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How you can recover contacts on your Android

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recover contacts, If you are a regular user of an Android smartphone and this is the only way to save your contacts, then you are not afraid of losing the terminal. Nor if you accidentally delete an important number, you can recover it by the methods shown below.

How to recover contacts lost or deleted contacts from Android: use Gmail

Oddly, looking for contacts in Gmail, rather than your phone contacts, there is often no difference between the two services. What you have accumulated on one side will appear on the other side.

Thus, when you add new contacts to your Android phone through a service linked to Google, they all synchronize online to keep single records, something that is very useful when you lose your mobile.

We have verified that it is possible to restore any contacts that have been deleted in the last thirty days, as well as whether chats made in the last 24 hours are related to the conversation.

Just log in to the web version of Gmail. Then, at the top center of the screen, choose ‘Options’. Choose the ‘Contact’ button from the drop-down menu that appears as the screenshot below.

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From now on, you’ll see all the contacts Google has added to your account, including entries for email addresses and phone numbers. Click ‘More’ button at the top center and the next drop-down list appears. Click on ‘Restore’ whenever you are in classic display mode.

Google provides the option of how much you want to go back (one hour, one day, one week, etc.), so you can choose a point where the missing information was still on your phone.

Click ‘Restore‘ to search for lost contacts in the list again.

How to recover lost contacts from Android: other methods

If for some reason you don’t have a Gmail account, something is strange. If you have an Android smartphone, or don’t have an account with which to synchronize your contacts, recovering data can be a bit more complicated. .

There are many third-party applications that offer this service, which means extracting data from your phone using a PC or Mac. Android recovery is a good option, supporting a wide range of devices.


You can try to Google your device brand and model and the contact application it uses, to see if there is an internal setting that you can use to save contacts.

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