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How to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger

blocked on Facebook

(blocked on Facebook) If someone blocks you on Facebook Messenger, the application will not tell you that this has happened. Instead, you will have to do a little detective work to find out if the person in question has decided they want to lock your account. 

These are the steps you must follow if you want to know if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger.

How to know if you have been blocked in Messenger

As we said before, there is no notification or other indicator that indicates that you have been blocked, but there are tell-tale signs that can confirm your suspicions.

To find out, open Facebook Messenger and find the person you think has blocked you. At first, everything will appear normal, with your account showing up in search results or generally in your contact list within the app.

The way to find out is by simply trying to send them a message. Compose your message as you normally would and then tap the ‘Send’ button.

In our case, the message shows as Sent (it has a circle next to it with a check mark inside it) but remains in that state permanently.

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Typically, once the person has received the message, you will see the circle go from being empty to being filled with color (as illustrated below).

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Then when they open the message on their device, you should see the circle disappear.

We believe that this “no reception” approach should be so that the person can deny the blocking of the other party, if they must speak to you through another format, thus saving any embarrassment or confrontation.

We have seen some people reporting that they have received a “Message not sent” or “This person is not receiving messages at this time” notice, so this may vary.

If the person’s account doesn’t appear at all when you search for it, this could indicate that their account has been deleted rather than blocked.

There is no way to appeal the blocking or anything like that, as it is up to the account holder to decide who can access their content. The only way to get back in someone’s favor is to try to contact them through a friend or another platform, but only if you think the reasons for the block were accidental or a misunderstanding.

However, if that person has decided to block you, let him be. It is not recommended that you try to get it to unlock you. 

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