen.

Price of the Reno Oppo

The standard version of the new Oppo Reno will cost between € 400 and € 480 approximately depending on the configuration of specifications and storage you choose. The cost of the premium version will range between € 530 and € 630.

We will know the exact prices in Europe and the rest of the world in the global launch of next April 24.we inform you of everything that happens, although if you need a mobile you should take a look at the best Android .

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