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How to use Movie Maker in Windows 10

Movie Maker in Windows 10

Movie maker is already a basic element of Windows that was abandoned by Microsoft as a Windows 10 application back in 2015, but that you can download and install for free. 

The reasoning that exists is that Movie Maker was extremely basic and most people used something more advanced like Adobe Premiere Pro or other similar programs for video editing on Windows computers.

However, there are times when one needs to edit a quick video without learning advanced functions or having to read an advanced instruction manual. Fortunately, there are still applications like Movie Maker for these cases. 

Where can you find Movie Maker in Windows 10?

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Considering that it is a hidden feature within the gallery application, you will quickly see that it has an amazing level of functionality. In addition to quickly editing videos, you can also add music, customize video clips, or add 3D effects. 

However, not all versions of Windows 10 will support it. Make sure that your device is running at least the Windows 10 update after the end of the year 2017, which with great security is.

Look for ‘Photos’ in the ‘Start’ menu and open the application. It should show you the photos and videos that are stored in the default images folder, organized with the newest visually at the top. 

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The video editor will not be displayed in an obvious way, so you will have to click on the ‘Create’ button in the menu at the top.  

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How to use the video editor in Windows 10

Then click the ‘Create’ button from the menu at the top of the ‘Photos’ app and choose ‘Auto Video’ or ‘Custom Video’ and then choose the photos and videos you want to include. 

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When you have selected everything you want to check, click the ‘Create’ button at the top and you will be asked to name your video. After a short wait, your video will automatically start playing. 

If you don’t like the music or style, click the button above ‘Mix for me’ and the show will choose a new style and music at random. 

6 moviemaker 6

You can save or share the video when you are satisfied, or you can click the blue ‘Edit Video’ button at the bottom to access the full editor. 

How do I edit a video myself?

If you want full control from start to finish, head to the ‘Collection’ view within the photo app. Hover over the photo or video and a box will appear in the upper right corner. 

Click on it to select the item, then select the other photos and videos you want to include in the video and go to the next step. Now click on the ‘Add’ button and choose ‘New video with music’. 

Write a name for your video and you should appear on the link for ‘Watch Video’. If not, click on ‘Video projects’ at the top and click on the video you just created. 

At this point, the full editor interface will open. The interface is clean and simple, a modern version of the old Windows Movie Maker. 

7 moviemaker 7

You can drag the video clips to order them, add new ones from the project’s library, or delete one of the storyboard just by moving the cursor over it and marking it to be deleted. 

If you want to add text to the video clips, click on ‘Text’ and then type in the dialog box at the top. Choose one of the styles shown on the side and mark the place where you want the text to appear, helped by the ‘Design’ tool

How to add 3D effects to my videos?

From the main editor, you can select the clip you want, then click ‘3D Effects’ from the menu above. Explore the effects you see on the right, or use the search bar. Now drag the slider to the point where you want the effect to start.

8 moviemaker 8

Click on the 3D effect you want and it will instantly be inserted into your video clip. You can resize it and use the 3D handles to rotate it to the exact position and orientation you need. AI can do a good job and keep it in sync. 

How do I change the music and music volume of the video?

From the main editor window, click ‘Music’ in the menu at the top. Choose a song and use the check box below to decide whether you want the video to sync to the beat of the music or not. 

If you choose the timing, the cuts will be made so that the next video starts on time with the drum beat. If the music level is low, click on the speaker icon and drag the slider to a higher level. 

How do I change the subject?

As you will have verified, clicking on ‘Theme’ at the top will allow you to choose between the different styles available for your video. This mainly affects the style of the text and the titles, but also the music that is automatically selected.

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