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How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

No, you will not receive a notification when someone blocks you on Instagram. So you will have to investigate to discover if it is a failure of the app or if the other person has really decided to block you on Instagram. 

In this article we tell you some ways to know for sure if that person has blocked you on Instagram or not. 

Find your account

The most obvious way to check if you’ve been blocked by someone on Instagram is to search for their account. Normally, by doing this, you will see that their name appears in the search results and when you select it you should be able to see all their posts normally.

For example, in the image below you will see my friend Lunar Jim’s account page, with the small selection of images he has posted so far.

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Now, if the person in question has blocked you, the page will be a little different. Their name will continue to appear in search results, and when you tap on it, you will be taken to their account.

But this time, the main panel will say ‘No posts yet’ and tapping on the ‘Followers’ or the ‘Followed people’ will give you the message that your request could not be completed at that time.

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There is an important caveat here. If, when you search for the person, you do not see their name in the results, it does not mean that they have been blocked. Instead, it is much more likely that your account has been deleted or that it has been deactivated by Instagram. 

Check it out using someone else’s account

If you have friends willing to help you, you can ask them to find the account in question and see if they can see the photos and followers. If they can, then it looks like you’ve been blocked. It’s probably best to find someone who doesn’t know the owner of the account, just in case they have also been blocked due to their connection to you.

What can you do to get unblocked?

There is no easy way to unlock your account. First of all, the owner of the blocked account has every right to protect himself from those whom he considers abusive, annoying or simply unwanted.

So the best thing is to let it be. Maybe in time the person will unblock you, but if not, then go ahead and find other people to follow.

But remember, “chasing” someone online can be considered harassment, which in turn can be something that is turned over to authorities for investigation. 

If you have spam comments from someone on your posts, you can also block them if you wish. 

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