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Latest iPhone 2019: Rumors

Apple iPhone Xs back camera 09122018


The iPhone XS and its older brother XS Max are the latest models of phones introduced by Apple, but when innovation is sought, the technology industry is very demanding in the smartphone market.

This is the reason that after a few months of the launch of XS, we are talking about the plans that will be for the new iPhone model of Apple 2019, which can be called the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XI.

In this article, we try to discuss and predict their release dates, their designs, new features, technical specifications and prices. We also talk about the latest rumors about the new MacBook 2019.

Release date of the new iPhone XS

On the basis of what happened in the previous years, the new generation of iPhone will be offered by Apple throughout the month of September 2019. After this, after a week or 15 days, Apple will keep them for sale on the basis of each country’s plans. .

Every fall, for the last eight years, Apple has organized one or more smartphones. The only exception we can remember came with the arrival of iPhone SE in the month of March 2016.

Some media have pointed to the potential arrival of iPhone SE 2 on similar dates, although this is something that is yet to be seen. Everything indicates that it will be very soon for the company.

Prices of the new iPhone XS

Here we indicate the prices that currently presents the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max depending on their settings:

  • iPhone XS (64 GB): € 1,159
  • iPhone XS (256 GB): € 1,329
  • iPhone XS (512 GB): € 1,559
  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB): € 1,259
  • iPhone XS Max (256 GB): € 1,429
  • iPhone XS Max (512 GB): € 1,659

After the price increases of the last two years, we are hoping that Apple will try to stabilize things this time so that the 2019 iPhones have a price similar to the current ones.

New design of the iPhone

In this section we will see some new design changes that can be on the iPhone, whether for utility, security or beauty aesthetic.

Chip A13

According to a Digitimes report , the name of the new processor will keep the line of its predecessors, with what would be called chip A13. It will be a CPU with a manufacturing process of 7 nanometers, manufactured by the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Recall that the current iPhone XS is the Bionic chip A12, the first was presented with 7 nanometers, something that would confirm the rumors of the current.

Charger and USB C connector

The Japanese publication MacOtakara reports that the power adapter will not be modified for the new iPhone 2019. Thus, it will continue to have the traditional 5-watt adapter and a USB-A connector.

This medium ventures to indicate that the new phone will include a USB-A to Lightning cable, which corroborates that there will be no modification in this regard. Here we disagree somewhat given that many other media have speculated that the iPhone 2019 will come with USB C port, as contemplated by the latest iPad Pro.

Triple camera or quadruple

One of the first rumors that have come to light about the new iPhone of 2019 is that they would have a triple-lens camera on the back of the phone, with a square-shaped arrangement.

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The image was initially published by OnLeaks, a source warns in later tweets that this is an initial filtration, so things can change a lot until official release.

It continues to gain the filtration strength, now based on Bloomberg’s report, that Apple will test a system of three cameras located on its back, which will be present in the big screen’s iPhone model.

The third camera will provide the ability to capture a wide area, maximum zoom range and more pixels. Apple is also working on a new version of Live Photo, which is 6 seconds, is an increase from the current 3.

3D cameras will also offer novelties around augmented reality works, and will not only improve the depth of the pictures. The current iPhone has a 3D camera that works at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters.

The new model will increase these distances to more than 5 meters. The reality is that till now, the steps taken by the company in relation to the implementation of augmented reality are incremental. The new one will be a big step.

Digit also estimates that the offset camera can be a 3D camera with a new generation of Sony sensors. This report mentions the new iPhone 2019 as the generation of iPhone XI.

Foldable Mobile Design

True, it seems a little early that Apple is planning to launch a model of folding iPhone this year, but Samsung and Huawei speeds up development plans with their respective models, which can accelerate development plans. Apple has it.

With the celebration of the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, we were able to see the Rayol Flexpy model, as well as Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Undoubtedly, a new family of smartphones is opened halfway between a smartphone and a tablet, bringing together in one device, the best of both worlds.

Apple has filed a patent for a flexible screen phone and has a design that looks like a clam shell. This report shows how the side of the cover of this device can be swept up to 180 bye next to each other and enable full screen.

To facilitate flexion on the Flexian axis, without damaging it, it will be electronically heated to facilitate the opening of a part of the screen. We also know from patents that there will be a fixing mechanism to prevent screen opening in the Foldable iPhone by accidentally opening.

The patent was registered by Apple in October last year. However, this is the continuation of a full range of patents which have been since 2011.


The famous X-series ‘Notch’ iPhone has divided the iPhone User Community into Followers and Detectors. Some claim that it distracts them, while others appreciate that Apple has taken every inch of the screen. However, seeing their competitive Android model, Apple will take a huge step in its new iPhone.

iphone rumores notch1

Looking at the models presented since the beginning of this year 2019, we can say that ‘notch’ will give way in the form of a hole in the screen which allows to keep the front camera of Selfie. It is a case of new HonorView 20, or Huawei P30 and P30 Pro based on Android, which is limited to offering a notch or water droplet in the center of the screen.

In this way, all rumors show that in 2019, the runner may be reduced or completely disappear. This is indicated by South Korea’s ET News, which states that Apple has developed a combination of face recognition module with the camera.

This means that Apple has discovered a way to get rid of the notch altogether, citing comments made by a spokesman.

Between pixels, it may be possible to remove the footprint through a screen-related patent with a micro aperture, where new sensors may be located. In this way, they are embedded in the screen according to digital trends.

