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Know the benefits of using a VPN on your PC

benefits of using a VPN

In recent times, the use of VPNs has increased considerably by people looking for a way to keep their devices more secure on the Internet. This technology is called the Virtual Private Network or virtual private network, and serves to create a more secure connection between your devices and the network.Know the benefits of using a VPN on your PC 

It is a widely used technology today, which has several advantages for its users in terms of online security and freedom . In this guide we will tell you about the most common uses of a VPN and how to easily install this technology on your PC.

Hide your IP on the Internet

One of the most important functions of a VPN is that it can hide your IP and keep your online presence completely anonymous. By having your IP hidden, it is more difficult for hackers and cybercriminals to find your devices and damage them.

With the use of this technology, you can transform into a ghost when you connect to the network, increasing your protection and security barriers. To achieve this, you must find the best VPN , one that offers many layers of security to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Protect all your information

Another of the most wanted functions in a VPN is that it can protect the information you receive and send from your devices over the Internet. With a VPN, a tunnel is created that ensures your connectivity to the network, making all the information that travels there is encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

On the other hand, this technology protects you when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks or Hotspots that usually have a more unstable and insecure connection. In this way, you can protect all your personal and work information anywhere and connected to any network, ideal for those who travel a lot or connect to Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, bars and cafes.

Avoid geoblocks

In recent years, interest in VPNs have increased because they can help you bypass geo-blocks and thus get more out of your Internet connection. In addition to keeping your IP anonymous, through a VPN you can change this address and locate it in any other country in the world, deceiving Internet servers. This way you can access web pages or content from all over the world, no matter where you are.

How to configure a VPN on your PC?

Despite the fact that this is a technology that works well on any device, VPNs are often used a lot on the PC, which is where you can get the most benefits. They are easy to install and use services, which are compatible with both Windows and Android and iOS.

In Windows it is very easy to configure a VPN to start enjoying its functions. If you have Windows 10 or a newer version, you must first enter the PC options and look for the “Network and Internet” section.

Next, you must go to the “VPN” section and choose the “Add a VPN” option. There you will find a form to fill in the server information, VPN type and user credentials. And ready!

In this simple way you can have your VPN server installed on your PC and start surfing the Internet more securely. Every year the number of VPN users increases, since it is a technology that offers many advantages that you can also benefit from.

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