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Lenovo lightens the Yoga with the Slim 7i and 9i models

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The Yoga family of computers remains closely linked to Lenovo to the point of becoming a highly innovative product range for which users recognize the brand within the competitive notebook market. 

They are laptops of great design that are characterized by their great mobility skills without sacrificing performance, with convertible models that can adopt various forms of use, taking advantage of the handling of the Stylus digital pen for writing. 

Well, Lenovo has revamped the family by including the new Yoga Slim 9i and Yoga 9i models, both with leather-covered finishes and based on the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors with Intel Xe graphics architecture. 

lenovo yoga 9i

The Yoga Slim 9i can be found in screen sizes of 14 and 15 inches and is characterized by its great lightness, at a recommended price of € 2,299. For its part, the Yoga 9i mode is a convertible model with a screen that rotates 360 degrees and is available at € 1,999. 

Already in a lower price range for its configurations, we find the Yoga 7i and Yoga Slim 7i models. The first of them is a 14-inch convertible and its configurations start at € 1,499. The Yoga Slim 7i is 13.3 inches and its price is € 1,699.

In the words of Miguel Hernández, director of the consumer area of ​​Lenovo Iberia, “one out of every two convertible computers sold in the market is Lenovo Yoga, so the brand is now expanding the family and providing them with greater innovation. 

Smart devices for the smart home

Within the ecosystem of smart devices for the connected home, the company has also announced the new Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials. Similar to last year’s successful Lenovo Smart Clock model , it comes with new features and a better price. 

This time, it is a compact smart watch device with a 4-inch compact screen (a more elongated format than the previous generation), designed to be placed anywhere in the house. 

smart clock gallery 7

As a novelty, the new Smart Clock Essentials integrates a dim light at night with three different levels with which to illuminate a child’s or adult’s room. The speaker is 3 W (lower power than the previous generation), but it has 2 microphones to interact with Google Assistant. 

The rest of the characteristics are very similar to those of the Lenovo Smart Clock of which we published the review in its day. Its launch price is € 59.99

 Along with this new model of Smart Home device, Lenovo has also announced the Smart Bulb smart bulb with 800 lumens and with Wi-Fi connection, so it does not require the use of a hub for control.

smart clock blade 2

See more than 16.8 million colors and you can vary its color temperature between 2700 and 6500 K, helped by any of the voice assistants Google Assistant or Alexa. The price of the Lenovo Smart Bulb is € 19.99.

These devices will have the Smart Link Pro application , a kind of control center for the Lenovo ecosystem designed to facilitate interaction between smart home devices. 

In addition to compatibility with Alexa and Google, this application aims to offer integration with any Android and iOS device to be able to manage and interact with the brand’s Smart Devices. They also support IFTTT protocols.

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