HP OfficeJet Pro prices and speeds : consists of 5 different models

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Every small business and professional needs some type of printing solution for their business, whether it is a printer or multifunction device. In particular, more than 8 out of 10 small businesses claim that their business can not work without using this kind of smart printing technology.

Small businesses have been studied by HP, who interviews 4,300 directors of small businesses in ten different countries. 65% agree that printing solutions allow them to focus on other key aspects of their business to save time in the management.

In terms of the most demanding capabilities, first-time user-friendliness (75%) is strong, after which it is revealed that it is reliable and secure with minimal maintenance (73%), and that they have their problems Or fail to present the failures (70%).

The study matches the commercialization of printers and new series of multifunction devices. It is 9000 and 8000 series, already on sale except the OfficeJet Pro 8010 model, whose availability will be effective in June next.

prices and speeds

Designed for small businesses, startups and professionals who use technology for their business processes, the new OfficeJet Pro series includes 5 different models, which are the most economical models (OfficeJet Pro 8025 all-in) Available with prices starting from € 129. One).

hp officejet pro 9000 familia

It is common in these products that they provide monthly print volume of up to 2,000 print pages. They are presented with gray in gray, blue oasis and coral, and have a small touch screen color of 2.65 inches for easy handling.

The most basic OfficeJet Pro model guarantees the speed of 20 pages per minute to be printed in black and 10 pages color. These implement all wireless connectivity, as well as Ethernet and USB network connections. They also have a USB port to read and print from the pen drive.

Another feature of the series 9000 model is that the exit tray with an ability of 250 leaves provides an intelligent management of the paper tray so that it can avoid overflow.

09 hp officejet pro 9016 hero cp coral

In the case of the most advanced, the HP OfficeZet Pro 9020, whose recommended price is € 299.90, according to ISO standards, it is possible to print in the color of the average speed of 24 ppm and 20 ppm color black. They also support fax and scanner functions.

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HP Instant Ink Business

With the hardware of these new models, a new professional printing plan related to the HP Instant Inc. Business Program comes with, with which companies who print more pages per month, can qualify for the accuracy of € 19.99 per month, print To cover the ink required. Up to 700 pages and ink savings up to 70%.

20180916 hp printer 03b manhattan premium 593

These teams have a small touch screen color, from which order is made to make necessary adjustments without the need to work or the PC. However, it is possible to use the HP smart app for mobile devices, print documents, scan, copy or send to the cloud.

Automation with HP Smart Tasks

HP has added this range to the OfficeJet Pro Smart Task handling capability, which is automated specific repetitive task such as scanning invoices or documents that are scanned and stored in the cloud.

It can be programmed either through the printer interface or through the HP Smart App for mobile devices. We have asked the company experts about the possibility of using these HP Smart Tasks with other printers and at the moment this is something special for the new OfficeJet Pro family.

20180915 hp printer 04 a manhattan premium ojp 9019 0270

In wifi connectivity they also support the dual frequency band connection (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) so that they optimize connections to guarantee maximum availability even when the signal is lost. The firmware intelligent enables teams to reallocate restart a new connection

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