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How to change font in Windows 10 the default font

change font in windows 10

(change font in windows 10) Almost every aspect of Windows 10 can be customized, but in many cases they add little to the user experience. 

A potentially valuable change could be the font, especially considering that thousands of words are read every time the PC is turned on. The default font “Segoe UI” is absolutely fine, but could also be updated from time to time. 

Although there is a font section in ‘Settings’, Microsoft removed the possibility to freely change the default font in Windows 10. In this article, we will break down all the steps you will have to follow. 

Warning: This tutorial involves making changes to the PC Registry, so only proceed if you are sure and if you know what you are doing. 

How to change the default font in Windows 10

— Open ‘Settings‘ and go to ‘Personalization‘.

– In the ‘Font‘ tab you will see a selection of different font families, including Arial, Verdana and Tahoma.

– Click on the one you want and keep the window open. 

– In a separate window open the Notepad application (look in the start menu if you can’t find it)

– Copy and paste the following: 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Fonts]

Segoe UI (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Light (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)” = “”

Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)” = “”

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ FontSubstitutes]


– Replace “ENTER-FONT-NAME” with the font family of your choice, exactly as it appears in ‘Settings‘. The mentioned Arial, Verdana and Tahoma work here. 

– Click on ‘File‘ and then ‘Save as‘. The file type will be set to .txt, but you will have to change this to all files. 

– Choose the filename you want, but make sure to end it with .reg

Press ‘Save‘ and then go to the file explorer to locate the .reg file.

– Right-click and select ‘Merge‘, before pressing ‘Yes‘ to confirm and finally ‘OK‘.

– Restart your device and the new font must be applied. 

How to restore the default system font

If you want to reverse these changes, you probably won’t be surprised that you have to adjust the registry.

– Open Notepad one more time and paste the following into the text file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Fonts]

Segoe UI (TrueType)” = “segoeui.ttf

“Segoe UI Black (TrueType)” = “Seguibl.ttf”

“Segoe UI Black Italic (TrueType)” = “Seguibli.ttf”

“Segoe UI Bold (TrueType)” = “segoeuib.ttf”

“Segoe UI Bold Italic (TrueType)” = “segoeuiz.ttf”

“Segoe UI Emoji (TrueType)” = “Seguiemj.ttf”

“Segoe UI Historic (TrueType)” = “Seguihis.ttf”

“Segoe UI Italic (TrueType)” = “segoeuii.ttf”

“Segoe UI Light (TrueType)” = “segoeuil.ttf”

“Segoe UI Light Italic (TrueType)” = “Seguili.ttf”

“Segoe UI Semibold (TrueType)” = “Seguisb.ttf”

“Segoe UI Semibold Italic (TrueType)” = “Seguisbi.ttf”

“Segoe UI Semilight (TrueType)” = “segoeuisl.ttf”

“Segoe UI Semilight Italic (TrueType)” = “Seguisli.ttf”

“Segoe UI Symbol (TrueType)” = “Seguisym.ttf”

“Segoe MDL2 Assets (TrueType)” = “segmdl2.ttf”

“Segoe Print (TrueType)” = “segoepr.ttf”

“Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)” = “segoeprb.ttf”

Segoe Script (TrueType)” = “segoesc.ttf

Segoe Script Bold (TrueType)” = “segoescb.ttf

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ FontSubstitutes]

Segoe UI” = –

Press ‘File‘ and then ‘Save as’.

– Select the file type ‘All files‘, naming it as you like as long as it ends with .reg, and then ‘Save‘.

– Locate the file and right-click before selecting “Merge“. Confirm by clicking “Yes” and then ‘OK‘.

– Restart the device so that the font is the same as it was originally.

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