iOS 13: Apple at WWDC 2019 presented All the novelties

Of course, the most important innovation of iOS 13 is presented as the inaugural keynote speaker of WWD 2019, it will no longer be available for the iPad, basically because Apple tablet has its own operating system: iPadOS.

But users of iPhone, AirPods, HomePod, and CarPlay would like to know that there are other developments that directly affect your Apple devices. Below you’ll find everything new that will fall with iOS 13.

Improved performance

The next fall, iOS update promises better performance for compatible devices. According to Apple, Face ID Facial Unlocking will be 30% faster.

In addition, app downloads will be 50% lower, while updates will be 60% lower. On the other hand, the applications will open very fast, because Apple has doubled that speed.

More privacy and security in the iOS 13

As we mentioned in the previous section, Apple has offered to offer more personal and safe operating systems than ever before. This starts with the security of your location, which you can configure so that you always ask for permission to access it.

In addition, you will always have information about the data to be shared and will provide protection against iOS 13 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, which may have access to personal information.

In this regard, Apple has made an alternative to automatic login with Facebook or Twitter. Now, you can do this only with Face ID and choose whether to share your personal email or that in every app you use, the apple makes a random one for you.

This control of your information has been assurred on all Apple platforms including the HomeKit tool. Thus, the HomeKit security camera stores data in an encrypted form in iCloud, which neither uses Apple.

New functions in apps with iOS 13

One of the first novels announced in the WWDC is the introduction of Dark Mode in iOS, which gives the interface a new aspect. Also, now you can swipe as you type on the keyboard and you will get suggestions when sharing photos.

There will also be some improvements in your iPhone applications. For example, you can select the size of the song in Safari and there is a new view in the Notes App as a gallery that should improve your experience.

The reminder app is redesigned to make smart and easy to use and organize alerts. Just what you want and iOS 13 will understand what you want and send you a reminder.

On the other hand, the Maps app offers a new map design, though currently only in the United States. In the next year, other countries should also be included, although we do not know whether Spain will be among them or not.

Among the new features of Maps, there is also a collection of ‘favorites’ for fast access and ‘collection’ to organize and organize your next visit. With binoculars icon, you can see three-dimensional view.

But are you most interested that the Navigation app is designed to guarantee user privacy and security? In fact, Apple wanted to highlight that it would be true throughout iOS 13.

The new messaging app includes new features. For example, you can customize your account with a profile picture and your name that will only appear when sending a message. Also, with a sticky sticker you can use your memoji as an emoji.

Finally, the Photos app now has new tools and effects that are also available for video for the first time. Thus, for the first time you can rotate a video and apply filters and effects to your audio-visual compositions.

Although the most important innovation of this app is the way to browse your photos. They will be organized wisely according to the date or event. Apart from this, they will be presented in a preview where the best photos stand out.

iOS 13 renews Siri for AirPods, HomePod and CarPlay

Apple’s Virtual Assistant also comes in the news. The most interesting thing is that now an automatic learning system called Neural TTS is used, which generates the voice of Siri and makes her expression much more natural.

In addition, Siri is now a custom app in shortcuts and the assistant has new functions in AirPods. In this way, Siri will be able to read your messages only when you can get them and you can also ask them to respond very quickly.

As a homepod, you now have access to more than 100,000 radio stations around the world. Siri can also recognize who speaks to him and personalizes his responses. This optimization also spreads to many other applications.

Finally, in the case of CarPlay, Siri’s suggestions will appear on the home screen, but your experience will not interfere with the other screens, because the app’s interface is now very clear and easy to use.

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