How to get the best deals Black Friday 2019: Date, stores

Black Friday 2019 arrives this November and brings with it the best in technology. Before enjoying discounts on computers, televisions and smartphones, you should know when it will happen, which stores will participate and how to take advantage of the best promotions.Black Friday 2019 

Black Friday 2019 is coming to a close and is sure that you are already thinking about all the offerings of technology products that you will be bringing. If you need to buy a computer, smartphone, printer, television, or any other technical product, you may want to wait a few days to save a few euros.

On that day, companies offer discounts and promotions both on their physical installations and on websites so that consumers are “forced” to spend money, either on a new TV or on the bike you’ve always wanted.

Read on to learn all about Black Friday this year, and don’t forget to return to this “Black Friday” next article to find out the best offers for the best technology products currently on the market

When Black Friday is?

Every year, Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving, which means that the year will be on November 29. The sale will be extended during that weekend and until Monday 2 December, when Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated.

Now, as you’ve probably seen in previous versions, these offers usually start before the official Black Friday day and don’t end until after Christmas. Thus, they are not limited to three days of the month of November.

What is black friday? Why is it celebrated?

North American retailers had the idea of ​​creating a day that opposed the ideals of Thanksgiving and which changed the tradition of thanking family and friends with a shopping party that has certainly become international.

It is believed that the name “Black Friday” was borrowed from the name with which it was known after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia on Friday, where there was a very dense traffic of people and vehicles.

When Black Friday became popular, the typical images of queues and crowdfunding shops we had already associated with the beginning of sales were common. However, now people prefer to do it online from the comfort of their home.

The success of this holiday is such that Cyber ​​Monday is also celebrated, which always falls on the Monday of next week. At PCWorld Spain, we have also dedicated an article to Cyber ​​Monday’s Best Offers.

What online stores participate in Black Friday?

Online stores in Spain participating in Black Friday

Online stores in Mexico participating in Black Friday

How to get the best Black Friday deals?

Technical products are very prominent during Black Friday. Not only because many people do their shopping with a computer or smartphone, but also because many others take advantage of the day they have been wanting for a long time.

Amazon is one of those websites that offers the best deals on “Black Friday” and often starts a few days in advance. The best discounts are usually found in their own products, such as Fire tablets or Kindle readers.

It is worth taking a look at other lesser known online electronics stores as well, as they not only offer the same quality products, but you may get an even more unique offer. This is the case of Zococity in Spain, a company specialized in sound products.

Tips to get the best Black Friday deals

Tip 1. It is advisable to do a small search on the websites listed above in the days before Black Friday starts selling, to make sure that you have the product you need and see a full list of it.

Tip 2. Also check the starting price of the products you would like to buy later. It is quite common for retailers to raise prices before Black Friday to make it appear that the offering is indeed a bargain.

Tip 3. If you really need that product on offer then we suggest thinking well. If, if it were not, you would not buy it for all the gold in the world, perhaps it is not so necessary and you will not actually save money, but are wasting it.

Tip 4. Before taking advantage of an offer, check out promotions offered by other rival stores of the same product and thus ensure that you get the best discounts.

Tip 5. It is advised to take advantage of the free Amazon Prime 30-day trial period to receive free next day shipping, as well as exclusive and limited offers that reach customers only.

How to return products purchased on Black Friday?

Theoretically, you should be able to return the products that you purchased during Black Friday under any day policy of the same year, but this is something that will depend on each retailer.

Therefore, it is recommended that each shop check those days individually. You do not want to buy something, want to return it and are not able to do so. Also, taking refunds while shopping online can be more complicated.

What are the best current technology products?

It is easy to get lost in the midst of so much offering and more if you do not know if the product being promoted by itself is really of quality or not. Fortunately, at PCWorld we have a team of experts who have ranked the best devices as follows:

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