How you can play PUBG on your Mac

For the fate of Apple Computer users, yet the game player’s battlefield has not officially come to MacOS. However, we tell alternative ways to play PUBG on a Mac.


In the beginning of 2017, no one had heard about the player Utd’s Battleground, which was released in March of that year. This creates the fact that it has already sold an impressive achievement of more than 20 million copies.

For now, it’s available only for computers – which you can download from the Steam website – and you can also reserve physical games for PlayStation. It seems that the Xbox One version may also be on the way.

For now nothing is known about a possible version for macOS. However, this does not mean that Apple users can not enjoy games on their computer. Here are two options to play PUBG on your Mac.

 Trick 1. GeForce NOW for Mac (beta)

The easiest way to play the Battleground popular playerUnogn on your Mac is by using Nvidia’s streaming service, the so called GeForce Now, which allows you to play Steam or games regardless of hardware compatibility.

But how does this service work in the cloud? Nvidia has several locations in Europe and the United States, whose servers will be responsible for performing remotely, which you want to play before sending it to your Mac.

This makes the place of these servers necessary. In this sense, then you will be close to the Nvidia sites, your connection will be as fast as you are playing.

This connection should be enough to play with online games like single player mode or PUBG. Also, you would want to know that all games available in GeForce Now have been optimized so that they can be played with the highest quality graphics.

Unless Nvidia servers store a version of all games on Steam and Battle.Net in their cache, you will not have to wait for some time until the game loads. Just select the video game and wait for less than 30 seconds.

Perhaps the best part of using this service is that it is totally free as it is in its beta version. It seems that now it is not going to change. In any case, it is worth taking advantage of this trial period.

 Method 2. Boot Camp

If you do not have a good internet connection, then relying on a streaming service like GeForce Now can not be the best option for you. Nor will it be that you do not have enough confidence in a service which is just beta for now.

In this case, you have another option available, though the fact is that you will see that the performance is not as good as the last option. So, another way to play PUBG on your Mac is by using Boot Camp software.

This software developed by Apple allows you to create a partition on your computer’s hard drive and install a version of Windows 10 there. Again, this method will force you to leave part of your disk space, so we recommend you to think about it.

The size of the partition should be large enough so that you can store the game – in this case PUBG occupies 30 GB – and the Windows operating system too. You can always change the shape later, but this can cause problems.

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