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New Tips and tricks: Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro adopted many of the great novelties of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, in addition to growing in the possibilities offered by its set of cameras, which has made it one of the best Android phones on the market in recent months, especially in the photography and video section.

Not everyone loves the EMUI customization layer that Huawei applies to Android, but it has some really good features, including dark mode, gesture navigation, or calling on the terminal to be able to locate it if you lost it.

Many of these functions are disabled by default, so we have decided to make this report to show you how to enable and use them. Get the full potential out of your P30 pro with our help. 

Among the complete selection, you will also find brilliant tips focused on making the most of the P30 Pro’s various cameras. We also encourage you to read our Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro : Release date and their price  

Gesture navigation9 (Huawei P30 Pro)p30 pro foto 1

Huawei makes regular browsing using the bottom three Android buttons the default system for the P30 Pro, but after months of use, we quickly realized that gesture navigation is more efficient.

This works in a similar way to how Apple displays it on its iPhone X with iOS 13, leaving more screen space to have a superior display area in which to view content, as well as being more intuitive. 

 Swipe up from the bottom to return to the home screen. You can also swipe up and hold to switch to another app, or swipe in from left or right to return. 

To enable it, open ‘Settings> System> System navigation’ and choose ‘Gestures’ from the options that appear. You will see that an Assistant will allow you to rehearse the movements in order to familiarize yourself with them as soon as possible.   

Alexa instead of Google Assistant

Are you surprised? Not much the truth, because Huawei has been gradually introducing alternatives to Google services in its terminals. This is the case of the Amazon voice assistant, which you can choose if it convinces you more or you have another similar speaker at home. 

Go to ‘Settings> Applications> Default applications> Voice input and assistance’. 

Main screen style

Another peculiarity of Huawei’s EMUI is that it draws heavily on iOS, so by default the home screen is set to display all apps on different screens. If you prefer to have the traditional app drawer, do the following: 

Tap on ‘Settings’> Home Screen and Wallpaper> Home Screen Style> App Drawer’. Tap on the corresponding option. 

Hide the notch or ‘notch’Screenshot 20190429 193110 321x700 1

We adore the P30 Pro’s large 32MP selfie camera, but at this point, you may prefer not to see the notch caused by the front camera built into the screen. If you are one of them, do the following: 

Tap on ‘Settings> Display> More display settings> Notch’. You will see that two different options appear, either hide it with the option to customize what is shown, or hide it completely so that a black stripe appears at the top. 

Dark mode

darken interface colors

Even before Google added it to its Android 10 version, EMUI was already offering dark mode to preserve light damage to your retinas emitted by the screen. To enable it on the P30 Pro, proceed as indicated:

Go to ‘Settings> Battery> Darken interface colors’

Since the P30 Pro has an OLED display, switching to dark mode also saves on power consumption and increases battery life. It is for this reason that Huawei includes the option under the ‘Battery’ umbrella. 

Find the mobile phone

Those who accompany the P30 Pro with a Huawei Watch GT or GT2 watch will already have the ability to find their phone in case of loss or theft, but if you don’t have a smart watch, there is a nifty feature in EMUI that allows you to set up a phrase of voice activation, just your voice.

Once you have it set up, you can mention “Where are you” and the phone will answer in its strange Chinese way. But at least it will let you find out where you left it.

To enable it, select ‘Settings> Smart assistance> Voice control’. Tap on the ‘Voice Activation’ option. You will have to record three sentences. Then you can say “Where are you?” For your P30 Pro to respond.  

Always on display screen

Huawei takes great advantage of the P30 Pro’s long battery life, but this is accomplished in part by disabling certain advanced features. The always-on screen is one of these, but some people find it very helpful to be able to see the time, date, and notifications without having to wake up the phone.

To enable it, go to ‘Settings> Main screen and wallpaper> Always show on screen’

You’ll find certain additional settings, such as the ability to limit the always-on screen to specific times to avoid discomfort at night.

If you come from an iPhone and want your P30 to wake up when you pick it up, you will have to go to ‘Settings> Smart assistance> Shortcuts and gestures> Activation screen’. Here you will see two options, the one to lift to activate and the one to press twice to activate it. 

Reverse wireless charging

Another facet for which the P30 Pro stood out during its presentation months ago, was to offer reverse wireless charging, in addition to being able to charge its battery wirelessly with a compatible Qi charger. 

And it is that the phone can also act as a wireless charger in itself. If at any given moment you need to charge your smart watch or headphones, or offer charging to a friend with a compatible mobile phone, you can activate the reverse charge to collect them and emit energy.

It is simple, as you will find it in ‘Settings> Battery> Wireless power supply’. In this way, you will have activated reverse wireless charging. 

Performance mode

Another feature that is disabled by default is ‘Performance Mode’. In fact, the default settings are aggressive with power saving, so when you first set up your P30 Pro, the screen will turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. 

To disable the maximum performance mode of the phone, you must go to the next section of ‘Settings> Battery> Performance mode’

This means that, as a standard, you are not getting the maximum performance in games and other intense applications, but as an advantage, you will get a longer battery life. You will hardly appreciate the difference and you get a lot in return.

Tips from the cameras

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As we use the P30 Pro, we continue to be amazed at how versatile its cameras are in many sections, but especially when it comes to handling Zoom. 

But did you think about using night mode during the day? Here is a trick, since if you are in a dark place, such as a cathedral, you will get a better photo using this night mode. 

Portrait mode can take some great photos of people, but if you want a blurred background when shooting something other than a person, use Aperture mode. The slider allows you to adjust the background blur to your liking. 

By default, the camera app will not use the 40 Mp sensor of the main camera. If you want to squeeze every detail out of the sensor, change the resolution by tapping the gear icon in the camera app and switching to 40Mp mode. You will lose the ability to zoom, so please enable it only when necessary.

It’s worth enabling Master AI (smart shooting function) mode, the AI ​​icon in the middle of settings, as it will detect the ambience of the photo and adjust settings for best results. 

It will also do something useful, like automatically displaying a level so you don’t end up with unstable horizons.   

Use your knuckles

Mobile manufacturers have always striven to offer user facilities when it comes to capturing a snapshot of what is shown on the screen. Some have been tremendously original in using the palm of their hand, to name a few. 

In the case of Huawei they have not been less and for some time now, it is possible to capture screenshots of the mobile using the finger or knuckle. Some of Huawei’s knuckle gestures are downright useful. 

For example, tap the screen with your knuckle twice in a row to take a screenshot. You can also use two knuckles to start a video recording of the screen, a useful shortcut if you record the screen often enough.

You will find these options in ‘Settings> Smart assistance> Shortcuts and gestures> Take screenshot’.  

Background app permissions

One of the really annoying things about some Android phones, including the P30 Pro, is that apps will close in the background to save power. This can be particularly confusing if you’re used to an iPhone that doesn’t tend to do that.

Having applications removed is not good if it turns out that you are waiting for an important notification from an application. To prevent this from happening, go to ‘Settings> Battery> Application launch’.

Click on the application you want to manage and the interface will show you a pop-up window with the option of ‘Manually manage’. You can check or uncheck the automatic start, the secondary start and the possibility of running in the background. 

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