iPhone SE 2 release date, price, specifications and rumors

Let us tell you about the leaks and rumors of the smallest and cheapest Apple iPhone of the possible new iPhone SE 2.

Without a doubt, the iPhone SE is a phone requested by the public. The model was discontinued in September 2018, prompting iPhone fans to want a new 4-inch smartphone.

Those who hoped the Apple iPhone could replace the iPhone SE with an equally affordable model were disappointed after finding out the price of the new “cheap iPhone,” the iPhone XR.

So, the most economical iPhone option today is the two-year-old iPhone 7, but if you’re looking for a smaller phone, then you should look for models from other brands. At least, these were your options until very recently.

However, after a few months, it is expected that Apple will launch a new iPhone SE.

In January 2019, Apple sold a large number of iPhone SEs (though the new ones were no longer manufactured). This suggests that a smaller Apple phone is in great demand, and above all, cheaper.

Is this reason enough for Apple to decide to launch a new iPhone SE 2?

Without a doubt, Apple would benefit from a cheap phone. Apple had predicted a much lower sell-off this quarter, including Christmas 2018.

Tim Cook has explained that he intends to bring Apple closer to an untapped market. We are talking about China, where expensive iPhones do not meet the demand for an affordable phone in a country where there are too many brands that are able to offer quality smartphones at low prices.

On the other hand, Apple may consider that its iPhone XR meets these criteria, with the new phone being a more “affordable” brand. Although it is more affordable than the iPhone XS, the iPhone SE is almost double the price.

Will there be a cheaper iPhone?

Analyst Ming-Chi Ku’s prediction was true in early 2018; He suggested that with the iPhone X update and a larger version with OLED screens (now known as the iPhone XS and XS Max), Apple would launch a cheaper iPhone in September 2018.

Except that the new phone will be a 6.1-inch model with LCD screen, which will cost a lot more than the iPhone SE.

This is essentially what happened. In September 2018, the iPhone XR arrived and the iPhone SE was discontinued, leaving Apple’s cheap and outdated iPhones to meet the budget demands of the lower-priced market.

This is a specific strategy of Apple, which focuses on earning more with the phones you sell, with higher amounts of earnings per device sold. It has always worked well for the company and made its shareholders happy.

And since we mentioned shareholders, Apple announced in its fourth quarter 2018 financial call that it would no longer report sales per device, but would focus on earnings.

This is the key: Apple had speculated that it would see lower phone sales, but it was intended to continue making lots of money, which is where it wanted to be the focus.

However, following Tim Cook’s warning to investors in early January 2019, it appears that this strategy is not paying off for Apple.

We are talking a lot about the market in China, but all of the above may probably apply to the rest of the world. Can a new cheap phone be a solution to declining sales and lower associated benefits in these times of economic uncertainty?

Filtered photos and illustrations

Some leaked photos of the iPhone SE 2 have been published. One of them, published on 31 May 2018, shows the screen protectors for the SE2 and iPhone X, a photo that confirms that the former will have a design similar to the Notch than the second.

The images, appearing on 26 April, show a design with new glass backing for wireless charging and a 3.5 mm hole for the headphone jack.

The latter was quite surprising, as a few days ago another image appeared which appeared to have no headphone jack.

The pictures appeared on a Chinese social network website, and it is unclear to what extent they are reliable or not.

Slashleaks has published an image that shows the iPhone SE2 chassis in two colors: gold and rose gold. It is quite clear that they have glass backing, which suggests that they are compatible with wireless charging.

Now, instead of leaks, we explore the conceptual depiction designed to explore the ideas and design possibilities of this new iPhone SE 2.

Here you can see an Onlix, which in turn states that it cannot confirm whether the final design is worth depicting, it is just an idea:

Case creator Olikar has created a 2018 iPhone SE template for screen savers that plans to sell; The image was provided by Mobile Fun. The firm states that the sketch is based on supply chain information.

In this video you can see what we can expect from the design of the new iPhone SE 2 according to the concept creator:

The concept creator first created another possible idea of the design of this new Apple device:

Will there be a smaller iPhone?

If the iPhone XR is indeed an alternative to the iPhone SE, does this mean that Apple will no longer sell a small phone? Maybe.

But before running for smaller Android phones, keep in mind that the iPhone XS squeezes the larger screen on a smaller phone, measuring 143.6mm by 70.9mm, and is 7.7m thick, while the iPhone SE is 123.8mm smaller than the 58.6mm Continues and is 7.6 mm thick.

It is only a little over 2 cm long and 1 cm wide, so the iPhone XS may not be as big as you thought.

Still, if you think the small is correct, don’t lose hope: We’ve seen details of a screensaver that has leaked and “factory CAD pictures”, which design an iPhone X-style notch on a smaller phone SE size Points to

IPhone SE 2 release date

  • IPhone SE 2 release date: March 2020

The iPhone XR confirms the original rumors of a cheaper version of the iPhone X, but as we explained, does not work as a replacement for the XR SE. Can we expect the iPhone SE 2 to be released then?

Although we were expecting to see a new iPhone SE 2 at the September Apple event, we had no luck. Therefore, if a similar iPhone re-exists, we will have to wait until 2020, that is, four years after the date on which the iPhone SE was first launched.

