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New Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, cheaper 5G phones in 2021

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Now that we know that the new Snapdragon 4 series chips from Qualcomm will be compatible with 5G technology, we can say that, in 2021, more will be able to move to the? Fifth generation of mobile phones. 

Qualcomm has established itself as the leading manufacturer of smartphone processors and its SoC can already be found in terminals with a wide variety of prices. With this announcement, the company continues on its mission to democratize 5G. 

5G, being one of the most prominent recent mobile technologies, has moved from the 8 series of the most premium Snapdragon chips , to the 7 series (starting with the Snapdragon 765) and the more recent 6 series, with the launch of the Snapdragon 690 . 

The announcement of Qualcomm does not give details on how to implement the 5G in their chips Snapdragon Series 4. In this sense, we do not know if it will be present in the entire range or if it will be limited to specific models. 

We also do not know if this 5G sub-6 technology will be accompanied by more advanced mmWave connectivity, something that would certainly be an interesting decision, especially since the series 4 chips would go in cheap devices under € 250. 

While the high-end Snapdragon 865 and 865+ processors still rely on a 5G modem, Qualcomm has managed to integrate the component into its cheaper 7-series and 6-series chips. 


In this way, it is believed that the same will happen with the series 4, which would definitely offer more energy efficiency compared to having a separate modem module. 

Despite the few details that have been offered about the capabilities of the 2021 series 4 chips, prominent manufacturers such as Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi (which have already included previous generations of the series 4 in their devices) have confirmed that they will bring the new 5G platform when available. 

Qualcomm has assured that it will reveal more information about the Snapdragon 4 series chips with 5G capabilities during the first quarter of 2021.

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