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How to fix AirPods that disconnect from iPhone


Do your AirPods disconnect from your iPhone when making calls or while listening to streaming music ? It will reassure you to know that you are not the only one to whom it happens, since Apple headphones have been presenting connection problems since their launch.

The first problems were reported with iOS 10.1 and also later with iOS 11.2.6. They do not seem to have been completely solved since after the system update, with iOS 12.1, these annoying situations continue to occur. We will have to wait to see what iOS 13 offers.

Generally speaking, the problems seem to be more related to calls than music. In any case, in this article we will help you solve any problem that has to do with the connection of the AirPods.

We’ll also offer you solutions to other problems you may be experiencing with your Apple headphones, whether it’s using them with your iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch, and before you have to finish buying a new AirPods .

Tip 1. Check the battery of the AirPods

As obvious as it may seem, the first thing you should do is check if your AirPods have a battery. To do this, you must follow the simple steps that we indicate below.

. With the AirPods located inside the charging box, open the lid and place it next to your iPhone.


. A pop-up window should appear on your iPhone that will show you how much battery is left in both the AirPods and the charging box.

. Alternatively, you can check the battery in the ‘ Batteries ‘ section of your iPhone, which you can access by sliding from left to right from the home page and scrolling down until you find that section.

In case you don’t see it, you should tap on the ‘ Edit ‘ option at the bottom and add ‘Batteries’.

. With the widget , you will be able to see the battery status of your iPhone, as well as of any other device that is linked to the smartphone , such as your Apple Watch, or the AirPods and their charging box.

Tip 2. Check the status of your Bluetooth

The second step to follow to try to solve the connection problems of your AirPods is to make sure that you have activated the Bluetooth of the iPhone or any other device with which you are using the wireless headphones.

. On your iPhone or iPad, open the ‘ Control Center ‘ and check that Bluetooth is activated. You will know if the icon with the Bluetooth symbol is blue.

. You can also go to the ‘ Settings ‘ of your device and consult the section called ‘Bluetooth’. You will need to make sure that the switch is green.

In case Bluetooth is activated, we recommend turning it off and on again to make sure that both the iPhone or iPad and the AirPods know that it is activated.

. Go to the ‘ Settings ‘ of your device and tap on the ‘ Bluetooth ‘ option .

. In the new screen, disable Bluetooth by tapping on the switch. You will have deactivated it when the switch is gray and not green.

. Wait about 15 seconds and reactivate it by tapping on the switch again. This time, you will need to make sure it stays green.

Having deactivated and activated Bluetooth, the connection with the AirPods has been lost. In the list of devices, you will see that next to the headphones it says ‘Not connected’. Just tap on them to re-link them with your iPhone.

Tip 3. Check the audio settings of your device

Another explanation for these connection problems may be that they are not linked to your device. AirPods are smart enough to detect when you’re using them and automatically connect, but if not, you’ll need to follow these steps.

If your problems occur when you are listening to music on your iPhone, tap on the AirPlay icon that you will see below the song you have selected. Now, choose the AirPods option from the menu.

On the other hand, if connection problems occur when you are talking on the phone with someone, you should make sure that you have the AirPods selected as the audio option on the screen corresponding to the call.

Tip 4. Restore your AirPods

restore or reset AirPods , a simple reset can be the solution to any problem related to your Apple wireless headphones. We summarize here how to do it.

. To disconnect the AirPods, put them in their case, close the lid and wait about 15 seconds.

. Open the lid again and press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for a few seconds.

. Wait for the amber light to blink until it turns white.

. At this point, your AirPods will have been reset.

. To reconnect your AirPods to your iPhone, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on and place them next to your smartphone . Your phone should recognize them and a pop-up window should open for their configuration.

. Finally, you must follow the steps indicated on the screen to configure the AirPods and link them to your iPhone.

Tip 5. Clean the AirPods

Connection problems may be due to your AirPods being somewhat dirty and this means that they cannot be paired effectively. Use a soft, dry cloth, like the one you use to clean your glasses.

Tip 6. Use only one AirPod

Some claim that connection problems tend to occur less often if only one headset is used. The rest can be left in the box. We also recommend changing the settings so that only the microphone on the AirPod you are using is used.

. With the AirPods box open, go to the ‘ Settings ‘ of your iPhone and select the ‘ Bluetooth ‘ option .

. Tap on the circular icon with an ‘ ‘ next to the ‘ AirPods ‘ option and select the ‘Microphone’ option from the list.

. By default, the default option is’ Automatic ‘, which means that both AirPods’ microphones are on. To change it, choose the right AirPod or the left AirPod depending on which you want to use.

Tip 7. Turn off automatic ear detection

There is another function that you can try to disable to see if your AirPods work better. It is known as automatic ear detection and makes the music play or pause depending on whether or not they are in contact with the ear.

. Open the ‘ Settings ‘ of your iPhone and select the ‘ Bluetooth ‘ option .

. Tap on the circular icon with an ‘ ‘ next to ‘ AirPods ‘ and turn off the green switch that you will see next to the ‘ Automatic ear detection ‘ option .

Tip 8. Unpair your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch linked to the same iPhone from which you use the AirPods, we recommend unpairing the smartwatch and see if this solves the problem. Do the same with any other Bluetooth device paired to your smartphone .

Tip 9. Turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone

It may not make much sense, but the truth is that this trick has worked for some users. Try disabling Wi-Fi on the iPhone you’re having trouble with. Perhaps this will stop possible interference, as we will explain in the next section.

Tip 10. Look for possible interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

As a last option, the problem may be due to the device causing some kind of interference that is causing the audio to not work. To prevent this from happening, follow the tips below.

  • Get closer to the Bluetooth device you’ve paired the AirPods to.
  • Stay away from devices such as microwaves, fluorescent lights, wireless video cameras, or cordless phones.
  • If possible, change the settings so that your device uses the 5 GHz band and thus free up the 2.5 GHz band to be used by Bluetooth.

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