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Open an app from an unidentified developer on your Mac

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When you want to install software approved by the company, Apple devices make it more complicated. Examples of these are iPhones and iPads, where you can not install the app without jailbreaking from the app store.

In the case of Mac, this is something different. Yes you can install a program from the Internet, but this is not so easy. By default, you can only open downloaded apps from the App Store, but you can change the settings from the ‘System Preferences’ panel.

This helps to improve the safety of Apple computer and laptop, because it stops the app and the virus from leaking. Now, the tricks we show you below will be useful to install the official app which is not in the company’s App Store.

Method 1. Open the app from ‘System Preferences’

If you wanted to open a program downloaded from another platform other than the App Store on your MacOS computer, the system would not have left you. It is time to go to ‘System Preferences’ and take measures to do this.

Next, go to the ‘Security and Privacy’ section and make sure you are on the ‘General’ tab. This is the same page where you can change the settings so that your MacOS App Store app and the identified developers are both open.

If your Mac has not allowed you to open a program, you will have an hour to go to this section of ‘Security and Privacy‘ to unlock this security lock and the button will be given ‘Open Like‘. You should confirm the action by clicking on ‘Open‘.

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With these steps you will tell your macOS that you give him permission to trust this program that you have wanted to open. In addition, your macOS will remember it and you will be able to open it in the future without problems and without having to repeat this process.

Is it safe to open apps from unidentified developers?

Maybe yes maybe not You should keep in mind that you will not have Apple confirmation that it is safe to open the program, so you should rely on your own analysis capability to know that the software is not a virus.

Before installing the software, you should seek information about the app’s reviews, developer company and the platform from which they are downloaded, as well as the testimony of other users.

Keep in mind, always keep in mind that incredible companies often publish false review so that their programs are valid. We recommend that you thoroughly check.

If you are not happy with what you find, it may be better to try an option in the App Store, with which MacOS will not let you get caught. If you want to install it anyway, make sure that you have an antivirus.

It is worth noting that, even if you get an anonymous developer’s notice, it does not mean that it is essentially malware. This can not be in the app store as the company is not targeted in its developer program.

Method 2. Use a shortcut to open the app

An unknown developer is an alternative and fast way to allow macOS to open a program. First of all, you have to find the app’s file in your Finder and right-click it.

In the drop-down menu, click on the first option: ‘Open’. By doing so, you can still open the program despite the restrictions of MacOS. In addition, the system will understand that you can do this in the future with just a double click.

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How to allow apps downloaded from any site to be opened

The ‘ Security and privacy ‘ section of the ‘ System Preferences ‘ panel also gives you the option to configure your macOS to open only apps downloaded from the App Store or to also open apps from identified developers.

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If you’ve got it here, then this is probably because you want to open an unknown developer program too. It’s time to find a hidden function that will allow you to open downloaded apps from anywhere.

To be honest, we do not recommend using this configuration, because it will put your Mac or MacBook at risk of getting infected with malware. Now, if you are ready to take this risk, then you should follow these steps.

 Open the ‘ Terminal ‘ tool in the ‘ Utilities ‘ folder under ‘ Applications ‘.

. Now, write the following: ‘ sudo spctl –master-disable ‘.

. Hit ‘ Enter ‘ and enter your password when prompted.

. Next, open the ‘ System Preferences ‘ panel . If you already had it open, you will have to close it and reopen it.

. Go to the section ‘ Security and privacy ‘ and you will see that a third option has appeared in the ‘ Open apps downloaded from ‘ section.

. Unlock the padlock below to make changes.

. Finally, you can check the ‘ Any site ‘ box.

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How to remove the option ‘Any site’ from ‘Security and privacy’

If at some point you decide that you do not want to make any active ‘alternatives‘ to any site, or to share the computer with others, then you would want to know that MacOS It’s easy for you to tell

You just have to open the ‘Terminal’ tool in the ‘Utilities‘ folder under’ Bus and Applications‘ and on this occasion, enter the following: the sudo spctl –master-enable ‘. Your Mac will block those apps downloaded by anonymous developers.

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