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How you buy the best computer case for your PC

best computer case for your PC

(best computer case for your PC) It does not matter if it is an office computer, a compact computer for the study, or a team of maximum performance to face everything that surrounds the gaming world For each case, you must know how to choose the computer case that best suits you. 

And is that choosing a tower or PC computer case is not easy, since it must have the right size for your needs and the space to be able to mount the components you want, as well as future extensions. 

In this article, we wanted to show you a complete buying guide for the perfect tower for your PC. It is the first step to be able to successfully mount your PC computer and on the element that the rest of the components will be mounted. 

The prices of computer cases have increased considerably due to the high demand that exists today among users considered lovers of PC games, who choose to purchase the components separately to assemble their equipment. 

Added to this is the situation caused by the pandemic worldwide, which has caused the availability of components from mostly China to be more scarce and sometimes out of stock. 

First of all, let’s talk about size

It is the first question to which you must answer, that of deciding what size box you need for your PC. We can differentiate between three sizes of boxes today: full tower, half tower and mini-ITX box. 

The full tower and half tower cases fit well on standard ATX motherboards, by far the most common motherboard size out there. Both can also fit the smaller micro-ATX motherboards, although not ideal. 

The exact size varies from box to box, but most mid-size towers reach approximately 18 inches tall by 8 inches wide. 

Mid-tower PCs are probably the most common form factor and have enough room to fit a CPU setup with a liquid-cooled circuit, a couple of graphics cards, and all the storage you need. 

bitfenix portal 100736294 large

Full tower boxes are the largest. They’re often over 20 inches tall and longer and deeper than mid-tower cases, making them ideal if you’re one of the few people who install an extended ATX-like motherboard. 

There are larger boxes or towers on the market, interesting for those who want to install water cooling systems in various components (CPU + memory + disks), as well as add 3 or 4 graphics cards in SLI or CrossFire mode. 

They support a greater number of fans and also larger 5.25-inch drive bays. The extra space is also convenient for incorporating a greater number of cooling fans or components of all kinds. 

Mini-ITX cases are the polar opposite of full tower PC cases, designed for tiny mini-ITX motherboards. Some of these computers are extremely small and can be hidden anywhere, even hanging from the monitor. 

Don’t expect to be able to use liquid cooling or a big CPU cooler in the mini-ITX cases. Some boxes of this type also do not support the installation of full-size graphics cards, so discard them if you are considering expansion. 

We recommend that you confirm the maximum length before your purchase. There is not a lot of additional space for hardware in these chassis and the motherboards are also trimmed in terms of connectivity and expandability. 

You will sometimes be able to find minitower size cases that fall between mini-ITX size and mid tower size in order to accommodate micro-ATX motherboards. They are more rare and sometimes difficult to find. 

Pricing Considerations for PC Cases

Obviously, the budget you need for your new PC case is another point to take into account. If you plan to spend € 50 or less, it is likely that you will end up purchasing a basic tower model with certain additional features. 

The most common in these cases is to opt for a model with two fans inside, one at the front in the box and the other at the back that will allow the air flow to cool the internal components. 

In the range of € 50 to € 150, the possibilities open up enormously, as you will find a lot of variety in addition to the power supplies becoming more advanced to provide power to more components. 

You will see that some brands like Corsair are gradually eliminating the presence of the 5.25-inch drive bays to improve the interior space, since almost no one chooses to integrate optical disc drives anymore. 

You will also find greater compatibility in the use and coupling of cooling components, cable management, tool-less design and aesthetic subtleties such as RGB lighting or the inclusion of tempered glass side panels. 

h500i black red primary 100758413 orig

The sweet spot for price and quality seems to be around € 100. However, the higher priced ones already take into account additional aspects such as acoustics, connectivity options and improved access to the components inside. 

The building materials here are much more elegant and high-end, with aluminum and tempered glass being much more common than in cheaper and mid-range tower cases. 

How To Buy The Perfect Tower: Buying Guide

But in addition to the dimensions and prices, the key aspect that you should consider is the compatibility with certain components that you are going to buy or already have, depending on the type of computer you want to assemble. 

Drive bays and SSD mounting

As we mentioned earlier, make sure your PC case has enough 2.5 and 3.5-inch drive bays as you plan to add. In some cases, mounting points for SSDs are also included on the back of the tray. 

hard drive toolless 100736303 orig

If you need a 5.25-inch bay in the front of the PC for an optical drive, fan, or whatever is larger, confirm that your case will have it. More and more towers are abandoning the inclusion of this type of bay. 

Tool-free design

If we look back years, many will remember how the use of a screwdriver was essential to access the interior of the cases and to be able to fix the drives or screw the motherboards onto the main support.

Today’s tool-less design is almost universal, with drive cabinets and cabinets with corresponding guides without the need for screws. This is effective across the mid and upper range of towers. 

pc case 100736288 orig

Cable management

The most inexpensive computer cases tend to offer simple giant holes in the motherboard tray, while the more expensive options have rubber grommets in the holes to manage the cables inside. 

The more advanced ones have tie down points or even cable covers behind the motherboard tray to keep all wiring clean. Take a look also at those with Neon lighting effects in different colors.

