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New HP Specter x360 and Envy with Intel Evo platform

HP Specter x360

The arrival of new processors from Intel often encourages the natural update of the entire range of computers and laptops from major brands, something that HP has been quick to implement in its ultralight Specter x360 and Envy models. 

In this way, the company already has 5 new computers in which not only the 11th generation Intel Core processors are the novelty, belonging to the Intel Evo platform, but we also detect important novelties. 

Before going into detail on each team, it should be noted that the 11th generation Intel Core offers up to 34% increase in performance in terms of CPU power compared to the previous generation, and 79% in graphics with the new Iris Xe chip. 

The HP Specter x360 range arrives with 3 new models 

In the HP Specter x360 range, three new models appear. New for the Specter X360 14 is a new 3: 2 aspect ratio (instead of 16: 9 from previous generations and current 13-inch models), to display up to 20% more content viewing and a 90.33% screen-to-body ratio. 

In the 13-inch screen size, we have two other Specter x360 models: the first with an OLED panel capable of handling 4K resolutions, and a second model with 5G connectivity as standard to guarantee connectivity wherever you are. 

All this range of equipment have in common the Smart Sense technology with which the cooling of the components and their temperature are optimized in an intelligent way, adapting their power to the use you are doing at all times. 

You will also find that the touchpad is now 16.6% larger compared to previous generation models, with new commands built into the function keys related to privacy and front webcam control. 

Similarly, we have other enhanced features such as HP Sure View Reflect to ensure the privacy of the content displayed on the screen when you work in a public place or where you have people around you. 

All of them have the new Wifi 6 wireless connectivity mode, as well as the Thunderbolt 4 connection. By using the new Intel next-generation chips, the graphics remain in the hands of the Iris Xe Graphics with which the graphic power is improved. 

These laptops offer a fast charging mode with which, with just 30 minutes of being connected to the electrical current, we obtain in changes up to 4 hours of use of the device. In addition, the efficiency of the Intel Athena guarantees up to 17 hours of battery use. 

The marketing of these new HP Specter x360 14 and Specter x360 13 computers begins this October at a suggested starting price of $ 1,199.99 for the most basic configurations. 

In the case of the consumer model HP Specter x360 13 (5G), the final availability will wait until the month of November when all the details of its price and equipment configurations will be revealed. 

hp spectre x360 14 front facing natural silver

What’s new in the Envy 13 and Envy x360 13

The Envy 13 range for 2020 is made up of two well differentiated models depending on the modes of use you need. As its name suggests, the Envy x360 13 has a 360º swivel hinge to handle it like a tablet. 

For its part, the standard Envy 13 implements a UHD 4K screen and offers an 88% screen-to-body ratio. They have dedicated function keys to ensure privacy, such as mute the microphone or hide the front camera of the equipment. 

hp envy 13 desktop b 5a

At the software level, HP has also customized in a sense the options that Windows offers, including what it calls HP QuickDrop, an application that allows you to wirelessly transmit and share files and files with other Windows, iOS or Android devices. 

These HP Envy 13 and HP Envy x360 13 models go on sale starting in October at a suggested price of $ 899.99 and $ 949.99 respectively. You can consult the HP website to customize the desired configuration. 

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