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How to sync Google Calendar with your iPad’s iOS calendar

usar google calendar ipad thumb800

There are few things easier in life than downloading and installing the Google Calendar app from the App Store on your iPad. In addition, it is completely free. However, you may want to use it in conjunction with the iOS Calendar and that is not so easy.

There is a relatively easy method to add your Google calendar to Apple’s default calendar. Here’s how to sync your Google Calendar with Apple Calendar on your iPad.

How to sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar

. Open the ‘ Settings ‘ of your iPad and select the section ‘ Mail, Contacts, Calendar ‘.

. On the next screen, tap on ‘ Add account ‘ and select ‘Google’ from the options that are given to you.

. Now you can enter your Google email address and password. If you have the two-step verification system activated, you will also have to enter a second password. When you are ready, click ‘ OK ‘.

. If this is not the first time you have added a Google Sync Exchange account, you may have to delete it in order to use the calendar properly.

. Ready! Now you can open the Calendar app on your iPad and check that the alerts you have in your Google Calendar appear there too. You can make all the changes you want, although you should know that you will not receive Google notifications.

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