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Excellent Comparison Mac Pro vs iMac Pro

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Should I buy the iMac Pro or the Mac Pro 2019?

Both Mac Pro vs iMac Pro are the best Apple desktops that you can buy to develop your work. Due to their high cost (also for both the standard configuration), they will attract only the most advanced users who demand the most extreme specifications.

Since very few people can invest this draft, we wanted to face both the teams and the configuration options to make it clear to what kind of work you are best on.

If you need the latest power with MacOS, then Mac Pro is the model that will give you the best. For its part, the iMac Pro extends the iMAAC limit to the second level, with the advantage that you will get the computer with its integrated screen solution.

Full review of iMac Pro vs Mac Pro (2019)

Compared to Mac Pro, the latest configuration of the iMac Pro was updated at the end of 2017, which has been retained for a longer time than 2013, which allowed the iMac Pro to be the best in these years, Mac for creative professionals .

With the announcement of the latest Apple release, and waiting for the sale of this fall for Mac Pro, there are many things that vary from Apple firm’s desktop computers to panoramas. Things like this are with new renovation.

Find out that by using our guide on the difference between iMac Pro and Mac Pro, Apple Pro Desktop computer is best for you and your use.

This comparison is based on everything we have about Mac Pro 2019, which will come in autumn 2019, and current iMac Pro 2017. You can find more information about Mac Pro 2019, which we publish as your arrival. Review Del Mac Pro (2019): First Impression

Want to read more about IMac Pro? Compared to the 27-inch iMac we have a comparison of iMac Pro to find the main difference between the best-selling range and those using advanced processors for more professional environments.


First of all, we take a look at the cost of those two Macs, which we are analyzing to see the difference in entry price. A Mac of this caliber, as it is clear, is not a small investment.

As Apple has indicated, the most economical Mac Pro will start from $ 5,999, which probably means the final price is approximately € 5,999. For its share, Apple has access to the most expensive configuration of € 50,000 for sales.

If we add a part of the monitor to it, then it seems obvious that the purchase option of Mac Pro (2019) is much more expensive than one offered by iMac Pro. As you know, you can choose to buy any monitors with the new Mac Pro.

However, to keep the best experience as a good professional, Apple keeps its new Apple Pro display XDR monitor on sale at a recommended price of $ 5,000, in which we have to add support for the project with an estimated cost of $ 1,000.

In this large amount you can see iMac Pro from another perspective and can be cheap for the professional team. The retail price of the most economical iMac Pro is € 5,499.

If you increase your specifications to the maximum and connect all the extras (Final Cut Pro X License and Logic Pro X), then we are talking about € 17,692, which is much below MAC Pro (2019).

There is no doubt that when they used to adjust their Mac Pro before the 2013 update of prices, they seem to be very high prices. We have reviewed our database and found that by that date Mac Pro had an initial price of $ 2,499 for quad-core configurations. The amount of $ 3,799, with 12 cores

It is clear that there has been a lot of change in the professional appliance market and it has diversified for different industries. The purpose of these machines is not to the specific fan of the brand who wants a powerful system for its day.

Nor is there a designer designer who is looking for a configuration to edit his studio photo. Instead of spending large amount in return, the IMAX is more than enough to be able to deal with these types of tasks.

By the way, Mac Pro of 2013 can still be found for sale, even if you do not have direct access to Apple’s product range. The Intel Xeon E5 processor with a six core and two GPU is priced at € 3,455.59, while the eight-core volume is € 4,655.59.

Design and construction

The iMac Pro (above) and Mac Pro (below) turn out to be very different. The Mac Pro 2019 received the nickname of Cheese Grater Mac, although this is also how many described the generation of the Mac Pro 2013 because of its similarity to the appearance of a bin. 

The iMac Pro is an all-in-one machine, which means that it is essentially a monitor with all the technology carefully integrated under the same chassis, surprisingly thin. It is still the only iMac that comes with finishes in Space Gray, and even the keyboard and mouse have received the treatment to present the same appearance. 

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For its part, the new Mac Pro, has a new design that looks a little like the design of 2012. It is an aluminum tower with holes in the front. It is very far from the cylindrical design of the 2013 model, made of a glossy black that is very reflective, but that lives up to the phrase ‘the essence is kept in small jars’.

You will have to buy, yes, your own mouse, keyboard and monitor separately for the new Mac Pro (2019), which adds to the price previously indicated. To his credit it is possible to emphasize that you have more options of design, characteristics, and in short, personalization. 

 Characteristics and specifications

Although design is an important element in this range of equipment, what counts most with these professional options is the potential that it has inside. 

The iMac Pro has an initial advantage over Mac Pro (2019), which is none other than the Retina display. It is 27 inches and is described by Apple as a Retina model with 5K quality. This means that it supports resolutions of 5,120 x 20880 pixels with 500 nits of brightness. 

The Mac Pro has no screen, but Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch, 6K quality monitor with up to 1,600 nits of brightness. Shuffle therefore a resolution of 6016 x 3384 pixels with 20.4 million pixels. 

Beyond these key differences, both machines have huge configuration possibilities. When it comes to processors, you can choose between the 8,10,14 and 18-core models for the iMac Pro. In the case of the Mac Pro (2019) they translate into 8, 12, 16, 24 and 28 CPU cores. 

This makes the Mac Pro the most powerful Mac computer Apple has ever manufactured. But since it is not yet for sale, the iMac Pro is currently the most powerful Mac until the date of its launch, with results in the benchmark tests of 37,000 in Geekbench 4, a high score. 

apple mac pro display pro mac pro 060319

Although other Macs are now starting to catch up on offering more processor cores, serve as a reference the score achieved by the 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro with 8 cores, with which we achieved an index of 31,066 in the 2019 model.

There is a default value of 32 GB of RAM in the iMac Pro, which can be configured up to 64 GB or even 128 GB, and a 1 TB SSD that you can scale up to 2 TB or 4 TB. The Mac Pro will come with up to 1.5 TB of RAM and 4 TB maximum SSD. 

As for the graphics, the iMac Pro has a Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU with 8 GB of memory, and that is configurable for the Vega 64 with up to 16 GB of memory. The graphics capabilities of the Mac Pro will be surprising, we are sure, with a variety of options that include the Radeon Pro 580X at the entry level and the Radeon Pro Vega II.

Said Radeon Pro Vega II offers up to 14 teraflops of computing power and 32 GB of memory with 1 TB / s of bandwidth, which turns out to be the highest in GPU environments, according to Apple. You can get double the power with the Radeon Pro Vega II Duo.

Do you still want more? Apple is offering the Mac Pro expansion module and Afterburner. Two additional modules that will offer additional graphics card and PCIe lines. The MPX can be shipped with two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs. Those four GPUs combine to add up to 56 teraflops and 128 GB of bandwidth memory.

What happens with the ports and connectors of each equipment? Let’s see a quick summary of what each of them offers as a professional to which you will want to connect different external peripherals. 

apple imac pro review27

IMac Pro ports

According to Apple’s own CEO, Tim Cook, the new Mac Pro will be the most configurable and expandable Mac computer Apple has ever made.

  • 12 Thunderbolt 3 ports, with two located on its front
  • 8 PCI Express expansion slots
  • 2 USB-A ports, and a 3.5 mm audio connector.
  • Great modular character

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It seems obvious that compared to Mac Pro, there will be the most powerful team of both, but it is not entirely surprising if we believe Apple Mac intends to face the professional world as its main team is.

However, iMac Pro can be updated soon, at that time the comparison between the two will be interesting again based on the settings you choose. Despite all the power of Mac Pro, its high price makes the iMac Pro option a good choice for a large number of users.

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