The sensor manufacturer, AMS, warns to create a new optical sensor that can correctly measure the ambient light intensity behind the OLED screen. Reuters, for its part, says that Apple uses the AMS optical sensor to identify 3D faces on the iPhone, so it is not unreasonable to think that the company will use new proximity and color sensor TCS3701 from AMS on the next iPhone.

iphone 2019 novedades1

This will result in the presence of a very small notch on the new iPhone screen, or perhaps, in its last disappearance.

The reality is that there is a very close relationship between Apple and AMS that 45% of AMS business comes from the hands of the Cupertino company.

Waterproof charging port

During various generations, the iPhone has become increasingly resistant to water, something that has become a barrier to the existence of the carrier port. It’s worse if you want to use the iPhone underwaters with the connected accessories.

To solve this, Apple may have been planning to change the design of Lightning Port, which according to The Verge, the company must have registered a patent to seal the port, which can be activated by phone software .


The loading port is made of such material, which, once it is connected to the terminal to offer a hormone seal, gets corrupted for expansion and optimization. By a simple vibration, the user will know that the function is active.

USB type C connector

But other rumors about the charging connector show that 2019’s iPhones can spread with Lightning Connector in favor of the implementation of the USB Type C model, which is already present in the new iPad 2018.

So a DigiTimes report says that the trend may occur. However, Apple has always argued that the C USB type on the iPad is for creative professionals that they can connect digital cameras and easily transfer images, something that is not on the iPhone.


The screen has become the most important element of any smartphone, not just the iPhone. This is the medium through which exchange of applications and information and management is possible.

OLED panel

Unlike the iPhone X, XS and XS Max, the other iPhone (which are based on the LCD panel), the OLED screen is. In most cases, OLED offers more sharp blacks than LCDs, brighter white and better color reproduction with better energy efficiency.

It also provides a high energy efficiency, but against it, what we all should know is that it is a technique that is very expensive to produce.

According to an electronic times report from South Korea in May 2018, Apple plans to completely change the OLED starting in 2019. In fact, many companies working with the brand have been affected in their work (if they work with LCDs and they go up, go down if they do it with OLED).

Sapphire crystal

The iPhone’s screen corning Gorilla Glass is already very resistant while using patent glass, but it does not prevent them from breaking or breaking when they are suffering. Sapphire content will be more resistant to the screen.

In fact, Apple already uses sapphire on its Apple Watch screen. It is possible that the company is ready to move this material into the line of its iPhone phone, although we have to keep in mind that this will make the final product even more expensive.

There has been a lot of talk about the unsuccessful plans of making a 200 million 5-inch iPhone screen in one year of the apple. But other reports have said that Foxconn is preparing to set up his own sapphire plant in Taiwan.

Specifications and new features

Let’s take a look at the new iPhone specifications and features.

Triple lens

We have already mentioned it in the design section, but obviously the significance of the triple lens camera is given by the section of the specialties. The Economic Daily News report predicts that in the second half of 2019, Apple will launch an iPhone with three lenses.

The EDN tells that the new iPhone’s triple lens cameras should offer better performance in a low light environment, if it wants to compete with other phones in the market, as with the Huawei P20 Pro triple lens.

This has been supported by Jinta Pu, analyst of the Yunta Securities Investment Consulting Company, who analyzes the financial outlook of companies making lenses and who predicted that Apple will launch an iPhone with a triple lens in the second half of 2019.

Lenses with interchangeable cameras

This system of lens is something that has been exploited by the third companies in the last few years, has launched accessories for every generation, which can be superimposed on the iPhone’s camera to improve the results.

iphone rumores lentes

The first patent in this regard describes a portable electronic device that has a removable case and has wide-angle and fish-eye lenses.

Another second patent of magnetic lenses with aligned edge offer an alternative method to place new camera lenses on the iPhone using a magnet system.

Apple’s own processor chips

The iPhone has always had its own processors in the sense that Apple has its exclusive A9, A10 and A11 chips, which you’ll never see on other manufacturers’ phones. Historically they have been developed by the company TSMC.

Another of the many rumors that Apple will soon regain the reins of the design of these chips, where engineers can implement from the lowest layer, news that can be exploited by the iOS operating system.

Touch screen and Sapphire

It is understood that Apple is exploring the possibility of integrating the Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the own screen of a smartphone or tablet, despite having bet to a greater extent on Face ID.

iphone rumores huella dactilar

Patent describes a touch screen with a layer for fingerprint identification that can be used to present multi-user support. In this way, simple reading will not provide access to some applications or predefined profiles.

Similarly, the current iPhone’s screen is made of gorilla glass, which does not prevent that sometimes they may crack or break before falling. It is possible that Apple provides a screen with sapphire crystals, very resistant. Remember that this is a content that the company already uses in its Apple Watch watches.

To promote manufacturing in Arizona, the schematic plans of the Apple-supported Sapphire plant (whose planned capacity was 200 million 5 inches, the screen failed.)

However, in recent reports it has been said that Apple’s long-term supplier Foxconn is preparing to make its manufacturing facility in Taiwan at an estimated cost of $ 2.6 billion.

New iPhone XR with double camera, at least

Even Tim Cook acknowledged in a recent intervention that the iPhone XR is not selling at the expected speed, which does not prevent Apple from continuing to keep this humility offered from three different models. It would be prudent to not give a new opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal has predicted that Apple will continue with the iPhone XR line with LCD, once again in the most affordable price range. Thus, the OLED screen of this model will not come by 2020.

Where the iPhone XR improves, it is in the camera section. Based on Android 2017 offers, there are 5 camera sensors, everything indicates that the iPhone XR will have a double camera as standard.

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