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Introducing the Apple Card and the Daily Cash are

apple card

Apple confirmed in the Spring event that it will launch its credit card in the United States this summer.

The card, which integrates the Apple Pay, is a virtual credit card that will appear in the Wallet app. It also offers 3% cashback on purchasing with daily cache every time.

If Apple Pay is not available in any trade, you can use titanium physical card, laser engraved, ultra safe (no end date or card number is seen), which will undoubtedly become the next Apple essential article.

Apple has promised that its purpose with its Apple card is to change the way we use the credit card: It will be easy to see what you are spending and when, besides, yearly interest or penalties Without, to simplify requests and claims to obtain low interest rates, to make late payments or to use your card abroad.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service, which according to Cupertino is the easiest and safest way to pay.

It is estimated that 2019 will be 10 billion Apple Pay transactions, in which retailers will get 70% in the US, 85% in the UK, 80% in Spain and higher percentages in other countries. Apple will be available in 40 countries around the world at the end of this year.

What is Apple Card?

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Apple Card extends Apple’s payment service with a credit service, which, according to Apple, provides a simplified application process compared to other companies.

This is a virtual credit card that “lives” in the ‘Wallet‘ app on the iPhone, and can be used anywhere in the world where Apple Pay is accepted.

Apple Card is different from other credit cards with zero credits, low interest rates and flexible payments. Apple wants to simplify the management of your expenses through the ‘Wallet‘ app and reward users with a new loyalty plan called Daily Cash.

With Much Wallet ‘app you can see how much and how much you really spent, and you see weekdays, weekends, or special categories (food, holidays, travel, etc.) Can.

Using automated learning and using Apple Maps data, Apple says that it can show you useful information about where your transactions were made in your account details.

If you need help, you only need to send a message using the standard ‘Messages’ app on the iPhone. There will be a technical support team to help with the transaction and make changes to your account details.

Many payment options are offered, each with real time interest calculation which shows you how the payment will affect your balance to keep you informed or informed. Apple Card supports more frequent payments to help you speed up your balance faster.

How much do the fees on the Apple Card cost?

During the launch event, Apple paid a lot of attention to its new credit service and low interest rates for zero, so how much does it really cost?

According to the company, there are variable APRs which are between 13.24% and 24.24% on the basis of credibility.

According to the Federal Reserve, at the end of 2018, the average APR was 14.22%, which makes Apple’s lowest interest rate slightly lower. At the other end of the scale, 24.24% apr is actually quite high.

What is Daily Cash?

While most reward plans for credit cards are based on points, Apple pays daily for any transaction made to Apple Card.

Daily cash is unlimited, and it can be used in any way, either you can make your balance payment or make new transactions.

The amount of money you have returned depends on whether you use the Apple card:

  • 3% Cash Back: Apple Stores & Services
  • 2% Cash back: purchase made from virtual apple card
  • 1% Cash back: purchase made from Apple card

Do you get a physical Apple card?

Yes, Apple cards can be used in stores that are not compatible with Apple Pay.

If you take a look, you will see that it is different from other credit cards, which is made of titanium with your name which is engraved with laser on the front.

No other information has been provided on the card (you will find it inside the ‘Wallet’ app), which makes the card very secure. One disadvantage of the Apple card is that this contact is not free.

Is the Apple Card secure?

Apple claims that its new credit service is private and secure, and each transaction includes a unique security code to protect your card number, apart from that, all transactions are supported by Face ID or Touch ID.

All information about what you bought, bought or bought, is managed through the device instead of the Apple server. Apart from this, any kind of data or information will not be sold to advertising companies.

Physical Apple Card is more secure than other credit cards, because it does not provide account information on the card itself: there is no card number, no end date, no CVV or signature.

When will the Apple Card be available?

Unfortunately for all and Apple fans, the card will be launched in the United States at the moment, and the company has not yet announced whether it wants to launch it in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

However, the Apple Card is present due to the cooperation of Goldman Sachs and MasterCard, so it is very likely that after being successful once in the United States, this trio of Titans decides to continue harvesting in other countries.

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