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If the new iPhones don’t arrive, what will Apple announce at their event?

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If there’s one thing we  ‘re sure of, it’s that Apple will launch new iPhones at an event in September. But if you expect to see the iPhone 12 during the  “Time Flies” event  Apple  on September 15, maybe you take a disappointment.

New iPhones will arrive this fall, but most likely they will not arrive until October due to production problems caused by the pandemic. According   to  Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman ,  this year’s annual iPhone event will be held in October as mobiles aren’t ready yet. 

So if the new iPhones don’t arrive at the annual iPhone event, what will Apple announce next week?

Apple Watch Series 6 

If I had to bet, I’d bet it all on the  Apple Watch . Even without the “Time Flies” tagline, it’s a guarantee that the Apple Watch will arrive at the September 15 event, even if iPhones don’t. 

The Apple Watch has shared the stage every September with the iPhone since its launch in 2015, and rumors grow that a new model is imminent, with a blood oxygen sensor,  sleep tracking   and all the new features of watchOS 7, including a new way to share spheres and handwash detection. 

Design-wise, the new watch most likely looks a lot like the Series 5, with sizes 40mm and 44mm.


Why it might come now:  The Apple Watch is relevant enough to hold an event on its own, and without the iPhone in between, it’s a guaranteed success. Plus, you know , “Time Flies” makes it pretty obvious. 

Apple event

Apple Watch ‘Lite’

A recent rumor published by  Bloomberg  ensures that Apple is considering launching a new Apple Watch to replace the current Series 3 ( € 229 ) model.  It is not known what the new model will look like, but it will supposedly have the 38mm and 42mm design from before. 

It will possibly have an improved display and processor. The report ensures that the new watch “will compete with  low-cost fitness devices  “, such as the  Fitbit Versa 3  ( € 229.95 ) soon on sale. 

Why it might come now: If a new flagship Apple Watch is on the way, then it would make sense that the rumored cheap model would, too. The Series 4  could no longer be used as a low-end model and the Series 3 is already out of date, so a new, cheaper model would make a lot of sense.  

iPad Air 

Apple hasn’t updated the iPad Air since March 2019, but recent rumors suggest a big change is coming. According to  Bloomberg , the new iPad Air will have the same design introduced by the iPad Pro in 2018: slim bezels, no Home button, and USB-C. 

It will also introduce the first fingerprint sensor built into the on / off button, while Face ID will continue to be reserved for Pro models.

Why it might come now:  The iPad rarely comes alongside the Apple Watch, but this is a  different year. Considering  that the Mac event was dedicated to the transition to Apple Silicon,  that the iPad Air arrives with the Apple Watch and other consumer products may be plausible.

iPad 2020

AirPods Studio

There has been rumor about the possibility that Apple is working on  studio headphones for a long time , and they may finally make their debut at Apple’s September event.  

In addition to noise cancellation , “Hey Siri” support, and the ability to detect when a headset is off the ear, the AirPods Studios are rumored to have a “retro design with rotating oval cups and a metal- attached headband.  ”. 

According to  Bloomberg , the ear pads and cups will be magnetic, so you can change them.  

Why it might come now: AirPods Studio aren’t necessarily an iPhone-only accessory; Apple Watch and iPad owners can use them too. Thus, they would not be out of place at an iPhone non-launch event. 

Apple Tags 

Another rumor that has been circulating for some time refers to an  Apple Bluetooth device  similar to those produced by Tile.  In principle, they will work in the same way and will allow you to find lost objects using proximity data from nearby Apple devices.

Why it might come now: Apple Tags will be an accessory for non-Apple products, so they can be released at any time. But it would make a lot of sense if the Apple Watch or iPad Air had U1 chips.  


HomePod mini 

The HomePod is widely known as Apple’s great treasury of recent years, but there are rumors that suggest that Apple is not  going to give up. A new HomePod  with fewer speakers and a lower price is said to be on the way .

Why it might come now: The HomePod hasn’t been updated since its launch in 2017, and it’s pretty clear that people are more interested in low-cost smart speakers than high- fidelity ones. Its launch next to the AirPods Studio would not be any nonsense. 

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 

The only thing that has not delayed COVID is Apple’s work with iOS, since the beta versions have been released on time and their development has followed the usual rhythm.

Apple only promised that it would be launched in the fall, which usually means that it will arrive a few days after the new iPhones go on sale. But with its delay until the end of October,  this year  Apple could have decided to separate  the  release  of the iOS from the iPhone. 

Why it might come now:  Because watchOS 7 will arrive for sure with the new Apple Watch, and the iPadOS 14 would be perfect to accompany the new iPad Air, we wouldn’t be surprised if iOS 14 arrived a few weeks before the new i Phones.

iOS 14

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