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OneOdio A30 headphones review

OneOdio A30 headphones

OneOdio A30: is it worth your purchase?

Is it worth your purchase?


  • ANC
  • Price
  • Elegant and comfortable design


  • Buzz between tracks
  • Use of plastic on buttons

Our verdict

Although they are not perfect, the OneOdio A30 offers an excellent value for money. They incorporate active noise cancellation technology, offer a very good battery and their design is elegant and comfortable to use for hours.

Retail price (RRP)

$ 49.99

OneOdio A30 headphones review

Many times we think that you have to spend a lot of money to get quality headphones or headphones. Many opt for renowned brands such as Samsung or Jabra, a good way to ensure quality, although it is also true that this quality ends up hurting in the pocket.

On the other hand, there are also lesser-known brands, specialized in audio products that offer cheaper devices, with also very good qualities. This is the case of the OneOdio brand.

If you still do not know this brand, we recommend that you take a look at their website. Besides offering good deals and prices, they have a wide variety of audio products.

In this case, we have had the opportunity to test for weeks one of their latest models of headphones with active noise cancellation, the OneOdio A30. We tell you more below.

Note: right now you can benefit from a 35% discount if you use the code FZA3035% on the OneOdio website .

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Design and build quality

Let’s start from the outside. When we received the package we saw that the packacing did not give the feeling of a too premium product. However, when I opened the box and took out the headphones, the feeling was positive (after all, does the box matter?).

The headphones also came with the corresponding accessories: the charging cable, a jack cable to use the wired headphones if you want, the instruction manual and a case with a synthetic leather-like finish to carry them.

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In this case we also receive a mountable base to be able to place your headphones on the desk. The truth is that it ends up being a very useful accessory, it gives a very aesthetic touch to your work table.

Now, let’s get back to headphones. The overall balance in terms of design is positive. Although it is true that cheap plastic buttons worsen the finish a bit, it is also true that OneOdio has managed to hide it well by adding super comfortable padded earmuffs, with a shiny textured finish that gives it that premium touch that we want.

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The headband is also padded on the inside, and lined on the top with a leather-like material (it’s not made with animal skin, which we like).

You can adjust the size of the headband, opening or closing it according to your needs. In my case, I was able to use it without having to lengthen it, but well to know that it is adjustable, especially since when buying online you do not have the opportunity to try the product before.

The helmets fold inwards, taking up less size in case you need to transport them. A very common function in almost all models of this type of headphones that is still useful.

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On the right helmet you will have the button to activate or deactivate the ANC function, in addition to the USB-C charging input. On the left side you have the button to turn on and off, to increase and decrease the volume and the jack connector for the cable.

They are large headphones, but their all black finish (there is no option to choose them in another color), makes them elegant and not too garish.

Note the convenience of the device. We have used them during whole hours of work and the truth is that at no time do they bother or become heavy to wear.

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The ear cushions fit snugly around your ears (which also makes it easy to cancel out sound, which we’ll talk about next). The helmets are lightweight, which also enhances your comfort when wearing them for hours.

In summary: the OneOdio A30s are very comfortable and the design, although a large device, has an elegant and premium touch that convinces. As a catch we highlight the presence of cheap plastic on the buttons.

Sound quality and ANC

After talking about the physical, let’s talk about what really matters: the interior. In this case, the sound quality and above all, the ANC function or active noise cancellation.

To better understand the quality that the OneOdio A30s offer, let’s take a look inside. The headphones come to life thanks to the QCC3003 chip, from Qualcomm. It is a chip that has been specially designed to improve the Bluetooth wireless quality of audio devices and for noise cancellation technology.

When we buy low-cost headphones that promise noise cancellation, we have to look at whether that noise cancellation is active or passive. Passive noise cancellation makes use of a physical design designed to isolate you from the noise of the outside world.

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However, active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is more advanced and also more effective. Its operation is based on the use of a microphone (sometimes several microphones) that receive the background sound to create a sound wave that is similar to the background sound to counteract it by creating silence.

This technology usually increases the price of headphones considerably, however, this is not the case with the OneOdio A30. This model of headphones comes with ANC that you can activate or deactivate according to your preferences.

The truth is that having the ANC deactivated the external sound is already quite isolated, probably thanks to the good design of the pads that your ear picks up creating that feeling of isolation.

By activating ANC, it is possible to further reduce the ambient noise from your exterior, but it is also true that the difference of having it turned off or on is not as abysmal as in other models of headphones.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that this is a 55 euro device, the quality-price it offers is already quite good. And the mission of isolating you from external noise works well (although the cancellation ends up being more passive than active).

The OneOdio A30 incorporate 40mm drivers. Sound quality is good, but not perfect. At times I hear a little buzz, especially at the beginning of a track.

On the other hand, I hear punchy, balanced bass and clear, crisp highs. Nuances and a fairly clear and generally balanced sound are heard.

I have not detected distortion in the audio or turning it up almost to the maximum. Even so, it is not recommended that you turn up the volume to the maximum at any time since its power could damage your ears.

I have also used them to answer calls and the sound quality continues to be maintained, even when you are outdoors. OneOdio has incorporated a CVC 8.0 noise canceling microphone that helps keep your call audio good even when there is background noise.

Operation and battery

Its operation is easy and intuitive, similar to other similar headphones. To turn them on, you will have to press the power button for three seconds and, in addition to turning on, the Bluetooth pairing mode will be activated.

The headphones connected quickly, both with my computer and my smartphone, I had no problems at any time (something that has happened with brands of other low budget headphones).

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The buttons allow you to perform various actions without having to take the mobile out of your pocket: raise and lower the volume, change cation or turn noise cancellation on and off, among other things.

In this case there is no mobile application that allows you to equalize or configure the sound according to your preferences, but, as I have mentioned on several occasions, we cannot forget that we are dealing with low budget headphones.

In terms of battery, the A30s offer surprising results: up to 30 hours without having to charge them. You can use them for days and even on long trips without fear of running out of battery.

On the other hand, if you run out of battery, they come with a jack cable to connect them to a headphone socket, although nowadays there are fewer and fewer devices with this type of socket (my Honor 20 Pro smartphone does not have a headphone input, for example).

We are facing a 500mhA battery that is the one that allows those 30 hours of duration, yes, with the ANC technology disabled. If you use cable and activate ANC, you can cancel the noise for 50 hours straight. And if you use ANC and Bluetooth all the time, the battery lasts for about 20 hours.

The A30s also come with fast charging, which allows you to charge the headphones, via its USB-C cable, in two and a half hours at 100%.

Price and availability

The OneOdio A30 can be purchased through the official OneOdio website . Right now you can take advantage of an offer, since its price has gone from € 62.9 to € 55.99, which makes its value for money even better.

Furthermore, if you use the promotional code FZA3035% , you can save up to 35% on its price.

If you want to spend even less, you can take a look at other models of Bluetooth headphones (although without ANC) from OneOdio. You also have highly recommended models such as the A70 for € 29.99 or the Pro C for € 29.99 .


If you are looking for cheap headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) and good sound quality, the OneOdio A30 is a good option to buy. Obviously they do not offer the quality of high-end models, but it is also true that their price is reduced up to four times compared to those other premium models.

Still, the sound quality is good, the design is stylish and comfortable, and the battery life is excellent. If you don’t want to spend more than necessary and you don’t want to compromise on quality, the OneOdio A30 are your headphones.

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