Front panel connectivity

If you are one of the users who handles many external devices, you should consider the possibility of choosing a case with a large panel of ports on its front. Even the cheapest models have a pair of USB A 2.0 ports. 

Many of the newer ones offer various USB A and other USB Cs, as well as fans or controllers to manage the RGB lighting. You may find front audio jacks to connect your headphones or speakers comfortably. 

dsc01355 100702686 orig

Fans and air flow

The more fans your PC has, the better the airflow inside. At a minimum, you’ll need two fans for optimal airflow: one that blows in at the front, and one blows out at the rear. 

Some inexpensive PC cases include only one fan that is usually located on top of the CPU or processor. However, even the cheapest ones often show additional fan mounts to add when you see fit. 

Pay attention to what the more professional models are adopting. Tempered glass and metal front panels allow for better viewing of interior lighting, but can impede airflow if not designed properly. 

corsair crystal 570x rgb caja torre 1

The Silverstone RL06 case available from the CoolMod specialty store for € 93.95 bypasses those obstructions, placing a protective mesh in front of not one, but three 120mm intake fans to ensure adequate airflow. 

Dust filters

The interior cleaning of the components is also another important part and to avoid dust specks, pet hair or tobacco grime, nothing better than the use of dust filters that prevent particles from reaching the fans. 

You will need to be sure to set up and mount your fans properly to ensure adequate airflow and prevent dust from being sucked through the unoccupied vents on the chassis. 

Sound dampening

Soundproof boxes allow you to keep your computer running quietly, often by using sound damping materials inside your PC panels. Those materials keep noise out, but they also tend to impede air flow. 

This is why soundproof boxes often reach somewhat higher temperatures than standard design towers. If you want a sound efficient tower, consider purchasing those with larger fans of at least 140mm that spin at low speeds (and are therefore quieter).

Water cooling support

The rise of sealed all-in-one refrigerators has made liquid cooling more popular than ever. If you plan to water-cool your PC, pay close attention to the support provided by your case and the different existing blocks for CPU, GPU or motherboard.

You will probably not be able to use liquid cooling in most mini-ITX cases, and many mid-tower cases only support radiators up to 240mm, with the addition that the location of that liquid cooling radiator may be limited to the top from the box.

amd ryzen 1800x build 7 100711184 orig

If you want a sturdy 360mm radiator, you will often have to upgrade to a full tower box, although unusually large mid-towers can sometimes accommodate these as well. Some more expensive boxes also have custom loops.

Integrated lighting

Customizable RGB lighting is something that has come to stay since 2018 and that also includes its presence in PC cases. It’s easy to find cases that suit your aesthetic tastes.

Our best PC cases or towers

These are some of our favorite PC towers or cases to build your own PC. Your budget is key to the choice, but you can always opt for a more advanced model if you are thinking about the possibility of expanding your equipment in the future. 

The best economic boxes

The € 54.95 Silverstone Sugo SG13 is not luxurious but it does offer in a compact format, everything you would expect to be able to build a small-size PC for home that satisfies all types of widespread use.

silverstone sugo sg13 100742654 orig

It is a mini-ITX model so it takes up little space and you can even take it to your place of second residence, accompanied by a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Silverstone provides plenty of ventilation, a crucial feature in such a small package. 

The Sugo SG13 offers a full-size power supply, a 140mm closed-loop CPU fan, and supports 10.5-inch long graphics cards, enough to house a compact card like the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Aero ITX . 

deepcool tesseract sw

Another economic model to consider is the Deepcool Tesseract SW-RD , with a larger ATX tower format with which you will not have space problems to add more components or undertake an expansion. Its price is € 53.93 but without an integrated source.

The best mid-range boxes

The specialized company NZXT launched the H510 Elite model at a recommended price on Amazon of € 159.95 and it is undoubtedly one of the most common among users looking for an advanced model with great customization. 

The radiator mounting bracket is removable, as well as the various fan filters it offers and the vertical mount for the GPU. It also has two tempered glass panels to show the interior of the components with an LED strip. 

Another model to consider is the Phanteks Eclipse P400A , marketed this time by PcComponentes at € 89.99, it has tempered glass on both the side and the front to expose most of the areas and components that are installed in its interior. 

It combines mesh and dust filter on its fans to draw air more efficiently, in addition to the three fans provided with 120mm RGB LEDs. It is suitable for E-ATX format motherboards and supports graphics up to 420mm in length. 

The best high-end boxes

If you are looking for the best of the best, and are willing to spend € 150 on a good keyboard for your PC, why not invest a similar amount in what will be the basis of your equipment, the Silent Base 601 box from Be Quiet! . 

You can find it in CoolMod, among many other models, with the inclusion of ventilation grilles that dampen noise and provide permeability to air that is cooled. 

As you can see, the side panel is made of tempered and tinted glass along with two 140mm Pure Wings fans that come pre-installed. 

Another choice of our experts in the assembly of PC computers is the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB model , which you can find at a slightly higher recommended price of € 186.95.

corsair crystal 570x rgb caja torre 001

Through the tempered glass that completely surrounds the chassis, you can see each and every one of the components inside, with space for 6 fans and compatibility with 360, 280 or 120mm radiators. The trays are removable from the front and from the top.

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