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Macbook Buying Guide: Choose the right Macbook for your needs.

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Buying a new laptop is not the easiest. MacBook Air, New or Old? Macbook pro 13 or 15 inch? And what is the difference between two or four-port models? Is the lighter and cheaper MacBook Air a good, cheaper alternative to the MacBook Pro or is it perhaps the oldest MacBook Air? Macbook Buying Guide


In 2019, Apple has made a big deal in its MacBook program, which ultimately, makes the election a little easier. Previously, there were noticeable differences between MacBook Pro models, just like an older keyboard in some models.

Now the choice is more about whether you will have a lighter computer, or a higher performing computer. And as always; How much money are you willing to spend? Here we try to find out which of the various MacBook models is the best option for you.

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One thing to note for MacBook speculators is that the Apple Store (which also offers a 10 percent student discount) and some certified resellers (premium resellers) are often the only ones that offer the option to configure your computer (you Can opt for 16 GB. Working memory, or a larger hard drive). Many other retailers have often squeezed prices on basic configurations, and some of the more expensive configurations, but if you want to choose independently from the options, the Apple Store applies.

Macbook Air (2019) – classic in modern style (Macbook Buying Guide)

It took three years, but Apple has finally released a modern version of the popular MacBook Air. The screen is surprisingly much better than before, and the MacBook Air now follows the same pattern as other MacBook models with thinner sizes, new types of keyboards and only USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports. 

right Macbook

Macbook Air 2019 is Apple’s latest addition to the Macbook series, first released in fall 2018 and then received a small update in the summer of 2019. Since the Macbook 12 inch was removed from Apple’s offering in 2019, this is Apple’s nicest, smallest laptop.

Macbook Air is a good middle ground between the aging Macbook Air of its previous generation (which is still sold today) and the slightly heavier, more expensive Macbook Pro. For most, this is a good choice, where the biggest compromises of the small Macbook 12 inch are gone, while being a little easier to handle than the Macbook Pro.

Macbook Air has two ports that support both usb-c and thunderbolt 3. The latter is the same fast transfer standard found in Macbook Pro. Two ports make a big difference, compared to the only one in the Macbook. This means that we can, for example, connect a hard drive to one computer’s port, while simultaneously loading the computer into the other.

Inside, there is a T2 chip that encrypts storage automatically, and manages the login with Touch ID. The speakers have also become much better than their predecessor, but the first time to switch to a modern Mac without traditional contacts should probably purchase at least one adapter , to make sure the old accessories fit the ports of the new computer.


In its 2019 update, the computer received no new processor, but a newer keyboard that should have better durability than previous models. All Macbook models except the old Macbook Air (and Macbook that are no longer sold) have updated keyboards, all covered by a four-year warranty.

The screen has True Tone which automatically adjusts the white balance to the surroundings, but it does not have the same brightness as the Macbook Pro. The processor has two cores and is in the same, lower class as the Macbook, so there is no rocket for a computer. The performance is sufficient for regular office tasks and also for editing movies and pictures on more of a hobby or maybe even semi-professional level. For those who want maximum performance, Macbook Pro is still a better choice.

right Macbook

The cheapest version with 8 GB of working memory and the right slim 128 GB storage can be found for under 13,000 SEK at the time of writing, making this a good buy for those who may want to upgrade their old Macbook Air, or switch from a PC.right Macbook

For maximum performance, Macbook Pro offers more of that product, without being that much heavier or more expensive. Macbook Pro without Touch Bar costs about as much as Macbook Air 2018, so this one too can be worth checking out. However, it does not have the T2 chip, Touch ID or the latest, quieter keyboard which is a little better protected against crumbs and dust.

A good choice for: Anyone who wants to upgrade their previous Macbook Air to a new one. Or those who need a lightweight, modern and secure laptop, but not necessarily top performance. 
Rec. Apple price :  SEK 14,302 . 

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