IPhone SE 2 screen

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s theory, Apple may offer a 6.1-inch LCD-TFT screen in its new low-cost iPhone, while other iPhones will offer OLED screens like the iPhone X.

It has also been suggested that the iPhone SE may have a 4.2-inch screen instead of the current 4-inch. An additional two inches would be possible, thanks to a reduced bevel size.

Unlike the iPhone X, which has a screen that extends to the base of the phone (so it does not have a home button), this button is expected to remain in SE2.

Detectors suggest that Apple will not change the design of the iPhone SE extensively to minimize the dimensions of the screen as a minimum. It would involve a lot of research and development for a difference that would be very infallible to the consumer. That is, it will not be worth it.

Price of iPhone SE 2

  • We estimate that it could cost around € 400. 

In Spain, the iPhone SE can be purchased at the Apple Store or on Amazon for € 266. The iPhone SE with 32GB of storage costs € 419, and the 128GB of the iPhone SE costs € 529.

It is likely that the iPhone SE 2 is priced fairly similar, perhaps somewhat more expensive than a tech device, with the price having been on sale for some time (the iPhone SE was launched in 2016).

New iPhone SE 2 tools

As the new iPhone SE 2 is not going to be a flagship phone, we do not expect it to be a completely new and exclusive tool. Our approach is based on trying to find out what devices you will get from other iPhone models such as the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus.

Face ID

This is one of the biggest dilemmas, if the new iPhone SE is going to have Face ID, it will mean that the start button will disappear. We are facing an edge-to-edge screen and like the iPhone X with no start button.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone X SE (the largest version of the iPhone LCD that will be launched in the autumn) will feature Face ID, and is accompanied by the same biometric technology as the iPhone X, Animoji and, presumably, front portrait mode.

Enhanced NFC Capabilities

Since 2014, iPhones have been equipped with NFC chips, but these are historically less functional than rival devices, essentially limited to Apple Pay for security reasons.

It is believed that Apple will soon ‘unlock’ the capabilities of these chips and allow iPhones to perform common NFC functions, such as interacting with ID card readers (identifying users, open security doors, etc.).

According to The Information, this new tool is already so advanced that Apple’s own staff is already using it internally, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Wireless charging

The new iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone X SE) may offer wireless charging due to its alleged glass back cover. The Tekz24 publication cites a “very reliable source” stating that the new iPhone SE 2 will feature a glass rear panel.

3D Touch

Technology 3D Touch Touchscreen Apple has been in existence for a long time, and connecting it to the SE seems logical. But sources say this will not happen and analyst Ming-Chi Koo agrees.

As Tech Times observes, there is a risk that the facility will be viewed as “nothing more than a trick that only customers who buy the most expensive iPhones can enjoy.”

Technical specifications of iPhone SE 2

According to a report published by Tekz24, the new iPhone SE 2 will introduce the A10 Fusion chip (like the iPhone 7). The first SE model has an A9 chip (like the iPhone 6S).

Furthermore, it is very likely that we will see a 5Mp or 7Mp Retina front camera, which will replace the original model’s 1.2Mp camera.

The battery can increase its power from 1,640mAh to 1,700mAh, something that would not be appreciated if the screen eventually becomes larger, as the larger screen consumes more battery.

In addition, the new iPhone will certainly retain many features we’ve already seen in the iPhone SE, such as (among others):

  • 12Mp camera
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB or 128GB storage options

IPhone SE 2 design

A Chinese report in February 2018 stated that the iPhone SE 2 will have the same design as the current iPhone SE. However, it will clearly have a screen of more than 4.2 inches. The report also stated that it will continue to retain the iPhone’s classic shape and front start button with fingerprint recognition.

Another (relatively) radical prediction comes from the Chinese Macotkara report cited above, which states that the headphone port will disappear.

The idea that Apple will redesign the iPhone SE in a more novel way does not receive much support from analysts like Ming-Chi Ku, who believe that Apple is so busy with successors of the iPhone X and 8 that it has There will be no time or enough resources to focus on this basic level phone.

On one hand, completely redesigned, one thing that is likely to change is the color option.

The iPhone SE is currently available in Silver, Gold, “Space” Gray and Rose Gold. It is likely that the iPhone SE 2 is available in silver, gold and gray “space” like the iPhone 8.

The rose gold version and the gold version have been merged into the iPhone 8 and there is a possibility that the new iPhone SE will also offer this new gold option instead of two gold options.

It has also been suggested that the iPhone SE may come in the same colors as the iPhone 5C.

Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang predicted in May 2018 that the cheapest iPhone LCD model released in late 2018 would be launched in multiple colors, including blue, yellow and pink.

Zhang argues that these colors have been chosen to attract younger users and differentiate between the iPhone LCD and the more expensive OLED models launched at the same time.

“We believe the company needs to separate the design of the LCD model from the two high-end OLED models,” Zhang said. “An appropriate option would be to add different colors.”

In July, analyst Ming Chi Kuo also made predictions about the color of the iPhone SE 2. He said that the new 6.1-inch basic level LCD iPhone will debut in “Gray, White, Blue, Red and Orange”.

Another possibility is that the new iPhone SE may have a glass back – allowing wireless charging, a function already introduced with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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