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Huawei Mate 40 : date, price, specifications and rumors

Huawei Mate 40

Huawei (Mate 40) has yet to release the P40, (assuming it’s going to be called that) and yet fans are already clamoring for details about the Mate 30 successor that will be released later in 2020.

The company has so-called “dual flagships,” launching the P series in the spring and the Mate series in the fall. In September 2019, the Mate 30 series was announced, and it was the first phone to fall out of favor under the US trade ban, which meant it would have no Google services despite the presence of Android 10 on the telephones.

And since that ban shows no sign of being lifted, it’s entirely possible that Huawei will have to go ahead with its own services running on open source Android. 

You may know that the company is developing its own internal operating system called HarmonyOS, but for now, it is sticking with Android and installing its own app store and using its own apps to replace some of Google’s services.

It’s a big request for developers to make their apps available in the Huawei App Gallery, but that seems to be Huawei’s plan for now. Still, you won’t be able to access Google Maps or other Google apps that depend on Google services being installed on your phone.

When will the Mate 40 go on sale?

Huawei is likely to hold an event in September 2020 to launch the range of phones, but it is too early for this to be confirmed. 

And depending on how the P40 launch goes, the Mate 40 may not have a global launch and may be limited to China and other markets that do not demand Google services.

How much will the Mate 40 cost?

Again, any figures at this stage are pure speculation but, put quite simply: it will cost what other flagship phones cost. We think Huawei could lower the price of the Mate 30 due to the absence of Google, but no: the phone still costs as much as its rivals.

The most relevant question is where you can buy one. Huawei has a pretty poor track record when it comes to launching devices and then not putting them up for sale. 

Many of its MateBook laptops, for example, are not yet available to buy in Europe. The same goes for the Mate 30 – it’s not officially available in the US or Europe yet.

What are the rumors about the specifications of the Mate 40?

Right now, there are very few. One of them is that it will be the first phone (range of phones, to be exact) to use the latest generation Kirin processor.

This may sound obvious, but Huawei Central says industry sources are reporting that the chip is already in test production, that it is using a 5nm processor, and that it is based on the ARM A77 architecture.

And that’s it. There are no other rumors or leaks that shed light on what could change or improve.

We’d like to see a return to the physical volume buttons. The novelty of removing them on the Mate 30 Pro was exactly that, and it relied on the screen being turned on to adjust the volume level. The Mate 30, on the other hand, has adequate volume buttons.

Going back to our wish list for the Mate 40, Google services are obviously up there, but we’d like to see it offer improvements in the camera department. Someone who owns a P30 Pro is unlikely to want to switch to the Mate 30 Pro, as its zoom lens is basically what you will find on the Mate 20 Pro (and even the older P20 Pro) – 3x optics.

With the P40 supposedly coming with the industry’s first 10x optical zoom , the Mate 40 (Pro) will have to step up your game.

When new rumors or leaks appear, we will update this summary. 

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