New Mi A3, Xiaomi will launch  in Madrid 

Mi A3 and A3 Lite are different from any other Xiaomi phone, with the addition of Android One instead of MIUI, and tomorrow will be announced in Madrid. This is what I know about the launch date, price and specifications of A3.

Although we love MIUI, Xiaomi-optimized Android interface that comes pre-installed on their phone, it is true that it is not designed for all users.

Xiaomi had kept this in mind in the past summer when they launched Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite with less and less phones with the Android One operating system. Now, they are going to announce their successors.

In PCWorld we are invited to a Xiaomi event in Madrid on July 17, and everything indicates that the new device to be presented is the new Mi A3. It is interesting to note that almost a year ago, about a year ago, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lights were also launched in Spain.

This is the best Xiaomi smartphone which you can find.

What will the Mi A3 offer?

Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are similar to names and operating systems because they actually have a very different design from each other. For example, the cheap Mi A2 Lite has a thick screen knock, while mid-range Mi A2 now seems to have some extent, it has been decided to keep all the Xiaomi sensors above the 18: 9 screen. .

There are metal backs in both phones – Light plastic in addition to cap – and only the cheapest models have headphone jacks.

With Mi A3 and Mi A3 Lite, we hope Xiaomi will be away from this design, implement new full screen with ‘water drop’ which we have seen with the latest Xiaomi phone, as well as a holographic back panel ( Or) at least the christicle).

History tells us that these will not be completely new devices, but the previously announced Xiaomi phone can be easily read with a different operating system.

Mi A2 and Mi A2 were the Android One versions of Lite Mi 6X and Redmi 6 Pro, and there are rumors that Mi A3 will be a redesigned My CC9e, which was announced in early June.

Mi CC9 is a phone that has Snapdragon 665 processor and large AMOLED 6.08-inch screen. Its HD + resolution is actually a step down from Full-HD + My A2, specifying Xiaomi 720×1520 pixels, which indicates that it can be Mi A3 Lite.

Specifics are good at other places, however, with the option of 4GB / 6GB of RAM and 64GB / 128GB storage, there is a 4,030mAh battery and 32Mp camera in front and a triple lens in the part is in the headlines. With a 48Mp lens.

With the Android One brand, the FCC file showing the back panel of the phone with the model number M1906F9SH and AI Camera 48Mp supports this theory that it can be a Mi A3-series phone. A fingerprint sensor is missing, it suggests, like Mi CC9e, you can use a variant on the screen.

Meanwhile, a fairly reliable tipster, Michal Rahman has tweeted that the new Xiaomi phone with code name (similar to the code name in the My A2 series) in the code Xiaomi_sprout and Mym series will run the Snapdragon 710 or 712 seen in the first Mi. 9 SE

How much will My A3 cost?

Typically speaking, Xiaomi keeps its prices relatively constant, so we would expect the Mi A3 to be launched at the same price as a Mi A2.

The Mi A2 debuted at € 279 (64 GB and 128), while the Mi A2 Lite came out with a price of € 179 (3GB / 32GB) and € 229 (4GB / 64GB).  

What is Android One?

Android One was introduced for the first time in 2014, with the intention of mainly interested beginner users of Android or those who use low-cost devices. 

However, its good performance eventually convinced all users. 

In essence, Android One is the closest thing to standard Android, without any of the bells and whistles that are often installed by phone manufacturers and mobile network operators. 


This means there are no bloatware , no third-party application launchers, no themes, keyboards or other sophisticated customizations. It is a clean slate in which you can install only what you want. 

In addition, since Android One offers such a pure experience, security patches and new features can be implemented almost immediately. Android One devices are also always first in the list of new operating system updates.

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