Importent Tricks for the New 11 and 12.9-Inch iPad Pro New Models

For those who are new to the iPad or are upgrading to the old model, we’ve compiled a list of some great iPad related tips and tricks that are checking whether you want to get more out of your tablet . Although some of these tips are specific to iPad Pro, many are relevant to many customers who also have other iPad models.

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External Keyboard Shortcuts – When you are using an external keyboard with an iPad, like the new Smart Keyboard Folio, there are several keyboard shortcuts that are worth knowing. You can use the command + tab, for example, to switch between open applications, command + space to bring up spotlight search, and you can use the spacebar to scroll long web pages in safari . You can see all available keyboard commands.


External Keyboard Shortcuts

Spacebar Wake Up – On the 2018 iPad Pro model, if you have an external keyboard attached, you can wake up the iPad and tap on the spacebar to activate Face ID. This gives you a way to get into the iPad without touching the screen.

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Spacebar Wake Up

Animoji and Memoji – The new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models have Face ID, which means that you can use animate and memoji in the message and the faitime apps.


Animoji and Memoji

Apple Pencil 2 Customization – If you want to customize double tap gestures on your apple pencil 2, you can adjust it to go to the setting app under the apple pencil.


Apple Pencil 2 Customization

Instant Notes – With apple pencil or apple pencil 2, you can tap the device on the iPad screen to open it and launch it in the Notes app, which is easy to start the note immediately. You do not even need to unlock the iPad first. Instant Notes can be customized under “Notes” in the Settings Notes.


Instant Notes

USB-C – Apple’s new iPad Pro model is the first person to use the USB-C, which means that you can do new things that you can not do before. The iPad Pro model can be plugged into 4 monitors and can be connected directly to some cameras, drones and other devices. You can not connect external storage, and you can not use USB-C cable which uses ships with the iPad to connect to 4K monitors. You will need the USB Thunderbolt 3Thunderbolt 3 cable or USB-C cable from the USB cable like that for Belkin.

Keyboard Flicking – As the iOS 11, Apple has introduced a special keyboard feature on the iPad, which is designed to indicate a blow to the letters and numbers quickly typing without raising your fingers with keys. A “shock” is a downward swipe gesture that brings an optional keyboard view.

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Text Selection – To make quick selection of text on the iPad, tap the screen with two fingers and then swipe up or down to select multiple paragraphs of text at a time. With the text you are highlighting, you can also choose to have your two fingers on the screen to be more selective.

Cursor Adjustment  – If you want to change the position of your cursor, you can hold two fingers on the iPad display and move them around to adjust to the quick editing of the document, where your cursor is located . You can get the same effect by holding a finger on the spacebar.

Charging Your iPhone – With Lightning Cable from USB-C, which sells for $ 19, you can plug your iPhone into your iPad Pro, allowing the tablet to charge the iPhone.

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Charging Your iPhone


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