HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Station Review

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Station Review

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  • Up to 5 additional hours
  • Detachable Joy-Con Grips
  • Secure coupling


  • The battery is not removable
  • Greater grip on the Joy-Con
  • Stand with more viewing angles

Should I buy the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch charging station?

If you are passionate about Nintendo’s portable console, the charging station for the Switch will allow you to increase your gaming sessions by up to 6 more hours, forgetting to look for a charging socket while traveling. 

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HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Station Review

For some time now, HyperX has forged a great brand recognition within the gaming ecosystem for its wide variety of products for this sector, such as keyboards, headphones, memory and storage solutions.

It is possible that its charger solutions have gone more unnoticed, but you should know that it has charging stations for smartphones, consoles and their controls, and even double solutions for the mobile phone and the watch or headphones, compatible with the Qi certificate.

The case that we address here is that of the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch station , a system equipped with a 6,000 mAh battery that will allow you to continue using the Nintendo Switch on the go by being able to charge the console and the Joy-Con controllers while you play your game. 

Design and qualities

Truth be told, the ChargePlay Clutch is well thought out by the HyperX engineers, given that it is tremendously modular, with a main piece acting as a charging base station with integrated battery, and the two detachable grips for each Joy-Con.

The central station has a lever at the top that allows you to insert the Nintendo Switch console to accommodate it and ensure that it is well fixed on the USB C charging connector. Even the smallest of the house will know how to proceed.

At the base, the station has rubber pads to prevent it from slipping off when lying on a table or flat surface. It is wide enough to be able to stand upright, but the natural thing is to extend the rear foot to use the console in desktop mode. 

The foot of the ChargePlay Clutch, much safer and more stable than the one Nintendo offers with its Switch, and which causes so many headaches for users, only supports a position of about 45 degrees. 

It is a sufficient angle, although given the choice, HyperX could have implemented some more to better accommodate each circumstance, such as using the equipment on the tiny table of an airplane or train and setting the best viewing angle for the screen. 

In either case, the console remains stable on the charging base. Both the grilles on the back of the Switch, as well as those located on the upper part, are released in order not to obstruct the ventilation of its components during use.

The headphone jack is also free, as well as the games memory card slot to be able to change titles without having to undock the Nintendo Switch from the charging station. 

Already on the back, next to the USB-C charging connector, we find a physical button that when pressed allows us to know the percentage level of charge of the station’s battery through 4 LED indicators. This will allow us to anticipate running out of charge. 

A complete command

The other two additional pieces that house the Joy-Con, use powerful magnets to adhere to the charging station quickly, ensuring that they are well fixed.

In fact, this magnet is designed to contemplate two different situations. On the one hand, you can join both detachable grips to form the typical support of a single controller for the Switch (emulating that of Nintendo), and on the other, adhere to the base station. 

hyperx chargeplay clutch mandos joy con

Again, the use of a lever allows each of the Joy-Con to be perfectly attached to the controls, without the possibility that they can be released in the middle of a game and without being affected by vibrations.


The grips have a certain grip on the back that will prevent them from slipping when the hands are somewhat sweaty, although it could always be improved by introducing some rougher material that goes beyond the plastic with which they are made. 

In any case, HyperX commendably solves the different possibilities and modes of use that the Switch contemplates, where the essence of the console lies, to the point that your way of playing is not affected when you attach this new accessory. 


Once we have verified that the gaming experience is not affected by the use of the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch, we focus on the other great purpose, which is none other than guaranteeing more hours of play on the go or in places without access to the power outlet .

From the outset, the battery is integrated into the base. We assume that for safety reasons, it cannot be removed from the station. That does not mean that you can charge its battery at any moment, even when you are playing with it attached. 

We have verified that the 6,000 mAh battery guarantees an additional 5 hours of use of your Nintendo Switch, so that if the battery percentage of your console drops below one hundred percent, the charging station will try to bring it back to 100% of its capacity. 

Obviously, for the Joy-Con to receive power, they must also be attached to the Switch, since it is the only way they have to receive the voltage. In other words, if the Joy-Con remain attached to the removable controls, they do not act as a load for them. 

Price and where to buy

The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch charging station is marketed through PcComponentes at a suggested price of € 121.59. A 1.8 meter long USB C cable is included for charging, but you will need the AC power adapter (not included). 

Specifically, we have found the HyperX station on sale on Amazon , but it may be something specific that has occurred during our review . Check the final price at which it is marketed. 


In short, HyperX offers Nintendo Switch players a practical accessory with which you can not only extend the battery life of your console on the go, but also allow you to play more comfortably with the Joy-Con. 

The extra weight of 400 grams can be a problem if you handle your console in the air for hours without helping the support that a table provides, but as you already know, in return you get up to 5 additional hours of use and fun for your power. 

Keep in mind that this accessory does not act as a protective case or cover for your Switch, at the same time that you will not be able to use any other while keeping the Switch attached to the ChargePlay Clutch. Otherwise, it meets the expectations of autonomy and manageability.


  • Charging station for Nintendo Switch
  • 1.8 meter USB A to USB C charging cable
  • 6,000 mAh battery
  • Detachable Joy-Con Grips
  • 114.1 x 273.9 x 40.2 mm dimensions
  • 400 gram weight

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