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How to use an iPhone as a webcam for Mac

alvaro reyes 3iTRMP8Uq2k unsplash

Apple Macs have impressive hardware , but there is one area in particular where they fail: the webcam . It is true that the company has improved the camera of its computers in the new iMac of 27 “, but in the rest it still leaves much to be desired.

If we have done something during this pandemic, it is video calls. They have become an essential part of our day to day, whether to keep in touch with our family and friends or to hold virtual work meetings.

What’s more, it seems that they are here to stay. So is it possible to improve the video quality on your Mac without buying a separate webcam? The answer is yes: you will only need your iPhone and an app that allows you to link your camera to your Mac.

How to turn your iPhone into a webcam

There are several apps at our disposal to be able to use the iPhone as a webcam. Two of the most popular are EpocCam and Reincubate Camo , although in this case we recommend the second more as it offers better free features.

Once you have installed the Camo app on your iPhone, you will have to download the corresponding Mac app from its website . Here you will also find the instructions for its correct installation on both devices.

To link both apps, you must first open the Mac program and then connect your iPhone with a cable to your MacBook or iMac. A message will appear to give you permission, so accept. Then you will see that your face appears on your computer screen.


Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac

Although it is true that the free version has certain limitations, the important thing is that you can make video calls and use your iPhone’s camera at 720p HD quality. To control the interface, you must use your Mac and the changes will also be made on your mobile.

Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac

At the top of the left column, you can change the settings. For example, you can choose to have your iPhone used as an active camera (in the ‘Source’ menu), or if you prefer to use the rear or front lenses.

There is an option to change the resolution. As we have said, by default this is 720p HD. If you want to upload it to 1080p FHD, you will have to pay for the Pro version, which is priced at € 41.13. You can go to the premium version from the app itself.

In addition to better video quality, the paid version allows you to reverse the camera, remove the Camo watermark, use the flash for better lighting, as well as various controls for color, tone, etc.

That said, in our opinion the free option is an excellent option, especially if the watermark does not bother you (very subtle). Camo is compatible with many video calling programs, such as Zoom, Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, Twitch … Of course, it does not support FaceTime or video calls from Safari.

We have used Zoom to test the app and we have found that we had to update the program or the Camo camera option did not work for us. Once done, just go to the Zoom settings and select it.

Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac

Use iPhone as a webcam for Mac

Obviously, this is just a trick so you don’t have to buy a webcam on purpose, but it has its drawbacks. If you prefer to bet on the traditional mode, don’t miss our selection of the best webcams for Mac .

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