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How you can use the Library app in iOS 14

iOS 14

Apple has announced many new features that will appear in iOS 14 when it arrives later this year. IPhone users will be able to take advantage of the new home screen widgets, communicate in foreign languages ​​through the Apple Translate app, and tell everyone about it in the enhanced messaging service. 

But one of the most interesting changes to Apple’s mobile operating system is the addition of an Application Library that finally allows you to bypass the pages and pages of applications that have been resident on iPhones from the start.

In this article, we show you how to tackle this important redesign and why you should be excited about its arrival. To see everything Apple announced regarding its upcoming software update , read our comprehensive guide to iOS 14 release date and new features.

What is the App Library feature in iOS 14?

Until now, every time you installed an application on your iPhone, its icon was automatically deposited on the home screen or on any of the adjacent ones. This meant that if you wanted to find the application you had to scroll through the different pages to find it. 

Of course, you could move it to another page or place it in a folder, but it would still be somewhere on one of the home screens.

The Library app changes this by creating a separate area where you can see all the icons in the app. If you have ever used an Android smartphone, you will be familiar with the idea as it is a feature that has been on the platform for many years.

The difference between the two is that in Android, the applications are stored in alphabetical order, from the oldest to the most recent. Apple’s app library groups apps by category, and those demonstrated at WWDC 2020 include Entertainment, Social, Creativity, and Recently Added.

How to find the Library in iOS 14

You’ll find the new Application Library page to the right of the last page that currently contains applications. So if you have your home page and two additional pages right now, the app library will pop up when you swipe left on that third page.

But, since you no longer have to store all your apps on the home page and on the adjacent pages, there is a new way to hide those additional panels. Touch and hold any page to enter shake mode (when all apps move), and then touch the dots at the bottom of the screen to enter expanded view. Here you will see all existing pages, each with a mark underneath to indicate that they are active.

If you touch any page, it will be disabled, which means it will no longer appear when you flip through pages in normal mode. Once you’re satisfied with the selection, tap ‘Done’ and you’re done. If you find you are missing a page, you can always go back to shake mode and activate it once more.

How to use the Library App in iOS 14

On the App Library page, you’ll see a grid of folders, each with a name denoting the category of the apps it contains. However, they are not standard folders, as Apple has sprayed a bit of magic to make them more useful. Each category has three large app icons and in the lower right corner is a collage.

02 app biblioteca

If you touch the latter, the folder will open in the classic style, but if you touch any of the larger ones (the applications that Apple recognizes as the ones you use most often) the application itself will open. There is an exception to this rule, since the ‘Suggestions’ folder is made up entirely of large icons that your iPhone believes will be the most useful for you at the time.

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When can I have the Library App on my iPhone?

The Library App, new widgets , Translate app, and improved messages and maps will be part of iOS 14. Traditionally, it launches in September, around the same time as new iPhones.

If you can’t wait until then, you can always sign up for Apple’s beta software program , where you test pre-launch versions of iOS 14. We wouldn’t recommend this on your primary iPhone, since beta software, by its nature, It is a bug and unreliable, but getting the new features before anyone else is the way to go.

For more information on the next update, read the 6 brilliant new features that iOS 14 brings to your iPhone.

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