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IPhone 12 Pro Max leaks with 120Hz and a notch of the same size


Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shared a video showing alleged screenshots of a pre-production iPhone 12 Pro Max that prove that Apple will incorporate a 120Hz refresh rate into the new iPhone. 

Recent rumors suggest that the company could stick with a 60Hz refresh rate, leaving Apple a year behind its Android competitors.

But Prosser shared screenshots from an anonymous source who has a PVT (Production Validation Test) unit of the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max screen showing software that switches to “Enable High Refresh Rate

The caveat here is that Prosser says there are other PVT units that don’t have the refresh rate option. Apple has likely seeded both versions of the device to testers to see if the 120Hz refresh rate meets the company’s quality standards.

Apple isn’t usually the first to introduce cutting-edge technology to the iPhone, but when it does, it does so to the best standard in the industry. One recent exception is the facial identification system that debuted on the 2017 iPhone X and has yet to be improved upon by an Android phone.

Some Apple fans may be disheartened by the claim that the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will have the same size notch that was first seen on the iPhone X and will be replicated on all iPhone with Face ID since then. Prosser says that the notch will just appear smaller thanks to the slight reduction in the phone’s bezels, and the Pro Max’s larger 6.7-inch screen.

In the video the phone appears camouflaged in the dark and a case, but Prosser’s source claims that the phone has flat sides like the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and the recent iPad Pro.

Another screenshot of the camera settings shows a toggle for “Enable AC LiDAR”, a setting that allows the cameras’ LiDAR sensors to assist “Autofocus and subject detection for video and night mode.” The 12 Pro series is rumored to have LiDAR, which has only appeared on Apple’s 2020 iPad Pros so far.

Another endorsement of advancements in the camera department is the ability to activate 4K @ 120fps and 4K @ 240fps video modes , the latter for slow motion recording.

It is not yet certain when Apple will announce the event date for its traditional iPhone launch. The coronavirus pandemic has potentially delayed production of the iPhone 12, so we expect Apple’s product launches to be more staggered than usual this year.

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