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OnePlus Buds Z : Price, specs and where to buy

OnePlus Buds Z

OnePlus has announced the OnePlus 8T range of smartphones, and alongside this new smartphone model , the brand also highlights the arrival of the OnePlus Buds Z wireless headphones. 

Just a few months have passed since the brand announced the OnePlus Buds, which we had the opportunity to analyze, and we already have a new improved generation that, as a surprise to many, is priced lower than the first Buds. 

How much do they cost and what is the release date of the OnePlus Buds Z?

Well, since November 4, the new Buds Z headphones are already available for sale on the official OnePlus website at a recommended price of only € 59. At the moment, unlike the first generation, you will find them in pearl white. 

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What are the specifications of the OnePlus Buds Z?

OnePlus mentions that the Buds Z are designed to provide a high-quality music experience for users seeking mobility, and to achieve this, they have dynamic drivers of 10 mm each. 

The sound is compatible with Dolby Atmos 3D stereo to ensure an immersive sound environment in a compact earbud. 

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Unlike the previous generation with a semi-open design similar to the first Apple AirPods, the new Buds Z are closed with the possibility of using any of the three rubber pad formats to better fit your ears. 

The Z Buds work with Bluetooth 5.0 and have ambient noise reduction to improve voice quality during calls. They offer a waterproof rating of IP55 for sweat or splashes that will allow you to use them in sports. 

Unlike the 30 hours of autonomy that the previous Buds could offer, the current Buds Z have reduced this value to 20 hours in favor of offering a more ergonomic and compact design. The design of the previous ones was a bit crude for some. 

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Add in this section of autonomy, that the fast charge supported by the headphones allows that with 10 minutes of charge you can use them for just over three hours of music playback. 

The base and charging case of the new OnePlus Buds Z has been redesigned so that it is now more elongated and compact, allowing the headphones to lie down instead of standing up as in the previous generation. 

OnePlus guarantees interaction with them when pressing on them, so with Quick Switch it is possible to maintain the use of double tap for the main management and control functions in playback.

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