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How you can add Bluetooth connections to the PC


If it detects that your PC or laptop lacks the built-in Bluetooth connectivity, then you should know that there are many easy and cheap ways to add and run it. We show you below, what to use these devices through Bluetooth and how to connect.

How to know if my PC has Bluetooth

First of all, let’s check if your computer has the ability to communicate via Bluetooth with other devices. To do this, you must type the word ‘Bluetooth‘ in the Windows 10 search engine and the system will show you ‘Bluetooth and other devices‘.

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If your device supports this connection, you will see a list of devices located in this section, as well as the possibility of doing a search to locate new nearby devices that are in the radius of action.

How to update the drivers of your USB hub

At the lower left, press the Start button and see ‘Device Manager’. Open it and find your hub or dongle. You will find it in the section of ‘Universal Bus Series Controllers’, as can be seen in the image.

Find your device from the list and click the right mouse button to select ‘Update driver software‘. Next, Windows will search the network for the most up-to-date driver of your device and proceed with the download and installation.

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Once installed, you can check how Bluetooth connectivity is now in your PC or laptop to communicate with any other compatible device including headphones, speakers, rats, smartphones, tablets or any other accessories, which are short range Builds its connectivity base in

How to add Bluetooth to your computer

Adding Bluetooth functionality to your PC is a quick and simple task. The investment of money is at least thanks to the spread of USB or PenDrive keys that provide this functionality.

In fact, just buy a Bluetooth adapter that is connected to a PC or laptop via a compatible USB port. Depending on the version of Windows, the device will be detected and the corresponding driver or driver will be installed.

If you find that you do not have enough free USB ports, you will have to acquire a hub or USB hub to solve the problem, another more expensive accessory that will extend connection possibilities.

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Once you have a hub, you can connect directly to your PC’s USB port to see what the installation process will start. It will include installation of dongles and instructions for some other software programs.

Be sure to search manually updated drivers before updating.


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