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Oppo announces ColorOS 11 : we explain all the news

ColorOS 11

A few days after the official launch of Android 11, Oppo has announced the latest version of its Android-based operating system: ColorOS 11. The Chinese company has confirmed that it will arrive this year for its smartphones .

You may have noticed that Oppo has skipped a few numbers compared to the previous version of the platform (as did Huawei when going from EMUI 5 to EMUI 8). That is so that the number matches that of the new version of Android.

Although we have not yet been able to test it, we can already list the most interesting new features thanks to the information offered by Oppo. These range from the new features introduced by Android 11 to other exclusive features in ColorOS.

What features does ColorOS 11 offer?

Oppo says that ColorOS 11 is mainly focused on making it easier for its users to use and creating a user experience closer to a global audience (unlike previous versions, focused on the Chinese market).

These are the main new features coming to ColorOS 11:

More like Android Stock

Oppo continues to resist customizing the ColorOS look. Although it does give Android 11 its personal touch, it is very familiar to those who are used to a user experience close to Android Stock (as in the Google Pixel).

In this sense, functions such as navigation gestures, the latest version of dark mode and new privacy options are the basis of Oppo’s interpretation of Android 11 that we find in ColorOS 11.

More dark mode options

Speaking of dark mode, you can now choose from three different contrast levels: one option in black and two options in a different shade of gray. Dark mode can also be programmed to activate between hours or at dawn and dusk.

Three finger translation

ColorOS 7 introduced partial screenshot functionality, which allowed you to capture just a section of your screen by swiping down with three fingers. In doing so, a box was created and everything that was inside became a catch.

In ColorOS 11, if what is inside that box is text, it can be translated thanks to a new button that appears at the bottom when using the three-finger screenshot function.

As for the supported languages, Oppo says that you will be able to translate the text into any language as long as Google Translate supports that language. Presumably, Oppo will use this tool to perform the translations.

More screens always on

Soon, you will have the option to add new custom always-on screens. In addition to choosing its color, you will have the option to choose more patterns and drag the tools that you want to have on your personalized always-on screen.

Oppo Relax 2.0

Oppo introduced the Oppo Relax white noise app as part of the latest version of ColorOS. In its 11th version, it will introduce Oppo Relax 2.0. The main novelty is that it will include content from the Music City Sounds of Cities project .

From Bangkok to Reykjavik, passing through Tokyo, you can “travel” through the main cities of the world while enjoying ambient sound recorded in iconic places in each of these locations.

User created ringtones

Oppo has added in ColorOS 11 the ability to easily create your own ringtones. To do this, use a new interface in which you can choose between ten bases and then make small changes.

For example, you can decide what instruments you want to use, what rhythm and what tone. By sliding your finger over the grille, you can control the sound and ultimately compose an original ringtone in just a few minutes.

Other new features in ColorOS 11

  • New voice commands are added in addition to those of the native Google Assistant function.
  • There are more customization options for the icons (beyond the size and shape that ColorOS 7 introduced).
  • New animations of fingerprint unlocking are introduced.
  • Notifications that arrive quickly one after the other will have a different tone so that they are not so annoying.
  • Font size can be customized by using native Oppo fonts.
  • Customizable abstract wallpapers can be created using your own photos.
  • Interface colors can be customized: There are ten color options, each with five complementary colors seen in the interface icons and controls.
  • Floating FlexDrop windows can be resized (as of October).
  • Android 11’s ‘Device Control’ feature is compatible with other external devices running ColorOS 11.
  • Android privacy and security measures such as one-time permissions and automatic permissions reset are coming to ColorOS 11.
  • Android 11 media control styles added. 

What devices are compatible with ColorOS 11?

Although Oppo does have a beta program to allow its users to test their ColorOS 11, according to the GDPR regulations, the company cannot offer to test the beta version to those users who are located in countries regulated by the GDPR.

That means that those who live in these countries will have to wait a little longer to enjoy all the news in ColorOS 11. The good thing is that they can have it when it is official, and not a beta version that can give errors.

ColorOS 11 will arrive for the Oppo Find X2 and the Oppo Find X2 Pro (including the Automobili Lamborghini version) next December. Then it will come for the Oppo Find X2 Lite and the Oppo Find X2 Neo.

For now we do not know when it will arrive for the other models, but below you can consult the list of other devices that Oppo has confirmed that they will be compatible: 

  • Oppo A72
  • Oppo A52
  • Oppo A91
  • Oppo Reno2 Z
  • Oppo Reno2
  • Oppo Reno 10x Zoom
  • Oppo Reno
  • Oppo A5 2020
  • Oppo A9 2020 

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