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New season of Fear the Walking Dead : When and where to see it

Walking Dead

Almost everyone will have heard of the most famous zombie series of all time: The Walking Dead. However, the spin-off of that series, Fear The Walking Dead, is also one of the most popular series in horror movies. 

Fear The Walking Dead also narrates the post-apocalyptic situation after the zombie pandemic, this time from the city of Los Angeles and through new characters who will have to learn to survive. While The Walking Dead focuses more on the years after the apocalypse, Fear The Walking Dead focuses on the during. 

Where can I watch Fear The Walking Dead

This spin-off has five seasons, all of them available on the Amazon series and movies platform, that is, Amazon Prime Video. As you know, you have to have a subscription to be able to access the content of the platform. 

If you want to watch Fear The Walking Dead for free, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial month offered by Amazon. If you decide to stay, you will have to pay 36 euros for a one-year subscription. 

Keep in mind that this subscription also gives you other privileges such as being able to receive packages from Amazon the next day or have access to Amazon Music. It is worth a look. 

When will Fear The Walking Dead season 6 be available?

The new season of Fear The Walking Dead, that is, season 6, can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from October 11 of this year, so there are only a few months to wait. 

There is already a trailer for the new season in case you want to be aware of news in the new plot of the series. 

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