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How you can change the NAT type on Xbox One

NAT type on Xbox One

(NAT type on Xbox One) If you are a video game lover, surely the concept of NAT type is not something new for you. It is probably because on more than one occasion it has given you connection problems, and that is probably the reason why you have come here.

In this article, you will find, first of all, a little information about what is a NAT, although it is true that this knowledge is not essential to be able to change the type of NAT configured in your Xbox One, which we will also explain how later.

Before continuing, it is necessary to point out that the connection problems are only due to NAT when playing using a peer-to-peer network . If you are using other services and you cannot connect, your problem has nothing to do with NAT.

What is a NAT?

The acronym NAT refers to the English concept of Network Address Translation , which in Spanish could be translated as network address translation and which is often known in our language also as IP masking.

Whatever the name used, they all refer to the process carried out by a router to connect various devices to the Internet. It is therefore a necessary process in all IP addresses, especially IPv4 addresses.

Each IP address is made up of four groups of up to three numbers. This is approximately 4.3 million possible combinations, which are not enough for all the devices that exist.

This is why Internet operators use so-called IPv4 addresses to unite into a single IP the various devices that use the same router or the same Wi-Fi network. This is when NAT becomes necessary.

So that all devices can simultaneously use the same IP, NAT will serve to ensure that the online content requested by one of them is sent to it. The device will send a request to the router and NAT will send the appropriate response.

Connection problems can arise if your ISP, or Internet service provider, is strict with the traffic it receives from the Internet or if there are limitations on certain types of content that is sent or received.

Generally speaking, Xboxes use a UPnP, or Universal Plug and Play , so that NAT can be opened. That allows the console to automatically redirect ports and therefore communicate with your router without you having to configure it.

However, it is known to all that the implementation of that UPnP on an Xbox One is not perfect, so it is possible that sometimes the type of NAT that is most convenient for us at all times and that allows us to play with others online is not used .

How to change the NAT type of your Xbox One

Unfortunately, there is not a single solution for all the problems related to the type of NAT configured and you may eventually need to connect to your ISP manager in order to solve it.

Also, changing your network settings once does not mean it will stay that way forever. In any case, here you will find possible solutions to your connection problems using only your Xbox One.

As said before, the console uses UPnP to redirect ports. The problem is that the reservations that your Xbox creates with the router expire after a period of inactivity, since these ports are used for other devices.

This is so for reasons of compatibility and security. Every time a device asks for permission to connect to a router , the reservations must be redistributed. The problem is that the Xbox needs to be reset every time.

Here are three possible solutions.

Solution 1. Deactivate ‘Immediate start’ and activate ‘Energy saving’

Having the ‘Immediate start’ option activated will make your Xbox cannot be reset when it is turned on. Thus, deactivating this option and activating ‘Power saving’ will automatically reset it every time you turn it on.

Henceforth, the links with UPnP will be renewed every time. Please note, however, that this also means that the console will take a longer time to boot, and therefore, you should wait a bit longer before playing.

Solution 2. Force reset your Xbox One

To force the reset on your Xbox One, you will have to press the power button on the console for a few seconds. When the machine is resetting, you should go to the network settings and try the multiplayer connection again.

Hopefully the links to your UPnP will have been updated and the type of NAT that will appear will be open, or at least moderate. As we have previously said, the ideal type of NAT is open.

Solution 3. Use the LT + RT + LB + RB method

In case you have tried the two previous methods and you have not been lucky, you can try to reevaluate the multiplayer connection in the network configuration panel and, once you have finished, press the ‘LT’ + ‘RT’ + ‘LB’ buttons + ‘RB’ at the same time.

That will take you to the advanced settings screen. It will be then that your Xbox will try to update the UPnP links. Please note that this process may take a few minutes to complete. Be patient and hopefully your problem will be solved.

What different types of NAT are there?

There are three different types of NAT and each of them determines the experience you will have when connecting to the Internet. Below you will find a table with the compatibility of the different types of NAT, which could explain why you cannot play online .

NAT typeOpen natModerate natStrict NAT
NAt openYesYesYes

Moderate nat

Strict NATYesNotNot
  • Open NAT : This is the optimal type of NAT. With open NAT you should have no problem connecting and playing with other online players , chatting and teaming up with others remotely regardless of the type of NAT they have.
  • Moderate NAT : Although acceptable in most cases, it is not the ideal type of NAT. With moderate NAT you may notice that the connection is a little slow, games take time to load and you will not be able to host.
  • Strict NAT : This is the worst type of NAT. You can only connect with players who have an open NAT and even in these cases you will have problems with your connection when chatting and playing. The game will take time to load and connect.

How to manually assign a static IP address to your Xbox One

If, after trying all the above tricks, you still have strict NAT configured, your only option may be to manually assign a static IP address to your Xbox and use an ISP manager to show the router where to find the console.

First of all, you will need to write down the IP address of your Xbox, which can be found by going to ‘ Settings ‘, followed by ‘ All settings ‘, ‘ Network ‘, ‘ Network settings ‘ and ‘ Advanced settings ‘.

Once you have your Xbox IP address handy, you’ll need to connect to your ISP manager. There are many different managers, so the steps below will vary. We recommend following the steps indicated on its website or consulting .

How to check the NAT type of your Xbox One

It is quite easy to check the NAT type on an Xbox One. There are games like Call of Duty and FIFA that will directly show you the configured type when you are organizing the confrontations together with other online players .

If you can’t find that information, you can do it in the network settings. Press the Xbox button , followed by ‘ Settings ‘, ‘ All settings ‘, ‘ Network ‘ and ‘ Network settings ‘. You will see the NAT type under ‘ Current network status ‘.

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