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Huawei delays launch of its folding smartphone, Mate X

This happened in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February when Huawei announced the arrival of its Smartphone Fold, Mate X. The value of this model, costing more than 2,000 Euros, was to fold the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

However, as you certainly know, Samsung decided to cancel the release of Ford on April 26 without giving us another release date. The reason is based on many bugs and errors which was detected in the device.

That’s why the first device on the folding screen was going away, it became easy for Met X Huawei to move from the competition of titans launched around the world.

But, what can be the win for the Chinese company, this is something different, because Huawei has activated the alarm by deciding to be “alert” and has postponed its launch to September.

The Huawei Mate X will go on sale in September

It was announced in February, it was initially started in April, then in June, and now June has arrived, in September. With this tendency to postpone dates, we can not ensure that the terminal will be in stores in September or if the Chinese company will decide to postpone the date again.

At least, unlike Samsung, Huawei gives us alternative dates when it postponed the date of one of its most anticipated products in the world. Definitely, the first phone in the Mate X market is the first screen.

In fact, Samsung has canceled the pre-orders made by some more consumers, which makes us think we can take more time than buying the Galaxy Fold.

huawei mate x foldable smartphone concept design 152688880290

Huawei claims that after the failure of the competition’s folding phone, has decided to be more cautious and more tests have been done till you are 100% sure that there is no error in the phone and works properly is.

The Chinese brand claimed that they did not want to launch a product that could destroy its reputation.

However, it seems that the conflict with the United States is taking a toll on Chinese power, as it has also announced that it will postpone the launch of its new notebook of MetBook fame.

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